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Become a YourSports Founding Fan


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Become a YourSports Founding Fan

  1. 1. Become  a  Founding  Fan  Help  us  build  Facebook  for  sports  
  2. 2. Why  Join?   Because  sports  conversa8ons               on  Facebook  and  Twi;er  suck         Sports  needs  its  own  2nd  screen:  a  newsfeed  built  just  for  the  real-­‐life  rela4onships,  conversa4ons,  and  mone8za8on  needs  of  sports  content.  
  3. 3. We’ve  built  that.  We’re  connec4ng  sports  fans  to  the  teams  they’ve  played  on,  to  the  trophies  they’ve  won,  to  their  favorite  sportswriters,  etc.        These  connec4ons  create  a  new  communica4ons  network  for  sports  content  to  flow  through—and  eventually  be  mone4zed.    
  4. 4. We  want  you  as  a  Founding  Fan   Founding  Fans  are  influen4al  early  adopters  who  sign  up  and  ac4vely  use  the  first  version  of  our  private  beta.  
  5. 5. #1:  Gain  lots  of  followers    As  a  Founding  Fan,  you’ll  get  a  head  start  on  acquiring  followers  on  YS.  Your  followers  receive  the  sports  content  you  share  in  their  newsfeed.  
  6. 6. #2:  Cross-­‐post  your  sports  content  Use  YourSports  to  easily  send  sports-­‐related  content  and  links  to  Facebook  and  TwiKer.  Watch  an  authen4c  conversa4on  take  shape  on  YS.  
  7. 7. #3:  Join  a  spam-­‐free  conversa8on  We’ve  injected  real-­‐life  sports  reputa4on  into  the  sports  conversa4on.  Irrelevant  usernames  are  replaced  with  sports  histories  and  +Fan  scores.  
  8. 8. #4:  Get  recognized  in  the  press  We’ll  highlight  our  Founding  Fans  once  the  blogosphere  starts  to  learn  more  about  YourSports  and  our  vision  for  the  sports  industry.  
  9. 9. #5:  Your  feedback  will  shape  YS  Your  ideas  for  new  features  and  suggested  improvements  will  likely  be  integrated  into  our  plaNorm.  Like  Facebook,  technology  is  at  our  core.    
  10. 10. Help  us  make  sports  truly  social