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AUSTRALIA.Marta. Ismael.


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AUSTRALIA.Marta. Ismael.

  1. 1. FLAGThe flag iswhite,blue with sixwhite stars.
  2. 2. MONEYThe money in Australiais dollar .
  3. 3. LANGUAGEIn Australia people speak English.
  4. 4. ANIMALS In Australia there are some Animals : kangaroos, cocodriles, koalas...
  5. 5. TRANSPORTS The transports in Australia are: train, boat,truck...
  6. 6. PLACES TO VISIT ·Sydney Opera Hosuse Ayers Rock Great Barrier Reef
  7. 7. ACTIVITES TO DOIn Australia you can:·Climbing·Hiking·Sightseeing
  8. 8. WEATHERThe weather of summeris hot and in winter iscold.
  9. 9. FOODThe food inAustralia are:hamburgers,vegetable,Potatoes. ..
  10. 10. WHERE IS ITAustralia is anisland country inthe South Pacific.
  11. 11. CULTURE&PARTIES·Carnival·Hallowen·Indigenescostums