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An idea of Local-based service application on mobile. It's a chatroom service. People can create a topic of chatroom, and invite or wait for people who are interest in your topic and he/she is just on your side! This slide has been published in Startup Weekends Hsinchu.

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  • For Example, you want to share 20% discount with five clothes with anyone here in the department store. Or after you arrived at a basketball playground, but you can not join any team to play together.
  • LocalSocial is a Local-based chat system. You can discover friends who has the same interest with you on your side. Or You can share or get the local information here. Or you just want to chat with somebody near you for intimacy, and get connection.
  • There are some other chatting Apps. However, there don’t provide any function to find the people near the same place. If you have an activity in a specific place, It is difficult to recruit people nearby with the same interest to join the activity through those Apps. It is a great pity. And our big opportunity.
  • Active advertising : by our service, the store can actively provide shopping information to users near the store. Passive advertising : our plate form provide advertising service. Active Consumption : with the coupon provided by us, users can find people to do shopping in stores nearby them. App revenue : when user are upgraded into premium user, Apps produce stable revenue.
  • Localsocial

    1. 1. Local Social Connect your new friends by your side
    2. 2. LocalSocial Members Steve is product idea developer, combine team Members and contributed in product marketing. Team Leader - Steve YiChing focus on people social behavior, and design for good communicate experience interfaces. UI Designer - YiChing IChieh is excellent at IOS application development, and love to talk to everyone. Developer- IChieh
    3. 3. At the beginning, I want to tell a story
    4. 5. Survey <ul><li>Q: Are you timid to chat with stranger but you want to? </li></ul>YES 66.66% NO 33.33%
    5. 6. Do you have these problems in your life ?
    6. 7. After graduating from school, you don’t have opportunities to make new friends.
    7. 8. Your coworkers don ’ t have the same interest with you, and you don ’ t know who can share the joy together.
    8. 9. Or you really want to make friends with a cute girl / handsome boy who usually just passes by your side.
    9. 10. Even if there are many people walking on the street, you are too shy to buy him/her a drink.
    10. 11. LocalSocial will change your life !
    11. 12. What is LocalSocial ?
    12. 13. Discover hit topics people are gossiping around you Share the same experience with your new friend nearby Searching for friends with same interest Local Social makes neighbors intimacy
    13. 14. <ul><li>Discover new friends </li></ul><ul><li>Get local information </li></ul><ul><li>Connet your neighbors </li></ul>
    14. 15. Competitors Not Localized & No common attribute
    15. 16. Business model Active Consumption Active advertising App revenue User
    16. 17. Thank you