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Potential growth of a consultancy firm through inbound marketing : Presented by Zohdi Rizvi


Published on - Presented my ideas regarding how Inbound Marketing can help a company to leverage from Inbound Marketing Strategy!

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Potential growth of a consultancy firm through inbound marketing : Presented by Zohdi Rizvi

  1. 1. Adventure Works: The ultimate source for outdoor equipment Potential growth of Lumium through Inbound Marketing Strategy Zohdi Rizvi MBA in Marketing & e-business Inbound Marketing Certified November 30, 2010
  2. 2. What I’ll Cover Today • About Inbound Marketing • Lumium’s present strategy of web-marketing • Shortcoming’s in the present website • Sample of result-driven website template • Why and How of Inbound Marketing • Channels of Inbound Marketing • Lead Generation and Lead Nurturing • Questions and answers
  3. 3. About Inbound Marketing • Outbound Marketing  Ineffective  Costlier  Customer Annoying  Marketers chases customers • Inbound Marketing  Highly effective  Less costlier, requires time and patience  Customer-driven  Customer approaches The best analogy I can come up with is that traditional marketers looking to garner interest from new potential customers are like lions hunting in the jungle for elephants. The elephants used to be in the jungle in the '80s and '90s when they learned their trade, but they don't seem to be there anymore. They have all migrated to the watering holes on the savannah (the internet). So, rather than continuing to hunt in the jungle, I recommend setting up shop at the watering hole or turning your website into its own watering hole.
  4. 4. Lumium’s present strategy of web-marketing
  5. 5. What’s lacking? • No branding, of a company who does branding for others… • What’s the objective of the website?  Traffic? For what?  No engagement with audience  No blogging  No social media strategy  No proper SEO • Look and feel of website dates back to era of ‘95, when website were just created for the sake of status quo • But Can we improve it?
  6. 6. Yes! Indeed and there is a potential opportunity for Lumium to take advantage from Inbound Marketing Strategy How? Let’s see!
  7. 7. Re-designed Sample Layout of Lumium’s Website
  8. 8. Inbound Marketing Strategies for Lumium • Set an Objective for Inbound Marketing / Social Media • Audience Analysis => Segmentation =>Set Objectives for each segment => Formulation of Strategy • Devise Tactics using Social Media Channels
  9. 9. What we can expect after this?
  10. 10. Traffic from SEO Publish and get found: Case-studies Whitepapers Videos, Blogs, Articles etc
  11. 11. Leads to:
  12. 12. Further Improvisation • Lead Nurturing via Email Marketing • Website Optimization via Google Website Optimizer • Getting insights about your website, campaigns and online process via Web- Analytics software such as Google Analytics, Adobe Omniture etc. • Accommodating insights with change.. • Engaging with audience and involving them to create more buzz about the company, its ethics, values, services etc..
  13. 13. Thank You  Questions and Answers You can reach me @ LinkedIn: Facebook: Twitter: My Website: Email: Cell phone: +91-9974458573