biochemistry biomolecules chemistry protein function classification animal cell culture plant tissue culture molecular marker science bioinformatics carbohydrates technology types carbohydratees polysaccharides types of protein ncbi embl ddbj translation protein synthesis protein motiff primary structure of protein amino acid recombination repair nanobiotechnology nanotechnology dna sequencing structural classification of protein essential amino acid types of amino acid pka sds page eelectrophoresis chromatography p53 gene prb gene dna repair stem cell culture cell culture lipoprotein ribosome gene bank blast application of bioinformatics transcription functional proteomics genetic mapping global analysis of protein analysis of protein saccharides application ph biomolécule weak bond hydrogen bond buffer snp biotechnology tumor suppresor gene transcription factor splicing rna splicing mrna splicing types of dna repair dna repair and recombination recombinase enzyme involved in dna replication glycoprotein transgenic mouse transgenic mice genetic manipulated animal transgenic animal application of stem cell culture stem cell culture and application cell cloning tissue engineering chromatin enzyme kinetics macromolecules complex protein sequencing measurement tools of nanotechnology fasta swiss prot secondary biological database primary biological database biological database application of nanobiotechnology single nucleotide polymorphism mass spectrometry immunoprecipitation yeast two hybrid system protein protein interaction proteomics functional genomics tool functional genomics physical mapping genetic map physical map genomic mapping plant secondary metabolites bt gene insect resistant plant affinity hplc ion exchange polyacrylamide agarose gel electrophoresis lipid disaccharides protein folding protein ligand interaction enzyme significance acid dissociation constatnt interaction bond secondary metabolites electrophoresis translation machinery translation cycle protein modification co translation modification post translation modification receptor mediated endocytosis prokaryotic translation machinery prokaryotic translation eukaryotic translation machinery translation in eukaryotes alternative splicing rec a recombinase tre recombinase hin recombinase cre recombinase types of recombinase mismatch repair nucleotide excision repair base excision repair direct repair system transpositional recombination. site specific recombination non-homologous recombinati gene conversion double strand break model messelson and radding model holliday model recombination dna replication viral glycoprotein enzymes that are glycoprotein human chorionic gonadotropin (hcg) erythropoietin hormone luteinizing hormone (lh) follicle stimulating hormone (fsh) hormones that are glycoprotein thyroid stimulating michaelis-menten equation derivation michaelis-menten curve transgenic fish artificial organ artificial cartilage artificial skin application of tissue engineering application of cell cloning techniques techniques of cell cloning cell genetics totipotency somatic cell genetics cell lines aberrant growth control immortalization cell transformation synchronous culture cell synchronization extra cellular matrix macromolecules organization of macromolecules complex ligand interaction conformational propeties of polysaccharide polynucleotide michelis mentan equation structure and function of lipoprotein enzyme immobilization fluorescence fluorescence spectroscopy stem tem sem database primary and secondary database microarray technology dna chip biochip microarray application of cheminformatics general concept of cheminformatics cheminformatics btis net in chhattisgarh excellence center apex center btis net btis biotechnology information system in india drug discovery bioinformatics in drug discovery bioinformatic tools pdb bioinformatics tools application of nanotechnology pharmaceutical medical field protein chip protein microarray protein array types of proteomics automated dna sequencing sanger method dna sequencer plant genomics t dna ti plasmid disease resistant plant plasmid vector plasmid binary vector virus resistant plant sterilization media shoot induction organogenesis micropropagation embryogenesis somatic embryogenesis liquid nitrogen germplasm storage cryopreservation cybrids protoplast fusion protoplast isolation plant biotechnology haploid plant production structure analysis of protein column chromatography glycogen ramchandran map secondary structure of protein waxes oils fat tpes of storage lipid storage of lipid deoxyribose sugar myoglobin monosaccharides titration curve catalytic rna ribozyme ionic bond ph scale hydrophoic hydrophobic interaction respiration vaccine southern blotting blotting marker aflp rapd rflp biology protein separation and purification tumor suppressor gene synthesis of membraane protein membrane protein transcription in prokaryotes prokaryotic transcription enzyme kinetics and thermodynamic analysis endocytosis edocytosis protein shorting and targeting protein targeting protein shorting translation in prokaryotes transcription termination modificatioon of mrna eukaryotic transcription transcription in eukaryotes rna polymerase ploy a tail tailing of mrna g capping of mrna homologous recombination holiday junction model holiday junction types of dna damage dna damage and repair dna damage cre lox flp frt cre lox flp frt recombination cre lox recombination dna replication in prokaryotes prokaryotic dna replication dna replication in eukaryotes eukaryotic dna replication ligase primase topoisomerase ssbp helicase enzyme involve in dna replication protein involve in dna replication functional protein dna hybridization nucleic acid hybridization rna enzyme cross linking covalent binding encapsulation entrapment adsorption reversible inhibition michaelis-menten equation enzyme effect enzyme effect of organic solvent enzyme catalysis protein stability stability of protein denaturation of protein antibody enzyme abzyame catalytic ab catalytic antibody pcd program cell death apoptosis stem cell therapy scale up of animal cell culture scale up primary culture and cell line primary cell culture cell lines culture primary culture primary and established cell lines primary and established cell line culture mammalian cell culture basic techniques for animal cell culture basic techniques of mammalian cell culture ethics related to animal ethics in animal cell culture ethical issue related to animal biotechnology equipment and material for animal cell culture glucose other organic salts vitamins amino acids osmolality temperature oxygen bicarbonate and buffering co2 balanced salt solutions constituent of animal tissue culture media contact inhibition tumorigenicity transformed cell chromosomal aberation tumorogenecity genetic instability cell culture based vaccine cell culture and maintenance cell lines used in screening techniques cloning in animal cell culture animal cell growth cultured cell biology and characterization of the cell culture cell lines application animal cell lines midea constituents animal cell culture media constituents of culture media 3d cell culture 2d cell culture application of animal cell culture supramolecules assembly tertiary structure of protein edman degradation method c terminal analysis n terminal analysis nucleic acid sequencind rna dna rna sequencind nucleic acid sequencing types of polynucleotides conformational properties of polynucleotide conformational propeties of polynucleotide lineweaver burk plot conformation properties of polysaccharides gene sequencing gene sequencing strategies rna protein c terminal sequencing n terminal sequencing antrapment encapsualtion immobilization of enzyme diffraction x ray diffraction x ray gradient pcr real time pcr types of pcr pcr types of microscope microscope uv visible spectrometry raman spectrometry ir spectrometry spectrometry hepatitis b virus radio immuno assay ria bright field microscopy microscopy principle of nmr nuclear magnetic resonance nmr competative elisa indirect elisa direct elisa enzyme linked immuno sorbent assay elisa test elisa mathanobacter bio gas system bio gas mathanogenes affinity chromatography ion exchange chromatography hptlc high performance liquid chromatography cytometer cytophotometry flowcytometry paper electrophoresis scanning transmission electron microscope transmission electron microscope scanning electron microscope electron microscope dna microarray beers lambert law densitometry population genetics hardy weinberg genetic equilibrium hardy weinberg law photosynthetic bacteria photosynthesis in micro organism photosynthetic microorganism chemoheterotrophs centrifugation techniques ultra centrifugation centrifugal force centrifugation western blotting northern blotting blotting techniques tertiary biological database phamacogenomics nanoscale microarray database introduction to ncbi scope in bioinformatics history of bioinformatics animal genomics microbial genomics molecular medicine bioinformatics biotechnology bioinfromatics bioinformatics relevance with biotechnology software for bioinformatics bioinformatics in biotechnology bioinformatic fasat drawback of nanobiotechnology advanatage of naanobiotechnology evolution agriculture gene marker differential hybridization single base extension haplotype snp ditection random shotgun sequencing whole genome shotgun sequencing hierarchical shotgun sequencing shotgun sequencing genome sequencing computational protein interaction proteomic study study of proteomics analysis of protein protein interaction types of protein protein interaction application of protein array types of protein array dapa nappa pisa computational analysis of protein protein database study of protein methosds of study of protein hugo genome project human genome project structural proteomics genetic code gene and protein gene proteomic tools tools of proteomics methods of funtional proteomics tyes of proteomics proteome mapping proteomics tools types of molecular marker est ests expessed sequence tag shoutgun method pyrosequencing mexam gilberts method types of genomics comparative genomics caomparative genomics in organelles comparative genomics in eukaryotes forward genetics reverse genetics genomic tools functional genomics websites functional genomics tools genomic medicine gene transfer gene medicine genome mapping mapping genetic marker plant genome map chloroplast genome amplified fragment length polymorphism single strand conformational polymorphism sscp synthesis of secondaary metabolites cloning map based cloning of genome phenylpropanoid pathway metabolic engineering shikimate pathway production of viruse resistant plant production of resistant plant gfp luc lux f2 gus reporter gene opine orign of repication vir regin feature of ti plasmid defensins thionins lysozyme gluconase chitinase pr protein agro infection agrobacterium tumifacience resistant plant production nematode resistant disease resistance plant microinjection gene gun biolistic bombardment agroinfection plant transformation technology cry gene pbr322 genetic engineering vector resistant plant viruse production of disease resistant plant thawing cryoprotectent freezing method embryo culture hardening auxin culture stage 3 micropropagation stage 3 rooting browning of medium explant culture stage one initiation of culture stage one aseptic technique sterilizing instrument maintanace of aseptic condition culture media micronutrients organ formation in plant preparation of culture media nutrients tissue culture media growth regulator hormone cytokinin shoot multiplication bt cotton deep freeze mechnical method selection hybrid anther culture advantage of biodegradable plastic renewable plastic plastic biodegradable plastic analysis of proetin characterization of protein structure of protein size exclusion sugar sugar classification and reaction quantitative qualitative compositional analysis of polysaccharides chitin inuline cellulose starch homopolysaccharides heteropolysaccharides map ramchandran plot structureof protein gas alpha corner meander hairpin structural motiff super secondary structure rotation peptide bond detector oven column stationary phase mobile phase gas chromatography tae buffer use agarose lipid bilayers membrane cholestrol glycolipid phospholipd biomedical importance chemistry of porphyrin structure of porphyrin porphyrin chloroplast light absorbing pigment pgment phosphoric acid nucleosides nucleotides myocin actin isoprenoid titration curve of amino acid peptide synthesis peptide ionization elerochemical properties disulphide bond ss bond mode of action glycosylation lactate dehydrogenase alkaline phosphatase clinical significance iso enzyme liganad protein interaction hamerhead group two intron group 1 intron hdlv mitochondrial enzyme covelant bond vander walls bond strong bond types of bond law of thermodynamics thermodynamics physics boond vanderwals bond weak interaction henderson – hasselbalch equation henderson – hasselbalch equation acid constant biomollecule hydrogen h h bond tyes of bond tca utiization production amp atp biological system activation energy energy php food technology potato immunology eddible vaccine autoradiography restriction enzyme propaoids metabolic pathway alkaloids plant ssr charecterstics of molecular marker mendels law
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