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  • Good write up. Fantasy sports has came a long ways, but the biggest evolution I seen in 2014 is this website provides leagues with a national ranking vs other leagues across the nation and across multiple hosting sites like espn, cbs, yahoo, etc... Now leagues find out just how good their team owners are and the best part is the entire league wins prizes together!
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Final ff

  1. 1. + A Look into the Social Media Aspects of By Caroline Early
  2. 2. + How it all began…
  3. 3. + History of Fantasy Football - Started in 1962 – Oakland - Originally was just something to bring fans and their money together to analyze the Oakland Raiders Football games - League consisted of 8 teams (members) then a commissioner and a secretary to handle the trading and money all on paper - Bull Tunnel (Raiders PR Representative) and Scotty Starline (Tribune Reporter) made the first unofficial rule book– which became the official rulebook for modern day Fantasy Football - An original member must either be: 1. An administrative affiliate of the AFL 2. A journalist with direct relation to pro football 3. Someone who has purchased or sold 10 season tickets for the Raiders 1963 season - In 1969– Fantasy Football went public in Kings X Sports Bar in Oakland - Kings X continues to be a Fantasy Headquarter today hosting 6 Live leagues and even a Queens Division (all women)
  4. 4. +Statistics of Fantasy Football...
  5. 5. + - Over 30 million online players - 6.5 million are women - On average, players spend $110 on their team a year - All online therefore you can play with complete strangers, or start a league on your own with your friends - More statistics
  6. 6. + An Abundance of Leagues…
  7. 7. + Pick „Em Leagues  This format is offered on all fantasy sites (yahoo, ESPN, AOL, Sandbox)  Easiest, least time consuming version of Fantasy  Traditional gambling sense, you just pick the team you think will win
  8. 8. + Salary Cap League Player acts as a virtual owner with a virtual bank account and receive point for individual athlete performance in game You have to keep up with trades and manage your team on a strict budget to try and build the best outcome for each match up on a weekend Yahoo! Offers this free, however it can reach up to $20 on Sandbox Average salary per week is $75 million (fake money)
  9. 9. + Full Fantasy Football  Most popular, most time consuming  Can be played head to head like pick‟em leagues, or like a salary cap league  Hosts a Draft – length and time to be decided by league officials  You chose who you want, has to fill certain position requirements, and you can also sign a number of your players up for multiple seasons, like a real manager  Free on Yahoo! But can get pricey on the other sites  Individual leagues set buy in prices
  10. 10. + It‟s life in the Groundswell
  11. 11. + An Overview… Compliments of
  12. 12. + More Overview… Google Trends mapped the past 90 days Only popular in areas where football is popular
  13. 13. + It‟s life on Yahoo!  Fantasy Football has brought more users to Yahoo! After Google had taken a lot of its popularity away  In 2006 it was revealed that "Fans spend more time on Yahoo! Sports than any other sports site" according to comScore Media Metrix  Yahoo! Competes for viewership and participation with ESPN and Sandbox, but has held a slight lead over both
  14. 14. + Life on Twitter… Fantasy Football has a very active life on Twitter. Players tweet about their games, but also @YahooFantasyFootball has a Twitter and tweets stats that could be used to change players rosters.
  15. 15. + Life on Facebook…  There is Fantasy 2012 app on Facebook that allows user to link their fantasy team from Yahoo to their Facebook  Players often leave messages to each other on Facebook
  16. 16. + Life on YouTube  Series of Videos being posted weekly for comedy purpose, but revolve around Fantasy Football.  People post videos of their own teams drafts  Commercials get posted to YouTube that also get displayed online about Fantasy Football  Even more topics about fantasy football
  17. 17. + It‟s expansion into the Groundswell according to Li and Bernoff…
  18. 18. + Listening and Talking  Yahoo! Does a great job of taking feedback from players over the years to build what Fantasy Football has become today  November 11, 2012 – Yahoo! Servers crashed and no one could access their Fantasy. Yahoo! Listened to everything players had to say and fixed the problem, and sent out an apology from Ken Fuchs (head of Yahoo! Sports)  Gives appropriate space to leave comments to Yahoo! About the Fantasy Leagues
  19. 19. + Energizing  Yahoo! Sports has outdone itself energizing it‟s Fantasy Leagues.  There are commercials during sports games, souvenirs you can buy about fantasy, they have opened in all gateways including a phone app  There hired “Fantasy Experts” to keep players informed who host blogs and keep stat books
  20. 20. + Supporting and Embracing  The support system is great because it allows so many avenues for players to communicate with one another  The embracements to allow players to build off of ideas and communicate right to Yahoo! Has been great because of all the blogs and open forums  It is really all online, and it‟s quick popularity and structure represents the strong presence it holds in the groundswell
  21. 21. + The Marketing Funnel  Fantasy Football became so popular because it used the simple marketing strategy of the funnel to jump into the online community
  22. 22. +Fantasy Football moves offline…
  23. 23. + The League FX Very popular TV show about a group of friends and their private Fantasy Football League Provides Accurate Description of life in a league
  24. 24. + Television Commercials
  25. 25. + Bibliography  Aliff, N. (n.d.). Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football. Retrieved November 21, 2012, from  Hunt, M. (n.d.). HowStuffWorks "Fantasy Football History". HowStuffWorks "Entertainment". Retrieved November 21, 2012, from football1.htm  Yahoo! Sports - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. (n.d.). Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved November 21, 2012, from