Turk Telekom Vocational High School Presentation


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Bahçelievler Türk Telekom Technical and Vocational High School's Presentation

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Turk Telekom Vocational High School Presentation

  1. 1. Bahçelievler Türk Telekom Technical and Vocational High School
  2. 2. Teaching Staff and Front Entrance
  3. 3. Turkish Education System O There is an opportunity for students after lower secondary to attend open general secondary or vocational high schools.
  4. 4. About School O Founded by Türk Telekom telecommunication O O O O O O company Situated in Bahçelievler, İstanbul Technical and industrial vocational high school One department – ICT Three branches – Web Programming and Design, Database Programming, Network Administration Public school Admission: for technical school – state exam results for vocational school – diploma grade
  5. 5. O http://goo.gl/YWP474
  6. 6. Model of Our School
  7. 7. About School 2013-2014 academic year: O 1200 students O 55 teachers O 10 computer labs O 2 science labs O 2 hobby rooms – one is under construction O 1 multi-purpose hall
  8. 8. Labs
  9. 9. Classrooms – Each class has its own classroom
  10. 10. Job Training O 4 year of education for both technical and vocational schools O Technical school has summer job training. They attend lessons 5 days (45 hours) in a week. O Vocational school has job training within academic year and it’s in their final year. They attend lessons 2 days (14 hours) and they work 3 (24 hours) days in a week.
  11. 11. About the Education in our School O Despite being a newly founded school, our students achieved great success in university enterance exams. Most of them were accepted to the department they wanted to study such as computer engineering, computer programming and software development.
  12. 12. Courses in the School O Maths O R.E./Ethics O Physics OEntrepreneurshi OCareer p Development OAstronomy and OICT (Web O Biology Space Science Programming, W O History eb OProject Design O Geography Design, MySQL, and O Turkish C#, PHP, Networ Development Language and k OHealth Literature Administration, Education Office O English as a Programmes…) Foreign Lang. OPhilosophy O Chemisty
  13. 13. Projects O We have started joining projects last academic year: O iTEC – Innovative Technologies for Engaging O O O O Clasroom - http://itec.eun.org/web/guest/about eTwinning Comenius Assitantship TÜBİTAK projects Bahçelievler District Governorate – Entrepreneurial High Schools O For the next semester, we are preparing for Erasmus + projects.
  14. 14. School Events O Our academic year starts in September and ends in June. We have a midterm break for 15 days between January and February. O School opening ceremony: September.
  15. 15. School Events O 3 National Holiday in academic year O 29th October – Republic Day O 23th April – National Independence and Children’s Day O 19th May – Youth and Sports Day O Celebrations include reading speech and poems written by students, folklore show, live music concert by student bands, oratorios and students’ choir, and sports competitions.
  16. 16. School Events O Other celebrations days are: O 24th November - Teachers’ Day O 8th March – Women’s Day O 2nd Sunday of May – Mother’s Day O Celebrations include reading speech and poems and giving and accepting presents, special lunch or dinner.
  17. 17. School Events - Competitions O Competitions include: O Football (April – May) O Futsal (May) O Basketball (May) O Volleyball (May) O Chess (February) O Table Tennis (March) O Knowledge Contest (March)
  18. 18. Futsal Volleyball Warmup
  19. 19. Chess Contest Table Tennis
  20. 20. School Events – Domestic Goods Week O 12-18 December O Students and teachers prepare food using products from Turkey and serve them in the school. It is open for everyone.
  21. 21. School Events – Tourism Week O 15-22 April O Students bring traditional clothes and food and prepare presentations about the Turkish culture and their regional aspects.
  22. 22. School Events – Tours and Trips O Our school organizes tours to museums, conferences and historical places. Wax Museum İstanbul Archeological Museum Textile Expo
  23. 23. School Events – Tours and Trips Dolmabahçe Palace Body Worlds Exhibit Panorama 1453 Museum Visit to a nursing home
  24. 24. School Events – Tours and Trips Istanbul Modern Arts Museum Çanakkale Martyrs’ Memorial Our stand at ICT Expo in
  25. 25. School Events - Drills O Fire and Earthquake Drills
  26. 26. School Events - Seminars O We invite experts and they talk about hygine, career, job opportunities, drugs, safety and so on.
  27. 27. Parents Meeting O We have parents meeting once a semester. In the first semester, it is in September; in the second semester it takes place in April.
  28. 28. Thank you for watching! O You can find more information about our school at http://turktelekomteml.meb.k12.tr/