Professional Attire


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Professional Attire

  1. 1. Standard Suits (Men) Dark Grey Dark Navy Medium Grey
  2. 2. Correct Suit Jacket Length Suit jacket length is way too long Suit jacket should cover buttocks DO: DON’T: Too many buttons, opt for a 2- 3 button suit Jacket sleeve length should break at the wrist when arm is hanging down Allow ¼ - ½ “ of shirt cuff to show Jacket length should reach the tip of your thumb
  3. 3. Good quality silk tie in a conservative solid color Types of Ties Too bright Subtle color & pattern DO: DON’T: Ugly bold pattern Words Knit tie Subtle color & stripe Pictures
  4. 4. Tie Length Too is too long, going below the belt Bottom of tie should just cover your belt buckle DO: DON’T: Tie is way too short
  5. 5. Dark brown lace-ups or loafers Bucks Shoes (Men) Leather loafers w/ conservative buckle Black leather lace-ups DO: DON’T: Too Casual Too Casual
  6. 6. Interview Attire – Men (top) Hair should be short and styled neatly Collared white or blue button-down shirt Silk tie in a conservative pattern and color Face should be clean shaven Dark colored suit, preferably blue, black or charcoal grey
  7. 7. Interview Attire – Men (bottom) Dark leather belt Dark colored socks Pants fit just above the hips Pressed pants, preferably blue, black or charcoal grey Pant length near the heel Dark leather recently shined shoes
  8. 8. Standard Suits (Women) Grey pantsuit Dark navy pantsuit Black pantsuit Grey skirt suit Black skirt suit
  9. 9. Lightly Patterned / Stripped / Checkered Too bright Shirts (Women) Solid White Solid Light Blue DO: DON’T: Pattern too loud Short sleeve
  10. 10. Knee length skirt Slit too high Pants & Skirts (Women) Little or no cleavage Tailored pants DO: DON’T: Too much cleavage Skirt too short Borderline cleavage
  11. 11. Stilettos Dark colored leather pumps Shoes (Women) Open toe Heel height no higher than 3” Closed toe DO: DON’T: Stiletto heel Bright color Embellishment Heel height over 3” Strappy sandals Bright color Open toe Sandals
  12. 12. Neat, conservative hairstyle Conservative colored blouse Conservative watch Use minimal eye shadow, blush and lipstick for a natural look Dark colored suit Interview Attire – Women (top) Little to no cleavage Wear natural/clear or muted tone nail polish Fingernails shorter than 1/2 inch in length Little or conservative jewelry
  13. 13. Interview Attire – Women (bottom) Skirt length at or below knee Sheer/nude color hosiery Black leather pumps with heels no higher than 3” Skirt loose enough to sit comfortably
  14. 14. Lightly patterned button down Hoodie Business Casual - Top (Men) Polo shirt Short sleeve button down DO: DON’T: Tshirt Track jacket Button down Casual blazer Sweater
  15. 15. Shorts Business Casual - Bottom (Men) Dress pants Cotton pants DO: DON’T: Jeans Cargo pants Chinos / Khakis Suit pants Linen pants
  16. 16. Sheer blouse Business Casual - Top (Women) DO: DON’T: Tank top Tshirt Button down Printed shirt Sweater Cardigan Blazer Sleeveless blouse
  17. 17. Shorts Business Casual - Bottom (Women) Dress pants Cotton pants DO: DON’T: Jeans Cargo pants Chinos / Khakis Suit pants Linen pants Capri pants Printed pants Leggings