mHealth and IHS RPMS-EHR Discussion


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A discussion of mHealth trends and demonstration of the custom built, open source iRPMS iPhone app which integrates fully with the RPMS-EHR

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mHealth and IHS RPMS-EHR Discussion

  1. 1. A Discussion on mHealth and RPMS Jack L. Shaffer, Jr. CIO – Community Health Network of West Virginia
  2. 2. A word about The Community Health Network of West Virginia• The Network is a tax-exempt, non-profit health center-controlled West Virginia corporation – formed in 2000.• The Network is primarily an application service provider (ASP) delivering centralized practice management, electronic medical records (EMR), and technology services for its members.• The nineteen Network member health center organizations collectively provide services to over 120,000 patients in 32 of West Virginia’s 55 counties each year, with 78 delivery sites and nearly 400,000 patient encounters annually.• Our member health centers provided over $40 million in health care services last year, with 70% of this care to Medicare, Medicaid and uninsured patients.
  3. 3. Advantages of Wireless Broadband• More cost effective – Fiber costs $30,000 per mile on average – A cell tower costs $250,000 on average • Covers an area approximately 30 miles • That’s $30K versus $8K per mile – Easier to reach rural residents – Devices are less expensive • Average PC is $1000 - iPhone is $299• Mobility / Flexibility• Ease of use• New applications and diversity
  4. 4. CTIA / Harris Poll on Mobile Health (mHealth)• National study conducted October 2009 on behalf of CTIA wireless association – 78% expressed interest in mHealth – 40% think it would supplement medical care they receive – 68% strongly agree it will allow for more home based care – 23% believe mHealth might replace doctor visits all together – 51% believe those in rural areas have most to gain – 48% believe those with chronic diseases will benefit most – Full survey:
  5. 5. Mobile Platforms Driving 3g/4gWe’ve Reached the Tipping PointMuch in the same way that PC’s and relatedapplications drove wired broadband, mobileplatforms and apps are driving carriersto expand speed and coverage of 3g/4gIn an industry in disruption (*hint – healthcare isin a disruption) mobile apps are quicker to marketand can adapt faster than traditional apps
  6. 6. Patient Communications• NCQA – National Committee on Quality Assurance (Patient Centered Medical Home) – The practice uses electronic communication to communicate with patients/families and other care providers • Provide patients/families with access to interactive web site – Request appointments by reviewing clinicians schedules – Request referrals – Request test results – Request prescription refills – See elements of their medical record – Import elements of their medical record into a personal health record
  7. 7. Patient Communications• Meaningful Use – – Engage patients and families - • 2011 – Provide patients with an electronic copy of their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, allergies) upon request. • 2011 – Provide patients with timely electronic access to their health information (including lab results, problem list, medication lists, allergies) • 2013 – Access for all patients to PHR populated in real time with health data • 2013 – Upload data from home monitoring device – Improve care coordination – • 2011 – Capability to exchange key clinical information (e.g. problem list, medication list, allergies, test results), among providers of care and patient authorized entities electronically
  8. 8. mHealth Points-• Mobile platforms and mobile internet will replace current wired/PC model • It’s how you will reach the patient in the future• Health IT is focusing on the provider in EHR solution• Apps are currently disconnected between provider and patient • We need to integrate them
  9. 9. Introducing theiRPMS beta
  10. 10. iRPMS-EHR
  11. 11. Thank you!!(Questions)