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Slide presentation by Razorfish at the 2010 Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, featuring winners of Zooppa's Privacy in the Digital Age advertising competition.

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Razorfish winners presentation_june24_3

  1. “pri-va- what? ” 1
  2. First, a bit on “the wisdom of the crowd” 2
  3. we’ve experimented for clients like Coors Light 5
  4. and were pleasantly surprised ... 6
  5. It Worked Because ... • The original spot was a great idea • The original spot was more platform than one-off • We provided tight direction and a relatively narrow box for the users to work within 7
  6. it begs the question: what happens when you open the brief wide? 8
  7. Privacy 11
  8. Privacy is a big, ugly, hairy, nasty issue fraught with nuance. 12
  9. Just ask this Guy Photo Credit: John Adams for the 2009 Crunchies! http://www.flickr.com/photos/crunchies2009/4259162754/ 13
  10. 14
  11. It is that confusion that led us to our session title: “pri-va-what? ” 16
  12. There are a host of other social and related sites that 17
  13. and it’s bigger than just social 18
  14. But, What To Do? • Make people aware of the issue • Counter some of the sensationalism in the media • Teach, don’t frighten • Provoke discussion of the topic 19
  15. Your Assignment • Create a film that addresses the topic of privacy in the digital age and accomplishes the four goals we’ve laid out • Target approximately two minutes 20
  16. Your Assignment • What you’ve got to work with: - Videos and print ads/still imagery from Zooppa community - Still photos crowdsourced from Razorfish offices worldwide - Creative commons-safe imagery from Flickr and other web sources (at your discretion) - A collection of 20 tracks generously donated by Audiosocket - Anything you can create or shoot within the time limit today • You are free to use as you see fit: - Take bits and pieces from multiple sources and create something new - Take one of the finished/near finished pieces from Zooppa and refine (the author would likely appreciate feedback from a pro) 21
  17. What Next? • We’re doing to do a quick tour of some of our favorite assets - including our favorites from the Zooppa community, both to give you a head start and hopefully to inspire you 22
  18. Zooppa author: ootb 23
  19. Zooppa author: srfilms 24
  20. Zooppa author: quakfoo 25
  21. Zooppa author: JimmyDagget 26
  22. Zooppa author: pedrosanguine 27
  23. Zooppa author: svitto 33
  24. Zooppa author: brunorodsilva 29
  25. Thanks to all the Zooppa members who contributed. Winners to be announced on privawhat.posterous.com soon. 34
  26. 39