Template for e-learning End of Year Report


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Template for e-learning End of Year Report

  1. 1. END OF YEAR REPORT – September 2013 Name: Adam Paterson School: Orewa College Subject: Level 3 Accounting e-Teacher: Carolyn Alexander-Bennett – Orewa College Level 3 Accounting develops the skills and knowledge learnt in Levels 1 and 2, and applies those skills and knowledge in the context of partnerships and company business structures. There are now six achievement standards, three internal and three externals. Students in this online class are expected to attend a weekly video conference class. Regular communications between students and their teacher are vital in an online environment and students are encouraged to engage with their teacher and other students through a range of web tools. Attendance in video conference class Has attended all available VC classes Has attended most VC classes Attendance in VC classes Requires Attention X Engagement in online Moodle class and online environment Is engaged in the online classroom and environment Has had initial difficulties in engaging in the online classroom and environment Engagement in online classroom Requires Attention X Set Tasks & Activities completed to date Has completed all set activities and tasks Has completed most set activities and tasks Completion of set work Requires Attention X Communication Keeps regular communication with teacher Communicates with teacher and other students Communication Requires Attention X Standards Achieved or Currently Working On Standard Title Level Credits Grade AS 91404 (3.1) Demonstrate understanding of accounting concepts for a NZ entity - EXT 3 4 W AS 90405 (3.2) Demonstrate understanding of accounting for partnerships - INT 3 4 E AS 90406 (3.3) Demonstrate understanding of company financial statement preparation - EXT 3 5 T3 AS 90407 (3.4) Prepare a report for an external user that interprets the annual report of a NZ reporting entity - INT 3 5 T3 AS 90408 (3.5) Demonstrate understanding of management accounting to inform decision-making - EXT 3 4 W AS 90409 (3.6) Demonstrate understanding of a job cost subsystem for an entity – INT 3 4 T3 AS= Achievement Standard US= Unit Standard Int= Internally Assessed Ext= Externally Assessed T3= Term 3 W = Working on NYA= Not yet Assessed N= Not Achieved A= Achieved M= Merit E= Excellence
  2. 2. Any external standards assessed are only summative and as a result of practice exams. E-Teacher’s Comment In preparation for the external examinations at the end of the year, Adam will be sitting a practice exam for AS91404 and AS91408 at the end of Term 2 and I will then be able to report the results. Adam did very well in the first internal, passing AS91405 with an Excellence grade and he will be sitting the second internal, AS91409 early Term 3. The final internal, AS91407 will be worked on throughout Term 3, which will leave Term 4 to concentrate on preparation for external examinations. Adam keeps in regular contact with me and always completes his set work in a timely manner. What improvements can be made: It would be beneficial for Adam to go onto the tki website, www.tki.org.nz and nzqa website, www.nzqa.govt.nz to access past exam papers in preparation for the external examinations and start his study programme now. He knows what old standards relate to the new standards introduced this year and has a study guide to assist in his studies. I will be holding a “study day” on Friday, 16th August at Selwyn College which would be hugely beneficial if Adam could attend, and hopefully his school will be able to arrange the travel. There is also a free workshop being held at the University of Waikato in late August to support students entering for Level 3 and Scholarship Accounting which I would like Adam to consider attending. I am available for an interview at any time throughout the year. I can be contacted through phone, video conference, skype or email E-Dean’s Comment Comment on where the student is at: What improvements can be made: Contact Details: Carolyn Alexander-Bennett – carolyn.bennett@farnet.schoolzone.net.nz - Skype: carolynbennett2 - Cellphone: 021 474 889 2