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  1. 1. Everyday, thousands of patients arrive at Emergency Room facilities allacross the U.S. without any form of personal identification …other thanthat which might reside on their smartphone.One of the first things a medical professional will do is attempt toidentify you and contact family members. If your smartphone is“locked,” there is no way for your first responders to identify you, makefamily contact, or learn anything about your health history. Informationas basic as whether or not you are allergic to penicillin or have apacemaker is impossible for them to ascertain.In an emergency, Alert.MD allows medical professionals to have access to your contacts and medical information directly from your locked mobile device.
  2. 2. Did You Know?It takes an average of 6 hours to notify next of kin thattheir family member is in the hospital. (IOM,2011)There are between 50-100k deaths due to medical errorsper year (Society of Actuaries, 2000)Medication errors cost insurers and health care providers in thenation up to $77 billion each year. (IOM, 2006)
  3. 3. Step One: The SolutionSign up for free via our website orapplication. Input your emergency Step Three:contacts and medical information such In the event of an emergency anas allergies medication, medical approved medical provider willconditions, and insurance. enter that number into our Step Two: website and have access to your Alert.MD then provides you with emergency contacts and medical a unique ID number that you information instantly. place on your screensaver of your mobile device.
  4. 4. Applications Screenshots
  5. 5. Provider Web View of a Member Profile
  6. 6. Our Customer Patients Medical Professionals PayersOur primary target market is Medical providers need to increase Ultimately the biggest financialany person with a smart phone productivity, reduce costs and better engage beneficiary of Alert.MD will bein the U.S., or an estimated 137 patients in 2013 and beyond. Alert.MD the payers, because Alert.MDmillion people in 2013. We are provides a convenient, easy to use life saving lowers the total cost of healthall patients and any person with platform that providers will want to use to care. Alert.MD eliminatesa Smartphone is a prospective reduce frustrations and streamline their waste and inefficiency, reducessubscriber. trauma response. medical mistakes and errors, and promotes wellness and the timely sharing of patient health information.
  7. 7. The Market SizeTop Down Stats• Mobile Healthcare and medical App downloads will reach 44 million in 2012, Rising to 142 Million in 2016 (Juniper 2012)• 84% of doctors use tablets – 74% iPad, 10% other (MobiHealthNews, April 2012)• The number of hospitals using health information technology has more than doubled in the last two years (HHS, 2012)• McKinsey projects opportunities in global mHealth to be $60 billion
  8. 8. How We Make MoneyDirect Sales Collaboration Hospitals Physicians PracticesSubscriptions Ambulance Companies Fire Departments Insurance Paramedics EHR vendors CompaniesHealth InformationExchange Nonprofit OrganizationData Analytics Clinical Trials
  9. 9. What Have We Accomplished? • We have a working web site with database backend. • We have released our first mobile app for the iPhoneMilestones • Currently patent pending in the U.S. Reached • Featured in a recent article published by Smart Phone Health Care titled “Five Essential Apps for Medical Emergencies” Up and • Near Field Communication Coming • EMR Integration • Patient Engagement Features Features
  10. 10. The Alert.MD Team Crystal Ice Dale Taylor M.D. Steven Spencer Turner Dean Jeffrey IceChief Executive Chief Medical Chief Technology VP of Business Technology Officer Officer Officer Development & Advisor Strategy
  11. 11. Contact Info Crystal Ice,