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Acmas Technocracy Cooling Equipments Presentation

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  1. 1. Cooling Equipments Take control of your climate.
  2. 2. Introduction
  3. 3. Cooling equipments are units that are widely used in various are widely used in variousindustries and several research organizations . Cooling equipments provide idyllic storage equipments provide idyllic storageconditions for medical samples, blood, tissues and cells. They are of utmost importance in a medical of utmost importance in a medicallaboratory and for various research organizations.  Cooling equipments can  be of various types,  depending on, for what  depending on for what purpose they are to be  used.
  4. 4. TYPES OF COOLING EQUIPMENTSTYPES OF COOLING EQUIPMENTSSeed germinatorPlant growth chamberEnvironmental chamberTemperature humidity control cabinetFreeze DrierBlood Bank refrigeratorCarbon dioxide Incubator
  5. 5. Mortuary chambersStability test chamberSalt spray test chamberUltra low deep freezerDeep freezer vertical
  6. 6. SEED GERMINATORSeed germinators are cooling equipments that are usedin the germination of seeds by providing them optimumtemperature for growth and survival. These are used inseveral research, development projects and producttesting facilities across globe. Apart from this, they areeven used in tissue culture applications enzyme applications,reaction studies, growth observation studies,fermentation analysis and various other specializedapplications in a laboratory.
  7. 7. PLANT GROWTH CHAMBERPLANT GROWTH CHAMBERPlant growth chambers are equipments that areused in a laboratory to determine the growth anddevelopment of plants that are used in a laboratoryor for industrial purposes. These plant chambersare provided with door illumination system whichcomprises of fluorescent lights and the illuminationinside these chambers are controlled with the helpof solid cyclic timer which manages the photoperiodic cycle of the chamber.
  8. 8. ENVIRONMENTAL  CHAMBER ENVIRONMENTAL CHAMBEREnvironmental chamber are equipments that are used tocheck the durability, reliability and usability of a product.For examining these products, tests need to be conductedto find out what kind of environment suits these products.For instance if a product reacts positively to the coldenvironment, then it is pretty obvious that it is suited forcold environment. B t j t b ld i t But just because it i suited f cold is it d for ldenvironment, we cannot go to Antarctica, therefore to testthese conditions, environmental chambers are used.These chambers differ from regular chambers, as theyrequire conditions to function. q
  9. 9. TEMPERATURE HUMIDITY CONTROL CABINET TEMPERATURE HUMIDITY CONTROL CABINETTemperature control humidity cabinets are one of themost commonly used cooling equipments. They maintainoptimum conditions of temperature and relative humiditywithin the chamber, allowing testing of cells and tissues,micro organisms and electronic devices. They are of utmostimportance in industries and Research organizationsdealing with sensitive products and environmental studiesd li ith iti d t d i t l t diInvolving enzymes, cell, tissue culture and growth curves.These chambers are Self contained and insulated from theoutside atmosphere to prevent any chances ofContamination and to maintain desired levels of humidity yand warmth.
  10. 10. FREEZER DRIER Freezer Drier are equipments that are used to storeand preserve food for a longer period of time i.e.essential for industrial purposes as well as forhousehold chores. These are even used inrestaurants and super markets. There are differentkinds of freezers equipments such as deep freezervertical, freeze drier, ultra -low deep freezer and bloodbank refrigerator. They are available in differentshapes and sizes some may be compact or somemay be the regular ones. Their functions andapplications vary as per th i usage. li ti their
  11. 11. BLOOD BANK REFRIGERATORBLOOD BANK REFRIGERATORIn a laboratory there are several equipments that are used inperforming various experiments. The use of these equipmentsvaries according to their applications. Medical refrigeration isneeded for every kind of laboratory. It is very important to ensurethat the medical refrigeration facilities that are used in hospitals orlaboratories are extremely effective. If we discuss about bloodrefrigeration banks they are equipments that are used to store banks,and preserve blood for various blood groups, in order to provide itto the patient when there is an emergency. These equipments areextremely different as they have a distinctive type of temperaturerange that exists from 2 degree Celsius to four degree Celsius.These equipments consist of micro- processor bTh i t i t f i based t d temperature tcontroller cum indicator inside them which controls thetemperature
  12. 12. CARBON DIOXIDE INCUBATOR  CARBON DIOXIDE INCUBATORCarbon dioxide incubators are one of the most widely usedequipments in a laboratory as these equipments provide themost favorable conditions for growth and development ofmicro organisms and other tissue cells. However , theseprovide a controlled environment that regulates and maintainsfactors such as temperature, ventilation and humility. Theseare extensively used i research organizations, pathological t i l d in h i ti th l i llaboratories and for other industrial purposes. These units areincorporated with multiple devices such as in line processors,environment scanners and temperature or humiditycontrollers .These units have bulk storage capacity with high g p y gdata retention life.
  13. 13. MORTUARY CHAMBER MORTUARY CHAMBERMortuary chambers are cooling equipmentsthat are used to preserve cadavers in order toprevent decomposition. Temperature range ofmortuary chambers are twenty degree Celsius toeighty degree Celsius /-150 degree Celsius to+10 degree Celsius. However, thesetemperature range can b modified as per tht t be difi d therequirements of individuals. The temperatureinside these chambers is controlled throughprogrammable micro-processor basedtemperature controller cum indicator. p
  14. 14. STABILITY CHAMBER STABILITY CHAMBERStability chambers are cooling equipments thatare used to test drugs vaccines and other drugs,products to determine constancy, durability andtheir shelf life. These chambers are extensivelyused in pharmaceutical industries, agricultureindustries and other research organizations. Themain function of these equipments are to checkhumidity and temperature ranges and besidesthis, even if there is a minute defect, theseenclosures are even capable of determining thatdefect.defect
  15. 15. SALT SPRAY TEST CHAMBERSALT SPRAY TEST CHAMBERSalt spray test is a method that is used tocheck the corrosion resistance of coatedsamples. The equipment in which these testsare performed is called salt spray rooms.These coatings provide corrosion resistanceto metallic parts that are made of steel,zamak, or brass. The apparatus for testing isclosed in a chamber and tests are performedto find out how much durable the material iswhen it comes in contact with salt. In a way,these tests check the flexibility of a material inpresence of salt.
  16. 16. ULTRA LOW DEEP FREEZERULTRA LOW DEEP FREEZERUltra low deep freezers are widely used in variousindustries and several research organizations. These areeven used in super markets and restaurants to store andpreserve food for a longer period of time. Ultra low deepfreezers provide idyllic storage conditions for medicalsamples, blood, tissues and cells. Deep freezers arealso used f h l d for household chores; th t h ld h the temperature range tmay not be as low as ultra low deep freezers, but theyare generally of -25 degree C with accuracy of +/- 0.5o C(CFC free) whereas the temperature ranges of ultradeep freezers are from -10 degree Celsius to -86 degree p g gCelsius. Moreover, as stated above ultra deep freezersor deep freezers are of utmost importance, be it for amedical laboratory or for household chores.
  17. 17. DEEP FREEZER VERTICALDEEP FREEZER VERTICALDeep freezer is a household and a commercial item that in away helps to stock food items and prevents them against anydamage and depletion. These freezers can be used forindustrial as well as household purposes. In the presentscenario, as there are several items that have more than oneapplications and are used according to their relevance. Deepfreezer is used in super markets and stores to store fooditems. These kinds of deep freezers are used by restaurantsand bars as they store raw and the food which is prepared inthem. Hospitals use deep freezers to preserve and storeblood and these are even used in blood banks. Theseequipments come i several shapes and sizes. Th i t in l h d i Thetemperature range of these equipments vary, they can be of -20, -40, -86, and -100 deg. The temperatures of theseequipments are different and are set according to therequirement of the apparatus. q pp
  18. 18. SALIENT FEATURESSALIENT FEATURES Reliable Precise control of environment parameters Aesthetically designed Corrosion resistant interior and exteriors Energy efficient CFC free cooling Sturdy construction Low maintenance
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