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Reverse classroom experiments


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Record your classes and repeat it when you need it.

Published in: Education
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Reverse classroom experiments

  1. 1. What is REPEATED should be AUTOMATED A look into creating reverse classrooms using videos of lectures Hilmy Abdul Rahim SCCM
  2. 2. Structure of a Lecture
  3. 3. Automation
  4. 4. Breakdown of class activity
  5. 5. Key differences in in-class activity
  6. 6. Didactic sessions can be automated
  7. 7. From the Wired article
  8. 8. Lectures on Youtube
  9. 9. TIME
  10. 10. Videos are captured without preparation by the lecturer
  11. 11. One good lecture can be repeated
  12. 12. The time savings can go into