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Illegal detentions in the name of security. Spring Campaign Amnesty International Norway

Illegal detentions in the name of security. Spring Campaign Amnesty International Norway



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  • This is Aisha. In July 2005 her father Masood Janjua disapeared He was arrested during a business trip - "Disappeared" Janjua was seen by another secret prisoner in 2007. On the poster it says: "Please - find my loving father,"
  • Janjuas wife, Amina is desperately trying to find her husband. She has formed a separate NGO (Non-governmental organisation) for relatives of "disappeared people”, with the help of Amnesty. Supreme Court began to investigate cases of "disappeared people" in 2007, but this was stopped by Musharaf. In November 2009 the Supreme Court resumed the work. You can read more Masood Janjua here: http://www.amnesty.no/web.nsf/ac1a1a01ea7194a3c1256a07004fad10/109c409a5ee5b3d2c12574ad003fb671?OpenDocument
  • Masood Janjuas history is unfortunately not unique. Around the globe is people imprisoned without charge or trial, because the government defines them as a security risk. This is violation of human rights. Some are officially detained, either without charge or under special anti-terror criminal law provision, others simply "disappeared". These people are in a particular high risk of being tortured or abused, in some cases even murdered. Many are imprisoned after being convicted in unfair trials. Asylum seekers, suspected of terror, risk being returned to torture.
  • Another example is Rasul Kudaev. He went from being tortured at Guantanamo to being tortured in Russia. At Guantánamo from 2002 to 2004. Released and sent home to Caucasus. Arrested after a terror-attack, done by unknown perpetrators. Tortured to make confession. When reporting torture, he lost his lawyer. His mother harassed and tortured brother. Very poor health. The trial is still in progress. Up to the present, no investigation of torture. You can read more here: http://www.amnesty.no/web.nsf/pages/2C5155FC3795853DC125739B0036B3B5
  • There is nothing new to the fact that the human rights violations are justified as anti-terror actions. It has happened in Turkey, Egypt, Colombia, Spain, Northern Ireland and Israel, etc. Terror rhetoric since 9 / 11 has: increased in volume, especially in western countries, created a new acceptance in the public (the law compromised and security prioritised), undermined international mechanisms to defend fair trial, given authoritarian regimes, a new argument to justify that kind of human rights violation, Opened up for anti-terror cooperation between the "democratic" and "authoritarian" countries.
  • Still an important topic, but not prioritised. 196 detained, at this moment a negative direction. Amnesty demands release or fair civil trial. European countries (e.g. Norway) must help by accepting released prisoners that can not return home. Several hundred prisoners are being held in Bagram and other American prison camps in Afghanistan and Iraq without charge or sentence. Obama's actions have so far been lukewarm.


  • SECURITY AND HUMAN RIGHTS Illegal detentions in the name of security Spring campaign 2010
  • Masood Janjua (c) privat
  • The continued struggle to see him again (c) Amnesty International
  • Violation of human rights
    • Around the globe, thousands of
    • people are being held without
    • charge or trial,
    • because the government defines them as a security risk
  • Rasul Kudaev (c) privat
  • From Bangkok to Bagram to Guantánamo: Saifullah Paracha
    • Businessman and television producer
    • Met Osama bin Laden in the ’90ies, asked him for a TV interview
    • Disappeared during a business trip to Bangkok in 2003
    • Showed up a month later in Bagram
    • In Guantánamo since 2004
    • Never charged or tried
    • Serious heart condition
    (c) private
  • Detained in spite of 15 court orders for his release: Mohamed Abdel Rehim El Sharkawi
    • Fled from persecution in Egypt to Pakistan
    • Accused of terrorism by Egypt, extradited
    • In arrest without charge or trial since 1995
    • Repeatedly tortured
    • At least 15 court orders for his release
    • One of maybe 18000 detainees under emergency regulations
    • Hope for law reform in Egypt this year
    (c) Amnesty International
  • Old oppression in new form
    • It is not something new that human rights violations are justified as anti-terror measures
    • But the rhetorical use of terror has increased since 9/11
    • U.S. has turned into a negative main stakeholder
  • This is about
    • Illegal detentions
    • Unfair trials
    • Torture
    • “ Disappearances”
    • Illegal transfer of prisoners
    • Return of asylum seekers to torture
    • The lack of investigation of abuses
    • in the past
    (c) AI/Pierre Gleizes
  • Who are the victims?
    • Many people are being held as terror suspects
      • Criminals (”terrorists”)
      • People who have been in contact with - or know something about - terror suspects
      • People who have been active in politics in a legitimate, peaceful way
      • People who have been in the wrong place at the wrong time
    • But also: partners, parents and children of those who are arrested or "disappeared”
    (c) Amnesty International, (c) privat,
    • Amnesty does not want
    • everyone to be released.  But everyone deserves a fair treatment in line with human rights .
  • We demand that
    • the abuses
    • against individuals
    • must stop
    (c) Amnesty International
  • The spring campaign starts in mid-April
    • Do you want to join? Contact Amnesty’s manager in your region
    AMNESTY EAST [email_address] AMNESTY MID [email_address] AMNESTY WEST [email_address] AMNESTY SOUTH [email_address] AMNESTY NORTH [email_address] (c) Amnesty International