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Introduction of Children's day in Japan.
Showing photos of carp flags and samurai helmets.
How to make samurai helmets by newspaper.

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  1. 1. May 5 isChildren’s Day in Japan
  2. 2. Families celebratethe healthy growth and happiness of children by ...
  3. 3. carp flags (koinobori)samurai helmets (kabuto)
  4. 4. Carp Flags Koinobori 鯉のぼり
  5. 5. Asa, 4 years old
  6. 6. Samurai Helmet Kabuto 兜
  7. 7. Let’s make a “Kabuto”
  8. 8. Fold the square paper diagonally in half.
  9. 9. Fold the corners down to the bottom point.
  10. 10. Fold the corners back up to the top point.
  11. 11. Fold them out to the side so they stick out a little beyond the edge.
  12. 12. Fold the upper layer of thebottom triangle so it comes to around halfway up the top triangle.
  13. 13. Fold up the bottom edge as shown.
  14. 14. Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top corner inside.