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Water Hackathon at a Glance


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Water Hackathon at a Glance

  1. 1. Water Hackathon At a Glance
  2. 2. Water Hackathon Toppers
  3. 3. Addoten Give Me Shelter (Disaster) Don’t Risk It (Disaster) An app to provide a wholesome solution. The team designed an app with a suite of services catering to three different types of needs in three different situations. The app contains geo-mapping, warning, instructional messaging and survey modules for pre, post and during disaster circumstances. Disaster Affected People, Volunteers Disaster Mitigation
  4. 4. Addoten Disaster Mitigation
  5. 5. BUET Bijoux WASH IT (WASH) NUTRITION MATTERS (Health) A survey app designed for the health workers to ask closed ended questions to rural people. This is a survey app that not only can ask questions but also can provide instructional messages according to the answers provided. The messages can be pictorial. WASH & Health Health Workers > Rural People Onabil (Pleasant) Knock
  6. 6. BUET Bijoux Onabil (Pleasant) Knock
  7. 7. BUET Cacophonous Where’s the Problem? (WASH) Help is on the Way (WASH) An application for citizens to report the problems around them. The reports will go to the proper authority where the problems will be presented on a dashboard. The proper authority will take action to SOLVE the problem and the system will automatically notify the users about it. Give the citizens the actual power of crowd sourcing. Citizen Authority Help is onthe Way WASH & Health
  8. 8. BUET Cacophonous Help is onthe Way
  9. 9. Circle Don’t Risk it (Disaster) This app functions by mapping out high-risk areas for disaster damage (flood, cyclones, earthquakes). It shows GIS Map of disaster protection services to general citizens - Nearby Shelters, centered according to user’s position. Their aim is to use statistics to map disaster prone areas to enforce infrastructure building guideline. This app will help the government by providing real time data about disasters and their condition. General citizen, Service provider (to update content) Red Signal Disaster
  10. 10. Circle Red Signal
  11. 11. GS Titans Nutrition Matters (Health) This app aims to solve the problem with babies born under weight due to the lack of nutrition. This app sends information to user - Health Tips, Reminder and Alerts. It also takes user/mothers feedback and archive them. To help children in rural areas with poor water, hygiene and sanitation, who are more likely to suffer from illness and malnutrition . Parents, Governments, General Citizen Nutri Health
  12. 12. GS Titans Nutri
  13. 13. Lifeparticle Help Is On The Way (WASH) This is app is a complain management system that will work beside the existing SMS and missed call based complain management system that is in place. This app will help the user track a problem from inception till the point of its solution. It can be used by the complainer as well as the manager responsible for mitigation. WASA End User/Client, Job Candidate,, WASA Support Manager, WASA Planning Division, WASA Human Resource Division Dhaka WASA Help WASH
  14. 14. Lifeparticle DhakaWASA Help
  15. 15. LightBeam Hard-to-reach (WASH) Using this app fieldworker identifies the villages requirement and upload it. Govt. Engineer gets the information and authenticates. The app has the option to identify an area between three categories as low, medium and high. It also provides option to escalate the service. The team is planning to make an interface. They also aim to use same system for other issues like medicine , foods and Educational purpose additionally. Fild Worker , General Citizen HtR WASH
  16. 16. LightBeam HtR
  17. 17. J2ME LollypopLab Help Is On The Way (WASH) This crowd-sourced app enables user to report problems. It integrates service map for precise reports. User can check status of the report through the app. WASA authority will get a smart administration system to maintain the whole procedure. e.g. Work distribution, Instant feedback. This app is powered by an A.I. engine for Data Analysis with automated suggestion system which is scalable to Big Data. User, Authority Help is onthe Way WASH
  18. 18. LollypopLab Help is onthe Way
  19. 19. NerdCats Missed Connections (WASH) What’s In Your Well (WASH) MC - This app lets user search & find WASA connections in map, report suspicious connections and update existing connection’s geo location. It also provide option to call local WASA office WIYW - This app helps search & find tube wells near the user, register tube wells, request testing. It also lets user call nearest service centers for queries MC - WASA Field Worker & general citizen WIYW - NGO Worker & Authority MissedConnection &What’s in yourWell(2 apps) WASH
  20. 20. NerdCats Missed Connection
  21. 21. NerdCats What’s inyourWell
  22. 22. Pixelizard Wash Marketing ( WASH) Little Doctor (Health WASH) This app uses 3D role playing game technology to make WASH marketing convenient. User goes through a WASH marketer’s business cycle. This app is an augmented reality learning tool for children. It makes boring text books interesting. Little Bob is a 3d character who grows up if you give him healthy food. General Citizens specially Children 3dWashMarket, Aug Book, Lil Bob (3apps) WASH & Health
  23. 23. Pixelizard 3d RPG -Wash Market
  24. 24. Pixelizard Little Bob
  25. 25. RegExp Count Me In (Health) This app help detect rapid out burst of diseases and coordinates medical assistance for Health workers working in rural areas. This simple note taking app uses geo-coordinates to assimilate data and provide suggestion to the next health-worker visiting that same area. This app synchronizes multiple organization interventions in grass-root level. Health workers, Citizens, DGHS Shasthokormi'rNote Khata Health
  26. 26. RegExp Shasthokormi'rNoteKhata
  27. 27. RITL Nutrition Matters (Health) This app is a good example of best use of data. This app collects data from user on a child’s physical attributes and uses these measurements to predict growth. This app then provides suggestions on exercise and food habit to help the growth of that child. On the background the app archives these data and places the on a map according to geo-coordinates for the Policy Makers to make informed health policies. General citizen, Health workers, policy makers Khabar’ta Key Health
  28. 28. RITL Khabar’ta Key
  29. 29. Shockwave Riders Getting to the Source In this informative app, user can view information on different diseases. Make special requests to experts in case of unsatisfactory information. Experts can send reply back to the enquirer as well. A central database records the number of people affected by different diseases in different areas within the country which is used for data representation. Citizen, Doctor, Health worker, DGHS Disease Info WASH & Health
  30. 30. Shockwave Riders Disease Info
  31. 31. UIU Myrmidons DNA (Disaster) This app collects post disaster quality data within short time. It mitigates cases of delay in response. It enables user to collect and send data quickly to the central office. Using this app field workers collect data from the affected area. By GPS tracking this app can monitor the field workers. It can also auto generate the reports. NGO field workers Disaster Track Disaster
  32. 32. UIU Myrmidons Disaster Track
  33. 33. UIU Someone Nutrition Matters (Health) Give Me Shelter (Disaster) Weather Warning (Disaster) The app helps general citizens search for nearest shelters. It enables active condition reporting, government notice alert and real time update. The game funami throws multiple types of food at the gamer and the gamer needs to touch only the nutritious ones. In a fun way this game teaches health care. The app Pushti, provides nutrition information. General Citizens and Children Pushti, Ashroy & Funami (2 apps, 1 Game) Disaster & Health
  34. 34. UIU Someone Ashroy
  35. 35. UIU Someone Pushti
  36. 36. UIU Someone Funami