Scholarship mentoring presentation[1]


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Scholarship mentoring presentation[1]

  1. 1. What is SM?Structured tutorial sessions for scholarship subjects,delivered using video conference (VC) and a learningmanagement system (LMS) – moodleA LMS is an online learning environment where yourteacher will post your work, forums, readings,practice papers etc.NOTE: Having internet access at home is highlyrecommended, but not necessary if you have accessto the internet at school.
  2. 2. When will SM tutorialshappen?Tutorials will take place over Terms 3 and 4.They will be held after school.
  3. 3. The aim of SM?To revise and extend student knowledge, skillsand understanding in each subject offeredbeyond Level 3 NCEA.
  4. 4. SM Subjects?AccountingAg/Hort ScienceClassical StudiesGraphicsPhysical EducationArt HistoryEconomicsChemistryGeographyJapaneseTechnologyFrenchAsk for anyother subjectHistory (EnglandOption & NZ)PhysicsBiologyEnglishStatistics &Modelling
  5. 5. Who should be enrolled?Students aiming at entering and sittingScholarship in a subject/s.Schools must actively screen enrolments inconsultations with subject teachers anddepartmental heads so that suitable candidatesare aware of the scope and purpose of SM.Approval of the enrolment must be authorised bythe school Principal.
  6. 6. Cost of SM?Each single SM course cost is $150.00Students will pay their own school who will beinvoiced by OtagoNet.
  7. 7. What will sessionsinvolve?Pre-delivery reading and familiarisation with subjectmaterial.Pre-lesson emailing or posting of material in the onlineenvironment (moodle).Mentor Lesson Planning45 minute video conference sessionFollow-up emailing or posting of material on moodleConsequent marking/assessing of work
  8. 8. When will SM happen?Video conferences will be timetabled with two taking placeevery day.The VCs will normally last 45 minutes and take placebetween 3.20pm and 4.05pm AND 4.10pm and 4.55pm(unless indicated otherwise).Students are responsible for connecting to the class at thecorrect time.Classes commence in second week of Term 3 (8th August)and run during the schools terms until the middle ofNovember.
  9. 9. Student support for SMThe home school will provide support for studentsinvolved in SM:Assist with training students in using the VCequipment and connecting to the MOE bridge.Collect enrolment fee and authorise and support thestudent’s enrolment.FarNet e-Principal will assist with coordinating theenrolments
  10. 10. If you are interested ….Collect an INFORMATION LETTER andAPPLICATION FORM from the Student CentreReturn the APPLICATION FORM and $150 (persubject) to your e-Dean by Week 8 – Term 2