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About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
About Our School - Turkey
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About Our School - Turkey


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Published in: Education
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  • 1. Slide presentaion of Pozantı Regional Primary School with Dormitory (Y.İ.B.O.) TR Council of ADANA Governorship of Pozantı
  • 2.
    • The real foundation date of our school goes back to the first years of Republic, but for different time periods there have been primary, secondary and high schools at extention buildings. After 1962, regular education process started and the school received the names of primary school, primary school with dormitory (P.İ.O), Regional Primary school with dormitory (Y.İ.B.O.) in 1995, 2000 and 2006 respectively.
  • 3. General Information (2010-2011) Male Female Total The Number of students 420 355 775 The Number of Teachers 15 16 The Number of Available classes 27 The Number of Needed Classes Needed The Number of students for each class 29 The Number of Students for each Teacher 29
  • 4. General Information (2010-2011) ADSL Connection (Internet) Available (3 different line) Class of Science and Technology (BT) Available Lab of Science and Technology Available Overhead Projector Only at primary school classes (2 nd , 3 rd , 4 th , 5 th classes) Heating System Central Heating System School Canteen Available
  • 5. General Information about Dormitory (2010-2011) Male Female Total The Number of Students 64 54+20 128 Potential capacity 288 Empty Place 160
  • 6. Weak sides Powerful sides Powerful and weak sides
    • having an altruistic and responsible management team
    • realistic and experienced teacher team
    • cooperation and activeness in social events
    • enough number of teacher and no lack of educator
    • no problem with heating, lighting and water system
    • education under discipline and controlled environment
    • being in the centre of the district and easy transportation
    • having place in the activities held around the city and town
    • computer equipped classrooms
    • regularly and meticulously held activities on important days and weeks
    • having Science and technology class (BT), laboratory and library
    • and many other facilities that you should experience personally
    • low level of education by the side of parents and students
    • lack of some classrooms and crowded classrooms
    • absence of security personnel
    • absence of indoor sport court, chess and art class
    • plenty of poor students
    • lack of computer and overhead projector in some classrooms
    • redundancy of divorced families
    • some classrooms which do not get any sunlight and under ground level
  • 7. Mission and Vision
    • Our Mission is:
    • To grow up Students
    • who are bound to Atatürk’s main principles and aims,
    • who personalizes the national, ethical, humanistic and spiritual values of Turkish nation,
    • who likes his/her family, country, nation and all people,
    • who has education in accordance with general aims of Turkish Education System.
    • Our Vision:
    • Our main objective is to develop our students’ social, cultural, scientific skills and talents, to prepare them to the real life environment, and to increase the quality of education constantly.
  • 8. Achievement condition Education Y ear 6 th Classes the exam of determining level (SBS) (Avarage) 7 th Classes the exam of determining level (SBS) (Avarage) 8 th Classes the exam of determining level (SBS) (Avarage) 2007-2008 2008-2009 2009-2010 Education Year The number of students who passed the exam 2006-2007 2007-2008 2008-2009
  • 9. 1- S ecurity personnel 2- I ndoor sport court 3- C hess and art class 4- Music room 5- Special room for language teaching 6- More computer and overhead projector Our Needs
  • 10. Our Studies Science and technology class (BT) Eating Hall Lab of Science and technology Sport Field
  • 11. Thank You! Pozantı Regional Primary school with dormitory (Y.İ.B.O.)