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194th Wing Phoenix Guardian


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Catch up with what is happening in the 194th Wing!

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194th Wing Phoenix Guardian

  1. 1. Page 1 194 WG Jan—Mar 2014 PHOENIX GUARDIAN Hometown Heroes Recognizing Airmen Who Have Deployed Special points of interest:  Air Guard members on duty for the Seahawks Homecoming  10 things you should know about the new Air Force Inspection System  194th WG highlights from 2013  CAUTION! Social media  Take the 194 WG UEI Survey! Inside this issue: Next opportunity to get an official photo 2 National Guard Day at the State Capitol 2 ed by several of the Wing’s Chief Master Sergeants and First Sergeants dressed up in white dinner jackets. It was the first annual Warrior Dinner. Col. Jill Lannan, WG/CC, said that she got the idea for the dinner from another Wing and suggested it to Above: Col Lannan recognizes MSgt Richard Nash 194th CMSgt Max and his family during the Hometown Heroes ceremoTidwell. Lannan ny on 12 Jan. Below right: Baby Kennedy Harney, daughter of MSgt Stephen Harney, attended both the said that it’s a Warrior Dinner and the Hometown Heroes ceremony. good way to express appreciation to those who have January UTA was all about recogniz- deployed. CMSgt Gregory Gessell of the 262nd NWS got to work ing Citizen Airmen who have deplanning, and the Chiefs and ployed in recent years. First Sergeants from across the Wing came together to make the When Wing members and their evening a success. The Chiefs families arrived at VFW Post 91 in served the dinner. VFW Post 91 Tacoma on 11 Jan, they were greet- The 111th Air Support Operations Squadron recently returned from a six-month deployment in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. At a re-deployment ceremony at December UTA, Brig. Gen. John Tuohy, Assistant Adjutant General for Air, said, “They’re heroes, and today is all about recognizing and rewarding them.” He cited their outstanding work providing support for 8,000 combat troops. Be careful when you use 3 social media! 4 Key facts and contacts for the Air Force Inspection System 5 Seahawks Homecoming 5 The weekend culminated in a Hometown Heroes Ceremony at the Evergreen Theater on JBLM. Around 200 Airmen were recognized for their service in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere since 2009. Among the awards, CMSgt Gessell was awarded the Bronze Star for his exceptional service as an Engineering Installation Program Manager at Kandahar Air Field in Afghanistan in 2012.   111th ASOS recognized for service in Afghanistan Key accomplishments of 3 the 194th WG in the 2013 Note from our Wing IG hosted the dinner and prepared the food. Lannan acknowledged MSgt Elmer Clark, retired from the 194th and a member of Post 91, who worked in the kitchen. Lt. Col. Lonnie Pierce kisses his wife and presents a red rose at a redeployment ceremony on 8 Dec. 2013. Lt. Col. Lonnie Pierce was awarded the Bronze Star for his excellent work (cont. on page 2)
  2. 2. Page 2 Do you have a story that you would like to see in the Phoenix Guardian? Send an email to: Next Official Photo Shoot: 5 April Wing Conf Rm (Bldg 109) 0900-1000 Just walk-in, no appointment necessary! 194th Wing Upcoming 2014 UTAs : 5-6 Apr 3-4 May 7-8 Jun 12-13 Jul 2-3 Aug 6-7 Sep 5-6 Oct 2-3 Nov 7-8 Dec The Washington State Capitol in Olympia 111th ASOS recognized, cont’d (cont. from page 1) commanding the 25 members of the 111th. He commended his Airmen for providing aid to Afghan families, visiting injured children in hospitals, and donating school supplies to Afghan students. Pierce said that other commanders who worked with the 111th were impressed by its members and “have a solid respect for the Washington Air National Guard.” Col. Jill Lannan recognized four wives of 111th members for organizing the family readiness group. Lt. Col. Pierce also thanked the families, saying that their sacrifices “empowered those who deployed to do some great, great work.” He said that care packages were “a much bigger deal than I realized at first.” While some care package items were humorous and others were nice to have, the bags of coffee from home were “mission essential.” This little girl is glad to have her dad home! National Guard honored at State Capitol in the area of cybersecurity. Gen. handouts, and other Daugherty spoke, and legislators exhibits. watched a video of news clips Later in the mornfeaturing the Guard. ing, the House and Senate convened Gen. Daugherty also recognized and honored the SMSgt Mark Soulier (194 MSG/ Washington NationLRF), MSgt Charles Ansell al Guard. The Hon(WADS/Canadian), SSgt Justin or Guard performed Fajardo (111th ASOS), and SrA the opening flag Jesse Clifford for their service in ceremony in the Gov. Jay Inslee addresses state legislators and citizen House of Represent- the Air National Guard Honor Soldiers and Airmen on 31 Jan Guard, and he recognized TSgt atives, and. Air Jason Harper (262nd NWS) as the Guard Chaplain 194th Wing’s Top Honor Guard It was the Friday before Super Capt. Scott Wilson gave the invoBowl XLVIII. 31 Jan was also cation. Legislators spoke about the member.   National Guard Day at the Washimportance of the ington State Capitol in Olympia. National Guard in Speaking at a lunch with Air and protecting WashingArmy Guard members and legislaton State and preservtors, Governor Jay Inslee said that ing freedom for the there were two teams for the state country. The Nationto celebrate: the Seahawks and the al Guard Association National Guard Team. sponsored a wellattended lunch in the The day began with a coffee recepCapitol’s Columbia tion in the Senate Rules Room. Room. In his reLegislators talked with Air and marks, Governor Army Guard members before Inslee commended heading off to committee meetBrig. Gen. Bret D. ings. In the Capitol rotunda, Daugherty, Adjutant Guard units staffed tables with General of Washingphoto displays, informational ton, for his leadership Recognition for the Washington National Guard Honor Guard
  3. 3. Page 3 Year in Review: The 194 WG in 2013    194 WG Change of Command: Col. Brian Dravis hands over the Wing to Col. Jill Lannan. Maj Gen Gary T. Magonigle applauds at left. Here are some of the accomplishments of the 194th Wing last year:      valued over $500K+; additionally, all critical material equipment enabled 10 projects to be mission ready 60 days ahead schedule Leaning forward: sought out cutting-edge missions/ transformations; aggressively positioned Wing to lead in kinetic/non-kinetic ops, resulting in 1st ANG Wing to receive cyber ISR mission, cyber "Hunter" mission approvals; forging new ground and still pressing for more First in USAF: pioneered cyber ISR proof-of-concept; produced 1/3 of nationallevel discoveries fully sup- Directed approximately 217 Engineering Installation  troop movements over 7  countries supporting 21 bases Coordinated AOR communication infrastructure and subsystem installations with $162 million in new information systems Engineered and installed cross-runway fiber which  enabled AEW/CC #1 communication priority to be accomplished - Aerostat C4I system which extended threat detection over 20 miles from previous abilities. Single POC for Kandahar AB, Regional Command South and Southwest responsible for 33 EI troops/6 Army, completing 22 communication projects valued over $2.3 million, include highprofile Technical Control Facility resulting in 18% communication increase throughout Regional South and Southwest Redeployed three bases of communication equipment Operations at Evergreen Ember, August 2013 porting HAF/A2's #1 priority Excelled at Air Force Space Command's first-ever Guardian Challenge; placed #1 in Search and Destroy; Team Chief invited back as judge Hand-picked to augment Air Mobility Command RODEO's marksman event; outstanding service which netted several recognition coins and Letters of Appreciation from AMC/CC Deployed 24 ASOC members in support of over 85,000 coalition forces; over 13,000 successful CAS missions executed, decorations included 1 Bronze Star Medal; 7 Meritorious Service Medals; 7 Air Force Commendations; 3 Air Force Achievements; 1 Joint Service Commendation Provided critical input to continued development of Air Support Operations Command Training Simulator System which set the standard for Air Combat Command fully consolidating SIM requirements across Air Support Operations Group; perfected future plan for $375,000 ASOC/JTAC Simulator Building CAUTION! Social Media Social media has its place, and the Washington Air National Guard is increasingly turning to social media to tell its story. But recent negative press about military members who posted inappropriate photos on social media sites like prompted the Kentucky Air National Guard to share a list of “Social Media Tips.” Here are some of them:  Once it’s out there, it’s there forever  No classified information  Replace error with fact, not argument  Avoid the offensive  Don’t violate copyright  Don’t misuse trademarks  Don’t violate privacy  Don’t use the Air Force name to endorse or promote products, political positions or religious ideologies  No impersonations  Be cautious with the information you share  Don’t promote yourself for personal or financial gain
  4. 4. Page 4 10 Things You Should Know About the New Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) Reference AFI 90-201, Air Force Inspection System, dated 02 Aug 13 1. Director of the Air National Guard (DANG) emphasis – “one inspection, one standard, measured by the AFIS” 2. AFIS ‐ “the biggest cultural shift in decades” (CSAF). Empowers Commanders (CC) with responsibility to inspect compliance, readiness, economy, efficiency, effectiveness and discipline within their wings 3. Commander’s Inspection Program (CCIP) enables the wing to assess risk, identify areas for improvement, determine root causes and focus limited resources IAW the CC’s priorities 4. Wing Inspection Team (WIT) – conducts inspections by CC authority Wing/IG direction 5. Unit Effectiveness Inspection (UEI) is a continual evaluation to validate and verify (Val/Ver) a Wing’s CCIP for accuracy, adequacy and relevance, and to provide an independent assessment of the Wing’s resource management, leadership, process improvement efforts and ability to execute the mission. Intended to help the CC understand the areas of greatest risk from undetected non‐compliance 6. UEI culminates in a Capstone event with Val/Ver of Wing’s CCIP through Airmen‐To‐IG‐Sessions, task evals, audits and observations with wing effectiveness graded in 4 Major Graded Areas (MGAs): 1. Managing Resources (25%) 2. Leading People (25%) 3. Improving the Unit (25%) 4. Executing the Mission (25%) 7. Objectives: UEI readiness = mission readiness; minimize inspection footprints; eliminate “inspection preparation” 8. AFIS ‐ rewards CC and individual airman for self identification of non‐compliance 9. It’s all new; help make AFIS a success in the ANG 10. Your 194 WG/IG team is: Lt Col Stephen Scott Lt Col Ron Jimerson Maj Tareca Carpenter 1Lt Tyler Smith WIT IG 370-3231 IGI 370-3230 SAPM 370-3228 370-3229 Drill Status Full-time Full-time Full-time
  5. 5. 194th Wing Inspector General Office Page 5 Please take a moment to complete the UEI Survey Spouses can complete this survey too! The survey only takes about 20 minutes to complete and it’s linked here. *The survey closes on 1 Jun, so please complete before then! This year the 194th Wing created its first, very own, Inspector General (IG) Office. The two primary missions of the office are Wing Inspections under the new Air Force Inspection System (AFIS) and the Complaint Resolutions program which includes oversight of the Fraud, Waste, and Abuse reporting program. The IG Team is led by Lt Col Stephen Scott (194thWG/IG) with Lt Col Ronald Jimerson(194th WG/IGI) as Director of Inspections. Maj Tareca Carpenter leads the Self-Assessment Management Program. Maj Jason Baldy is in charge of Inspection Plans and 1Lt Tyler Smith manages the Wing Inspection Team (WIT). For more information about AFIS, see page 4. You can also contact the IG staff or visit the 194th IG SharePoint: 194 WG/PA 109 Engineer Drive Camp Murray, WA 98430-5035 DSN: 370.3460/Comm: 253.512.3485 DSN: 370-3390/Comm Fax: 253-512-3485 E-mail: L to R: SrA Brant Shaw, 116 ASOS; Coach Pete Carroll; SrA Jeff Bailey, 116th ASOS after riding in the Guard Humvee at the Seahawks Homecoming Parade 12th Man Duty at the Seahawks Victory Parade troop carriers (LMTV’s), Light Armored Humvees, and Citizen Soldiers and Airmen. SMSgt Wayne E. Kimball of the194th MSG Logistics Readiness Flight at the Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade held in Seattle on 5 Feb 2014 Of the 60 plus Washington National Guard members who supported the Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade on 5 Feb, 20 were Airmen. On Monday, 3 Feb, the call went out to the Air National Guard’s 194th Wing and its subordinate units, along with the Army National Guard, two days before the parade was to take place. The Washington National Guard provided Army 5 ton Light Medium Tactical Guard members escorted Seattle Seahawks players, along with Head Coach Pete Carroll and his staff, General Manager Paul Schneider and owner Paul Allen along with various state politicians such as Gov. Jay Inslee, Sen. Maria Cantwell, King County Executive Dow Constantine, Seattle Mayor Ed Murray and other VIPs, down the 4th Avenue parade route. SMSgt Wayne Kimball, Vehicle Fleet Manager for the 194th Logistics Readiness Flight got the call on Monday. He met with his Army Guard counterpart to go over the equipment needed to execute the mission. SMSgt Kimball said “it was a once in a lifetime experience. We don’t do this for the accolades. We do it to get the trucks out.” SrA Shane Vanbuskirk also volunteered for the parade, riding shotgun as Truck Commander in one of the LMTVs. He was responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the troop carrier passengers, along with being safety spotting through tens of thousands of people along the parade route. “It was an awesome opportunity,” said SrA Vanbuskirk. “I had a great time.”