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Kp interpretation of 6th house


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Disease and Remedies, KP 6th house interpretation

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Kp interpretation of 6th house

  1. 1. KP Interpretation 6th House Rajendra Nimje, IAS KP Astrologers Forum , India 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS
  2. 2. Diseases, Defects and Remedy  6th cusp of natal chart gives complete picture of diseases which can occur during lifetime  Different diseases manifest in different DBAs depending on what they signify  DB lord, its starlord and in which sign the DB lord is placed decides the nature of diseases  Ascendant and 6th house, 6 ,8 and 12 conjoined periods manifest diseases to the native  Cure comes in conjoin periods of 5th and 11th significators 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS
  3. 3. Diseases and cure  5th Sublord gives Relief , analyze carefully for remedial measures  Only 5th or 11th period gives partial relief, both will give complete relief  If DB is signifying 8th then the pain is acute  Significators of 12th takes native to hospital  In horary, 6th cuspal sub gives perfect clue to the disease  If 6th sub is mercury or its starlord is mercury or it is in a dual sign then the diagnosis is incorrect. Change the treatment, doctor or investigate again  Is this doctor good for my cure? Horary charts 7th sub if connected to 1, 5, 11 then yes 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS
  4. 4. Remedy  Horary chart , 5th sub or its starlord gives clue to remedies. If 5th sub is  Sun then allopathic  Moon , venus , homeopathy  Mer, Sat Ayurveda  Mars – physiotherapy  Jup – Yoga  Rahu/Ketu - which planet they signify strongly , decide accordingly  5th sub mercury or in dual sign then two kind of treatments  5th sub Saturn or connected or in fixed sign then long time treatment  5th sub connected to moon or cancer sign then psychiatrist  5th sub connected to 8th then operation  6th sub if connected to maraka or badhaka then reason of death is the same disease 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS
  5. 5. Accidents  Ascendant sublord if signify 8th then accidents are possible  Accidents occur in DBA of 1, 8,12  2nd sublord if connected to 8th then throat, nose, tongue , teeth will be affected in an accident  3rd sub if connected to 8th then Ear, arms, shoulders will be affected..  Will the affected body part be cured fully?- Yes if in Horary chart :  Sublord of the affected body part if connected to 5 and 11 then full recovery  If sublord of the affected body part connected to 12 then permanent defect  Sublord connected to only 5 or 11 then partial recovery  DBA related to 4 then accidents will occur due to fall of house, tree… 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS
  6. 6. Accidents and Defects  DBA lord connected to  watery sign then death due to water  airy sign then accidents in aircraft or fall from height  Planets in second house if signifying 8th house then poisoning  If Saturn connects then bone crash  Mars gives electric shock  DBA of 12th running then hospitalization  In natal chart if Ascendant sub is connected to 6, or 8 or 12 and DBA at the time of birth is also of 6, 8 , 12 then permanent defect 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS
  7. 7. Muhurta for treatment, Gems  Select strong significators of 5th and 11th houses of a natal chart  Remove those significators which are connected to 6, 8, or 12  If there are more than one significators left then select that who signifies both 5 and 11  Also can filter by Ruling planets  Gems are useful to strengthen the mental strength and also to put a person on track to take care of self.  Person who is afraid of treatment also should wear GEMs to get the strength to overcome phobia 24-Nov-13by - Rajendra Nimje, IAS