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Media Opportunities for Summer 2009

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  1. 1. delivers the Greatest Games in NCAA Football history and a sports targeted ad network targeted at Men ages 18-54 Summer 2009
  2. 2. About Us ROSE BOWLS. NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. THE GREATEST GAMES EVER PLAYED. BROADCAST EXCLUSIVELY ONLINE VIA THE YOURSPORTS NETWORK. TARGETING MEN AGES 18-54. SYNDICATED REGIONALLY. PROMOTED NATIONALLY. MASSIVE REACH. IT’S HULU FOR TIER 2 AND TIER 3 PREMIUM SPORTS CONTENT. ABOUT THE YOURSPORTS NETWORK YourSports is an online video network delivering full games and highlights to sports fans wherever they are on the web. Our content includes the greatest games in NCAA sports history, high school games, and user-generated programming. Fans vote for the games they want us to broadcast. Our Sports Ad network can deliver sponsors up to 100 Million targeted brand impressions every month.
  3. 3. Audience We Deliver WE EXCEL AT TARGETING 18-54 YEAR OLD MALE COLLEGE GRADUATES WITH HOUSEHOLD INCOMES EXCEEDING $75,000 WHO HAPPEN TO BE HUGE SPORTS FANS. AUDIENCE DEMOGRAPHICS THE ROI WE DELIVER SPONSORS: Age Occupation » Increased brand awareness and loyalty Under 18 24% Mgmt/Professional 43% 18-24 12% Technical 7% » New leads 25-44 37% Other Employed 12% » Guaranteed, massive audiences 45-54 14% Student 29% 55+ 13% Other 9% » Regional targeting with national reach Gender Income Male 79% Less than $35k 21% HOW WE DELIVER IT: Female 21% $35k-$49.9k 22% » Online video $50k or More 57% Education » Branded video players, a.k.a. viral widgets HS Attendee/Grad 20% College Attendee/Grad 80% » Branded video commercials Source: YourSports Internal Traffic Reporting, Newspaper Partner Network » Content found nowhere else on the web
  4. 4. Opportunity #1: Sports Display Ad Network 2 SPORTS CHANNELS STANDARD TARGETING OPTIONS Fans, News, & Gamers Channel 1. Specific Sites 2. Channel 125 Sites, 500M Impressions, 12M Unique’s 3. Day Part Online Newspapers Channel 4. Cities 48 Sites, 3.2M Impressions, 32k Unique’s 5. States 6. Age 7. Gender TARGETING PROGRAMS 8. Language 1) CPM 9. Browsers 2) CPA 10. ISP’s 3) CPC Ad Type Max File Size Unit File Types Max Animation Time Audio (IAB Standard) Flash Image Skyscraper 160 x 600 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 20KB 15 seconds No Leaderboard 728 x 90 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 20KB 15 seconds No Large Rectangle 300 x 250 .swf / .jpg / .gif 30KB 20KB 15 seconds No
  5. 5. Fans, News, & Gamers Channel Fans, News, and Gamers Channel (monthly metrics listed) 125 Sports Websites 500M Monthly Impressions 12M Monthly Unique Visitors 190M Impressions, 1.2M Unique Visitors 125M Impressions, 600k Unique Visitors 34M Impressions, 800k Unique Visitors 20M Impressions, 95k Unique Visitors 20M Impressions, 800k Unique Visitors 17M Impressions, 1.5M Unique Visitors 15M Impressions, 1.2M Unique Visitors 8.5M Impressions, 245k Unique Visitors 10M Impressions, 500k Unique Visitors
  6. 6. Online Newspaper Channel Online Newspaper Channel – Sports Sections (monthly metrics listed) 48 Online Newspapers 3.2M Monthly Impressions 300k Monthly Unique Visitors 700k Impressions, 35k Unique Visitors 700k Impressions, 97k Unique Visitors 200k Impressions, 10k Unique Visitors 150k Impressions, 35k Unique Visitors 150k Impressions, 9k Unique Visitors 180k Impressions, 9k Unique Visitors 100k Impressions, 25k Unique Visitors 79k Impressions, 8k Unique Visitors 34k Impressions, 4k Unique Visitors
  7. 7. Why Newspaper Websites? THE SPORTS PAGES ON LOCAL NEWSPAPER WEBSITES OWN the Local Sports audience • Newspaper websites are the # 1 destination for local sports news and information in 22 of the top 25 markets in the U.S.† • Sports sections on the top 100 newspaper websites in the U.S. attract over 27 million unique visitors each month—that’s more than the ESPN (21M) and Sports Illustrated (5M) websites combined!‡ • Sports sections on newspaper websites can deliver online video to massive audiences of local sports fans across regional and national markets 24/7 † comScore January 2008, National Newspaper Network LP ‡ Comscore Sept 2008
  9. 9. Regional Syndication, National Reach Our multi-game sponsorship campaigns are syndicated to local and regional markets nationwide, allowing YourSports to deliver up to 500 Million guaranteed impressions upfront—to over 12 Million Unique Visitors nationwide. # of Monthly brand impressions and unique visitors the Sports-sections on newspaper websites we can deliver 220K Unique Visitors 250K Unique Visitors 268K Unique Visitors 244K Unique Visitors 227K Unique Visitors 1.4M Brand Impressions 1.7M Brand Impressions 2.33M Brand Impressions 2.5M Brand Impressions 3.9M Brand Impressions 276K Unique Visitors 156K Unique Visitors 1.4M Brand Impressions 1.1M Brand Impressions 156K Unique Visitors 1.1M Brand Impressions 614K Unique Visitors 4.1M Brand Impressions 231K Unique Visitors 26M Unique Visitors 1.2M Brand Impressions 517k Unique Visitors 23M Brand Impressions 1.6M Brand Impressions 143K Unique Visitors 1.1M Brand Impressions 1.5M Unique Visitors 6.7M Brand Impressions 330K Unique Visitors 1.2M Unique Visitors 1.4M Brand Impressions 4.2M Brand Impressions 234K Unique Visitors 3.2M Brand Impressions 332K Unique Visitors 3.3M Brand Impressions 232K Unique Visitors 446K Unique Visitors 1.2M Brand Impressions 3.2M Brand Impressions 197K Unique Visitors 1M Brand Impressions 213K Unique Visitors 1.6M Brand Impressions Brand Impression = # video plays, branded widget views, and branded promo ad views on the Sports’sections of newspaper websites Sources: ComScore, National Newspaper Association, Internal Data
  10. 10. NCAA Greatest Games: Sponsorship Elements YOUR BRAND YOUR BRAND LOGO HERE LOGO HERE Chris Bryant YOUR BRAND LOGO (CLICK- THROUGH ENABLED) APPEARS HERE VIDEOS ARE CLICKED INTERACTIVE VIDEO PLAYER ON YOURSPORTS.COM YOUR BRAND MESSAGE HERE W/LEAD GENERATION LINKS YOUR BRAND MESSAGE HERE W/LEAD GENERATION LINKS enables fans to click on any object for contextual real-time information. It’s the intersection of editorial and video in a single SYNDICATED VIDEO PLAYER ALL GAME PLAYS experience. VideoClix® technology maximizes brand is sponsored by your brand. The include a 7 second presenting sponsor engagement and increases viewer retention. skinned player includes your custom mention, a :30 second mid-roll logo and a URL for direct response. commercial, and a :30 post-roll. YOUR BRAND LOGO HERE IN-BANNER PROMO VIDEOS are branded with your logo and placed on premium sports-targeted websites across the web to promote your sponsored campaign.
  11. 11. Case Study SUCCESS WITH THE SEATTLETIMES.COM In Oct ‘08, YourSports syndicated 6 high school football games onto the Sports-section of the Seattle Times’ website, generating phenomenal audience and engagement metrics. 30-DAY RESULTS # Games on 6 # Total Games Watched 4,527 # Promo Banner Ad Views 1,670,492 # YS-Branded Video Player Loads 397,201 # Minutes Watched per Game 6.72 % Viewers Watched Entire Games 6.06% # Total Viewing Hours 558 % Unique Viewers on High School Sports section of the Seattle Times' website site 1.6% clicking through to % Click-Through visitors from Seattle Times' website registering on 7.1% # TOTAL BRAND IMPRESSIONS 2,072,220 Sources Seattle Times Internal Metrics YourSports Internal Metrics
  12. 12. Our Vision EVERY GAME in NCAA and high school sports is broadcast online, on mobile phones, and on living room TV’s all across the U.S.
  13. 13. Buy Today! SIGN ON NOW AS THE EXCLUSIVE SPONSOR OF OUR PAC-10 NETWORK. This sponsorship opportunity begins August 15th (flight dates are flexible) ALSO AVAILABLE ARE CUSTOM AD NETWORK SPONSORSHIPS For rates & more information contact: Jim Burnette, National Sales Director M: 914.539.1555 COMING WINTER 2010: Historic Pac-10 and Big 12 Basketball campaigns