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Linkage Training                                                       2011 ScheduleParticipants receive:                 ...
Summits and Institutes   October 9–14, 2011 • Palm Desert, CA                                                             ...
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2011-2012 Linkage Programs And Events


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2011-2012 Linkage Programs And Events

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2011-2012 Linkage Programs And Events

  1. 1. Linkage Training 2011 ScheduleParticipants receive: Coaching Leaders Certification Program• Content from the latest research in OD, HR, leadership, and An advanced certification program designed to build on your current management coaching expertise while providing a range of new tools and methods— enabling you to coach at the senior levels of the organization.• Proven tools to increase your confidence level in specific skill- • September 20-22, Boston sets • October 25-27, Chicago• The opportunity to learn from Linkage’s team of experienced • December 6-8, Washington, D.C. consultants Linkage’s Leadership Institute• A collaborative learning environment with role playing, simu- lations, case studies, and action planning based on real-life An immersion program for high potential leaders that integrates the business challenges best learning methods employed by university executive education pro- grams and leadership academies to deliver accelerated growth. • August 16-19, Washington, D.C. • October 4-7, Atlanta Leading Organizational Transition: Train-The-Trainer Program Get Certified with Linkage’s Organizational Offered in exclusive partnership with William Bridges & Associates Development Certificate Program A program designed for professionals with a change management Receive best-in-class OD methodology, resources, and tools background that certifies them to deliver two skill-building work- that will help you impact business results. Based on your ca- shops: Managing Organizational Transition and Individual Transition in reer and development interests, select four courses from our Organizations based on William Bridges’ transition methodology. core and elective offerings to complete your Certificate. • September 13-15, Chicago Visit for complete details. • October 18-20, Boston • December 13-15, Atlanta Strategic Thinking Linkage was named a Top 20 Leadership Training Company by Training Industry in A program that will help you gain an understanding of the key compo- nents of strategic thinking using practical tools geared toward today’s 2009 and 2010. complex challenges. • October 25-26, Washington, D.C. • November 2-3, Chicago Visit for a full schedule of 2011 workshops.
  2. 2. Summits and Institutes October 9–14, 2011 • Palm Desert, CA May 21–23, 2012 • Orlando, FL In its 15th year, The Global Institute for Leadership Development (GILD) As the nation’s most respected diversity program, The Leading Diversity is a leadership development program that combines the depth of an Summit plays a critical role in creating and sustaining inclusive work immersion learning workshop, the reliability and prestige of a university environments. The program brings together a dedicated community of executive education program, and the pace and scale of a world-class top D&I practitioners and line leaders to exchange best practices and conference to provide accelerated, transformational leadership growth. strategies for success. November 14–16, 2011 • Chicago, IL May 15–17, 2012 • Chicago, IL The Women in Leadership Summit equips women leaders with the strate- The Organizational Development Summit addresses the OD practitioner’s gies and skills to catalyze change, accelerate development, gain vis- highest priorities and challenges with the latest and most pertinent ibility, and create sustainable operating results. The event boasts more tools and information from thought leaders, practitioners, and world- than 5,500 alumni and hundreds of world-class speakers. class keynote speakers. Linkage is a global organizational development company that specializes in leadership development. We provide clients around the globe with integrated solutions that include strategic consulting services, customized leadership development and training experiences, tailored assessment services, and benchmark research. Linkage’s mission is to connect high performing leaders and organi- zations to the futures they want to create. With a relentless commitment to learning, Linkage offers conferences, learning summits, open-enrollment workshops, and distance learning programs on leading-edge topics in leadership, management, human resources, and organizational development. More than 200,000 leaders and managers have attended Linkage programs since 1988.Linkage / Burlington, MA / 781.402.5555 / www.linkageinc.comAtLAntA Boston neW York sAn FrAncisco Athens BAngALore BrusseLs hAMiLton hong kong istAnBuL JohAnnesBurg kuALA LuMpur kuWAit citY Mexico citY roMe seouL shAnghAi singApore sYdneY ViLnius