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Published in: Education, Sports
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  2. 2. Downtown Chicago rally protesting attacks on Gaza Strip I heard about the rally from a friend and recruited students from various human rights organizations on campus to join me at the protest.
  3. 3. “1 Year, 100 Wells” Fundraiser The LUC Muslim Students’ Association began fundraising to build a well in a needy village in Africa. I was head of the fundraising team and was responsible for spreading word and getting co-sponsors. We were able to raise more than the necessary $2500 within only 3 months of fundraising!
  4. 4. “1 Year, 100 Wells” Kick-off Fundraiser To introduce the fundraiser, I organized a kick-off event. One of the attractions was a wii sports tournament where each game cost a dollar and the winner gets to continue playing, at no extra cost, until he/she loses.
  5. 5. “1 Year, 100 Wells Kick-off Fundraiser Our second main attraction was a henna table. Depending on the detail of the design, we could raise anywhere between $1-$5 per hand!
  6. 6. “Sunnah-in-Action” Blog Together with a friend, I launched the “Sunnah-in-Action” blog for the MSA. Every week we would make a new post showcasing a different way Muslim students on campus could incorporate religion into their everyday. I was in charge of collecting guest submissions, writing the blog posts, monitoring comments, and managing our social media pages.
  7. 7. A Just Harvest Soup Kitchen I go on bi-weekly trips to the soup kitchen through the American Red Cross organization. As a board member of the MSA, I help publicize these trips to my Sisters.
  8. 8. TeenCentral.Net Counesling I volunteer as an online, anonymous counselor for the website, on the weekends.
  9. 9. All photos courtesy of Zeba’s photography collection.
  10. 10. All photos courtesy of Zeba’s photography collection.