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Beyond Linkedin?


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Are you disrupting the Hiring space? Can you fill-in the space between Job Portals & Linkedin. Don't tell me anything on Facebook, which is ignored by you.

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Beyond Linkedin?

  1. 1. Beyond Linkedin?THE PREVIEW OF TOMORROW’S CHALLENGER@zohdi_rizvi ; founder of Talentsin
  2. 2. Can Linkedin help me without spending dollars? Lets find out…
  3. 3. How can you find me on Linkedin?
  4. 4. The possible path- Through Search Engine, only if you’re searching me.- Through your Connections on Linkedin- Through my post and updates on Linkedin, such as on Groups, Q&A etc- Accidentally, you click on my email signature having a hyperlink to my Linkedin Profile- Through some Random Referral by Santa Claus- or someone shares my profile through Email /Twitter or any other Social Media Channel
  5. 5. Beyond 3rd degree?What if neither of us have any prior acquaintance? Can we still know and connect with each other
  6. 6. If we accept that there are 175+ million Linkedin Users,What’s the probability that you’ll find me on Linkedin?
  7. 7. Any Guess…?
  8. 8. Probability is the measure of how an event is likely to occur out of the number of possible outcomes 1 175,000000* or 175 Million+ Linkedin Users* Source: Wikipedia
  9. 9. Is it possible?Isn’t there a need you feel that you should alsostand out of Crowd and get the due attention orbecome a Corporate Celebrity, based on your work& achievements?Yes, on Linkedin!
  10. 10. Is it possible?How can you be instantly seen as the bestprofessional in the Industry?Yes, on Linkedin!
  11. 11. Is it possible?Can you find out whom you’re competing within Industry?Yes, on Linkedin!
  12. 12. Is it possible?Can you find out your potential Co-Founder(s) onLinkedin, who’s also looking for someone like you?Yes, on Linkedin!
  13. 13. Case 2: Job SearchOn Linkedin, “anyone” can “apply” on “any” job.
  14. 14. Dear, Hiring ManagersFor INR 1700You’ve got 500+ CV’s
  15. 15. V. Cool!Please go through 500 CV’s manually to subjectively decide and shortlist the potential Talents (Best of Luck)
  16. 16. So, Recruitment ROI on LinkedinTIME SPENT + MONEY SPENT + OPPORTUNITY COST(s) = 500+ CV’s
  17. 17. Last Case: User-experienceIn next 5-10 seconds, Can you tell me from where you can delete your connections?Can you segment your Connections into groups or Circles?Where’s your Wall? (Hint: Followers will paste Facebook kind of Wall while Challengers will build the wall)And Lastly, why don’t you spend at-least an hour on Linkedin?
  18. 18. Challenger, not followersWill not create another Linkedin.They’ll not just connect Professionals, instead glorify Talents as Professional CelebrityThey’ll have premium services but one has to fulfill the criteria, to activate the advance features.There will be a live-competition for Jobs, not just Y2K era Job posting and application.And many other innovations that is currently the need of hour, for those who never get the attention for theirwork and achievements.
  19. 19. Now Build itOr Wait for the #nextbigthing
  20. 20. Zohdi Rizvi----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----An enabler, converter of ideas into Startups & Products, Marketer ofValue, Changing the economics of web, in short, a crazy cum passionate guy whobelieves in Continuous Innovation, to build awesome Products, to beat theexpectations of End Users i.e. You. Lets connect dear :-)----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o ----- o -----Best for: Hiring Products, E/M-Commerce & Social MediaWanna know more: Checkout the 2-page ResumeLiving in Silicon Valley of India - Bangalore!Lets connect on Linkedin or Twitter or