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Mobile Marketing For Realtors


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For Unique and Unconventional Techniques and Tips to Explode Your Real Estate Marketing Profits Online, Check Out:

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Mobile Marketing For Realtors

  1. 1. ===============For Great Tips To Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing Efforts, Check This Out ... Mobile Marketing For Realtors A Very Powerful Venue In Your Real Estate Business!
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing For Realtors…Developing MMS Or SMS CampaignsMobile marketing can be a very powerful venue in your real estate business.With the large number of mobile device users all over the world, every oneof these users is a potential customer, if you can find the right way to reachout and attract their business.One great way to do this is through the use of an effective text messagemarketing campaign. We will discuss a few important tips which can helpany real estate agent develop their (short message service campaign) SMScampaign.MMS - Real Estate Mobile Marketing Kicked Up A Notch!A new standard in mobile messaging is Multimedia Messaging Service(MMS). Unlike SMS which only allows for text messages, MMS can includesound, images and video as well as text. So, for example, an agent couldsend pictures or videos of listings they are advertising to clients orprospects.If you want your MMS or SMS campaign to be an effective one, you firstneed to fully develop it. Your plan needs to include things like:  How you will attract users to the campaign?  How often you will send out text messages?  What type of messages you will incorporate into your plan?Put this plan in writing and review it with a trusted mentor to get theiropinions. Revise the plan if necessary, and consider using a test marketbefore fully launching it. All of these things can be important steps that willlead to an effective mobile marketing campaign.Whats Your Call To Action?Once you launch your MMS or SMS campaign, you need to promote your"call to action". What is your purpose in launching this mobile marketingcampaign? A broad purpose is certainly to increase business, but can younarrow that a bit? Is there a certain listing you want to promote? Is there acertain incentive strategy that you want to implement? Consider your
  3. 3. choices and then launch your marketing campaign around one of them, orseveral of them, but make sure your purpose is clear and easy tounderstand for anyone reading your text messages.As part of your "call to action", you may want to implement some sort of areward or incentive for those customers who sign up to receive messages.This can be in the form of a reward, free products, early release informationon listings, or any other innovative promotion that you might come up with.Rewarding consumers draws them in, and keeps them coming back formore. This is one sure fire strategy for achieving success with your mobilemarketing campaign.Frequency Of Text MessagingValuable incentives will draw consumers in and keep them coming back formore, but even the most dedicated consumer will tire if they receive toomany messages from you. This is why it is important to limit the number ofoffers that you send. Once a month might be enough, or perhaps once aweek works for your clients. Even daily can work in some hot real estatemarkets, but tread cautiously if you decide to send messages thatfrequently. You will not see benefits from your campaign if consumers viewyour information as spam, or see it as being bothersome instead of helpful.Using the test market that we spoke of earlier can help you to establish theperfect number of texts for your business and plan.Another important step to keeping your MMS or SMS campaign successful isto make sure that the service provider you hire is a reputable one. The lastthing you want to do is associate your brand with a service provider who willsteal customers information, or bombard them with spam after they sign upfor your offers. Make sure to research your provider, check online reviewsthat are offered for them, and get to know a little bit about their backgroundtoo. Remember that your customers are entrusting you with some valuable,and even personal, information. Respect that information and yourreputation will remain strong.
  4. 4. Advertising Your SMS Mobile Marketing CampaignOnce you have a successful MMS or SMS mobile marketing campaign inplace, be sure to advertise it. Offer sign up options in your brick and mortaroffices and discuss them on your website as well. Consider television or radioadvertising if cost allows you to do so. The more opportunities you have toget the word out, the more successful your campaign will be. Consideringthe fact that you are investing time, money, and energy into this campaign,you might as well see a high level of success coming out of it.Use Word Of Mouth!A final step to any great MMS or SMS campaign is to get your customerstalking about it. Encourage your customers to spread the message aboutyour SMS project through Facebook, Twitter, and even just word of mouth.The more you get people talking, the more consumers you will see comingyour way. Getting people talking about your campaign online also mighthave the added benefit of boosting your ratings within the search engines.This could mean you get the extra benefit of search engine optimization viayour mobile marketing campaign.Mobile marketing campaigns are effective and should be used by everybusiness. When done right, they will increase traffic to your real estatewebsites, and help to sell your brand. Since mobile users are growing by thethousands every day, not taking advantage of a great SMS campaign meanslost customers, and seeing your business get left behind. We have providedsome great tips which can help any mobile marketing campaign to seesuccess. Use them to boost your business today.===============For Great Tips To Accelerate Your Mobile Marketing Efforts, Check This Out ...