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Marketing for Mobile Games von Gunnar Lott (Flaregames) vom Kongress "The Future of E-Commerce", organisiert von Adtelligence in der Popakademie Mannheim. Weitere Informationen, Präsentationen und Videos auf

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Marketing for Mobile Games - Gunnar Lott

  1. 1. Marketing for Mobile Games Gunnar Lott, flaregames
  2. 2. Who‘s talking?Some context about flaregames (and me)
  3. 3. flaregamesWe’re a developer and a publisher of mobile games.We create and publish awesome free-to-play games for smartphones and tablets,we have a full pipeline of in-house developed games in a host of genres andflavours.
  4. 4. Games so farBraveSmart iOS, Android. Match 3. More than 700.000 downloads. No 1 puzzle game in 34 countries.Ocean Tower iOS, Android. Strategy. More than 2.000.000 downloads. No 1 free App in 5 countries.Word On HD iOS, Android Word game. More than 800.000 downloads. No 1 word game in 25 countries.Royal Revolt! iOS, Android. Action-RPG. More than 3.000.000 downloads. No 1 roleplaying game in 73 countries.
  5. 5. A maturing market
  6. 6. Know the eco-system[Stores work with different rules. Try to get to know them all.Analyze movements in the charts, look for success of others.]
  7. 7. Time vs. money spent by age group  Average age: 26.6 year old  Younger consumers progress in the game with time, older with money Relative Relative time spent money spent playing Source: Flurry Analytics, Mobile Freemium Games
  8. 8. Revenue (US App Store Top 100 grossing games)  Freemium monetizes better than premium  Avg. 3% of freemium users convert to pay (range of 0.5% to 6%)  Mobile ads representing only 5- 10% of app revenues  Subscription: not taking off for games % revenues from % of revenues from freemium games premium games
  9. 9. Don‘t believe nothing[Test everything for yourself. Common models may or may not apply to your product. Be agnostic. Iterate.]
  10. 10. The arrows in our quiverA trial-and-error approach to marketing
  11. 11. First: PR and Social Media
  12. 12. Feed the channels
  13. 13. Then: pray for „features“
  14. 14. Then: buy installs
  15. 15. Then: buy more installs
  16. 16. Then: gain organic traffic
  17. 17. That‘s it[Now: grow. Monetize.]
  18. 18. But what about TV?
  19. 19. And the rest?
  20. 20. Guerilla?
  21. 21. Co-Branding?
  22. 22. Everything is possible[It‘s a young market still. There are few surefire receipes.]
  23. 23. Karlsruhe, GermanyQuestions? We‘re based in Karlsruhe, Germany. One hour per train from Frankfurt, two from Paris. The city is home to hundreds of IT and games companies and hosts one of Germany‘s best IT universities. Also, the sun always shines.
  24. 24. Contact Gunnar Lott Communications Directorflaregames GmbH, Kaiserstr. 146-148, 76133 Karlsruhe, | |