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MS Paint Collection: 04 - Astrology Series


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Drawings show the zodiac and planets symbols. And bonus art: Leo and Aquarius.

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MS Paint Collection: 04 - Astrology Series

  1. 1. MS Paint Collection #04 – Astrology Series by Zuateg Illustrations on MS Paint
  2. 2. Aries and Taurus
  3. 3. Gemini and Cancer
  4. 4. Leo , the King
  5. 5. Leo and Virgo
  6. 6. Libra and Scorpius
  7. 7. Sagitarius and Capricornus
  8. 8. Aquarius, the waters
  9. 9. Aquarius and Pisces
  10. 10. Planet Terra
  11. 11. Sol, the sun
  12. 12. Luna and Jupiter
  13. 13. Mars and Mercury
  14. 14. Neptune and Pluto
  15. 15. Saturn and Uranus
  16. 16. Venus
  17. 17. Stella, the star
  18. 18. MS Paint + Corel Photo Paint <ul><li>This drawing series was made on MS Paint basically. </li></ul><ul><li>And then, we moved the basic figures to Corel Photo Paint “Effects” and worked there. You will notice how many possibilities, how many solutions can be found if you combine one tool with the other. You can apply Photo Paint effects and return to MS Paint. Use MS Paint tools to finish your illustration. Warranted results. </li></ul>