Dressing for success power point presentation


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Dressing for success power point presentation

  1. 1. Presented byYolanda Martin
  2. 2. Women  a dress with a jacket is Always wear a suit with a jacket; also acceptable – skirts at or below the knee Shoes with conservative heels and closed toes (open toes are casual or associated with social agendas) Conservative hosiery at or near skin color (and no runs) – Always wear stockings, no bare legs No purses – instead carry a small briefcase or portfolio If you wear nail polish, use a clear or conservative color Minimal use of makeup No more than one ring on each hand One set only of conservative earrings
  3. 3. Clothing Do’s for Women  Do wear clothes appropriate for the job Do wear clothes that are suitable for your physique or the shape of your body Do wear colors that accentuate your skin tone Do wear clothes that are clean, neat, and well- pressed Do wear clothes that you feel comfortable in
  4. 4. Clothing Don’ts for Women  Don’t wear clothes that are too tight Don’t wear sheer or see-through fabrics that reveal your bra or slip Don’t wear plunging necklines Don’t wear jewelry that dangles or sparkles Don’t wear shoes that are scuffed Don’t wear skirts that are too short; no splits higher than the knee, and no front-opening wrap skirts Don’t wear faddish clothes Don’t wear a coat shorter than your dress unless it is a ¾ coat (No sundresses) Don’t wear wrinkled, soiled, or defective clothes
  5. 5. Men a conservative pattern, Necktie should be silk with and be the correct length (bottom of your belt) Dark shoes (black lace-ups are best) Dark socks (black is best) Get a hair cut – short hair always fares best in interviews Beards and mustaches can be viewed as negative - make sure they are neat and trimmed No rings other than a wedding ring or class ring No earrings – if you normally wear them (or just one), remove them (it).
  6. 6. Clothing Do’s for Men  Do wear socks that blend with your slacks and shoes Do wear socks that cover the calf Do wear clothes that fit well, and that you are comfortable in Do wear clothes that are coordinated (If you are not sure they coordinate in color, style, fabric, and pattern, ask someone to help you) Do wear clothes that are clean, neat, and well- pressed
  7. 7. Clothing Don’ts for Men  Don’t wear slacks that are too long or short Don’t wear clothes that are soiled or defective Don’t wear loud, flashy clothes Don’t wear a tie that is too short or too long (The tip of the tie should end near the center of the belt buckle) Don’t wear clip-on ties – they are seldom the right length Don’t wear scuffed shoes or those with run-down heels Don’t wear clothes that are out of style Don’t wear too many patterns (It is difficult to coordinate several patterns in one outfit) Don’t wear neck chains unless you know definitively that they are acceptable by the company with which you are seeking employment
  8. 8. Dressing for Success Men & Women Conservative two-piece business suit (solid dark blue or grey is best, though some business cultures accept neutral colors – Pay special attention to the “FIT” Conservative long-sleeved shirt/blouse (white is best/pastel is next best) Clean, polished, conservative shoes – Some employers base a lot on the condition of your shoes. Well-groomed hair style Cleaned, trimmed fingernails Minimal cologne or perfume (If in doubt it is better to use no fragrance than too much) Empty pockets – no bulges or tinkling coins No gum or candy Light briefcase or portfolio and a good pen (not the chewed up BIC) No visible body piercings or tattoos