Jack Wills Brand Presentation


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Final Presentation for Brand Project on Jack Wills

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  • Brand Presentation on Jack Wills
  • Brand Analysis
  • Here is a list of the communication touch points that are used by Jack Wills.
  • To best see where there was room for change, expansion or re-marketing for Jack Wills, we decided to first look at our own opinions of the Brand. To better understand ….we made a survey
  • Jack Wills Brand Presentation

    1. 1. Brand Analysis
    2. 2. Brand History Salcombe, Devon, 1999 “University Outfitters” “Fabulously British” The Best of British Quality “Outfitters to the Gentry” 80+ Stores Worldwide
    3. 3. DESIGN EQUATION Traditional/British/Country/Oxford/Cambridge/JW signature/Pheasant/Stripes/Navy & Pink/Tweed BRAND PROMISE British Heritage/Quality/Being part of an „elite‟ group or society/Upper Class lifestyle BRAND VALUES British/Entrepreneurial/Innovative/Responsible/Excellence “Fabulously British” ATTRIBUTES/BENEFITS Part of a „group‟/Society ideas/Preppy/wearing the signature on clothing (JW, JACK WILLS or WILLS) creates brand ambassadors BRAND PERSONALITY High Status/Upper Class/Socialite/Posh/Preppy/Young BRAND TRUTH Hitting a younger target audience than their ideal consumer market Brand Essence Model
    4. 4. Iconic Products The Jack Wills signature on products, and the stripes.
    5. 5. Heritage Traditionally British Historical Buildings
    6. 6. Brand Positioning
    7. 7. High Price Secondary School Perceptual Map University Student Low Price PostGraduate
    8. 8. Consumers and Competitors
    9. 9. Ralph Lauren Tommy Hilfiger Abercrombie & Fitch Hollister Zara Topshop River Island
    10. 10. Consumer Profile Name: Rebecca Age: 20 Occupation: University Student / Part Time P.A Interests: Horses, Fashion, Music, Sports Hobbies: Horse riding, Polo, Shopping, Playing Guitar Shops At: JACK WILLS, Ralph Lauren, Topshop Listens To: Ed Sheeran, Mumford & Sons, Jake Bugg Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn
    11. 11. Communication Touch Points
    12. 12. Word of Mouth Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest Tumblr YouTube Vimeo
    13. 13. New Concept
    14. 14. Do you shop in any of the following clothing stores, including both online and in-store shopping? River Island Topshop Zara Jack Wills Hollister Abercrombie and Fitch Ralph Lauren Tommy Hilfger 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 35 40 45
    15. 15. High Price Secondary School Perceptual Map University Student Low Price PostGraduate
    16. 16. Stage One - Collaboration • Collaborative Collection • A famous British designer • E.g. Vivienne Westwood • A University Graduate • Why? • • • • Publicity Unique and Original British Heritage University Students
    17. 17. Stage Two - The Launch Event Day Time Events: Varsity Polo / Rowing / Hog Roast / Fair/Afternoon Tea / Clay Pigeon Shooting / Croquet Chatsworth House
    18. 18. Stage Two - The Launch Event Evening Events: Catwalk Show for New Collection /Bands Playing / Fireworks / Ferris Wheel / Visual Effects
    19. 19. Stage Three – Advertising Campaign • High End Magazines • Vogue, Harpers Bazaar • Introducing New Collection • Advertising Other Clothes • Vogue, Harpers Bazaar • Getting PR to provide celebrity stylists with Jack Wills clothing
    20. 20. Jack Wills Ralph Lauren
    21. 21. Thank You, Any Questions