How i wish to help startups


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Zohdi Rizvi, is an enabler, converter of ideas into Startups, Marketer of Value, Changing the economics of web, in short, a crazy cum passionate guy who believes in Continuous Innovation, to build awesome Products, to beat the expectations of End Users i.e. You.

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How i wish to help startups

  1. Zohdi RizviHow I wish to help startups!Lean Marketing =Product + Marketing + Content + Web-Analytics
  2. A brief about me Born and raised in the city of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and Amitabh Bachhan – Allahabad. Academically, I pursued my business management from IBS, Ahmedabad, in two distinctive concentration: Marketing & E-Business Certified Inbound Marketing Professional from IMU, Hubspot, Cambridge. During MBA, I, along with two other students, have commenced a small offline B2B venture project – Kitaabmarket, incubated within college for 2 years, to learn the practical aspects of Business Management & Administration. Setup the libraries of more than 10 Colleges in Ahmedabad Worked for 6 months as a Digital Marketing Head for a startup and helped it transform its Reward & Recognition offering into a SaaS based Product Through Social Media Marketing, helped the same Startup to brand its new Health & Wellness sister venture Wellsports on Facebook through Content, Contest and thereby helping the company to generate & nurture the Leads for their Corporate Health & Wellness offering Worked for more than a year researching on pain-points of Hiring Industry, available solutions and coming up with an innovative brand – Talentsin. Being short of funds and team, the project is still on hold.
  3. The Marketing Research Areas of myCandidature Researching about the Problem areas in the existing solution and listening the Consumer’s Sentiment and opinions. Exploratory research about the Players in Market through Secondary Sources like Internet, Print and Opinions of Key Decision Makers of Industry Coming up with hypothetical yet innovative value-propositions(prototype) based on the Problems and beta-testing it with high-potential clients, to gather quick feedback, so as to improve the product further. End-to-End Engineering of Product UI/UX in collaboration with Design and Development team, through Scientific observation and testing, to find the best conversion rate for a given landing page and achieve the desired goal. Measuring the impact of Social, Search and other niche channels of Marketing in Lead Generation and fine-tuning the efforts accordingly to achieve the desired level of results.
  4. The Product functions of myCandidature Brainstorming and Refining the Brand’s Vision (5-10 years Roadmap) Brain-storming Ideas (Idea-Generation) with different Stakeholders of Product Cross-tabbing ideas with relevance and with high-profit scope. Putting all kind of accepted Ideas in the Inventory (Product Backlog) Creating a Release Backlog i.e. the most viable, minimum product. Dividing the Release Backlog into Sprints (or small chunks of related task) to build fast within the shortest time-span and ship as early as possible before consumers to test the hypothesis. Iterating the MVP through constant revisions, based on Consumers FeedbackTeams Involved: Marketing, Technology and Management.My Role: Interface between Management & Technology
  5. Content, Social Media & EmailMarketing functions of my Candidature Blogging around the Key-problems and solutions pertaining to Product & Industry Offering free valuable resources such as guide-books, Presentations, Infographics etc. to boost the authority of a given brand and spark the online word of mouth. Creating and converting Users into Return and active users through Email Marketing and Auto-responders, with relevant content and offers. To penetrate the brand further into its TG  Ideating the engaging Contests with respect to Brand’s objective  Leveraging the Social Media Channels to increase participation  Increasing the brand visibility and adoption rate
  6. Web-Analytics and Reporting functionsof my Candidature With tools like Google Analytics, there is no excuse left for Marketers or Brand Managers, that they can’t measure the impact of their effort. Therefore, here’s how I use the Web-Analytics:  All content be it on Website, on Blog or individual items like Presentations or E-books, will be capsuled and coated with tracking url.  The Website will be enabled with GA Tracking Code.  Bi-monthly, there will be an audit on the performance of our Marketing activities and how confident we were proven in our hypothetical designs, copy, and in what demographics and Psychographic brackets etc.  Based on the data and facts, we’d discuss, correlate and decide further scientifically (Statistically) how to further optimize our performance.  Additionally, we may use Website Optimizer etc
  7. Zohdi Rizvi----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----An enabler, converter of ideas into Startups & Products, Marketer ofValue, Changing the economics of web, in short, a crazy cumpassionate guy who believes in Continuous Innovation, to buildawesome Products, to beat the expectations of End Users i.e. You.Lets connect dear :-)----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----Best for: Hiring Products, E/M-Commerce & Social MediaWanna know more: Checkout the 2-page ResumeLets connect on Linkedin or Twitter or