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Leon’s Story


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Published in: Education
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Leon’s Story

  1. 1. Leon’s Story . This book is an autobiography about Leon Walter Tillage. Presentation by Jenna Weiner.
  2. 2. Timeline 4. If Leon’s son were to ask him a question now, Leon would explain it to him with the best of his ability unlike Leon’s parents did when Leon had a question as a kid. This is courageous because Leon is changing the ways of his family. He does this because he doesn’t want his son to go through what he went through. 5.On the way to school the bus would pass Leon’s house every morning. The white kids would get out of the bus and beat the black kids up. One morning Leon didn’t run away when the bus was about to pass. He did this because Mr. Clark told him not to run and since Mr. Clark was there when the bus passed, the white kids didn’t beat the black kids up. This is courageous because Leon does something, even though he is afraid to.
  3. 3. Timeline cont. 6. At a store called Five-and-Dime, there is a counter that sold food and it was for whites only. Leon asked a white boy that was about his age to buy him a soda with money that Leon would give him, but he wasn’t allowed. Leon did this because he thought that it was more special getting soda from a place that doesn’t let you, then at a place that does let you. This was courageous because Leon was breaking the rules that he thought were unfair. 7. Leon and his family had a plan and hiding spots for when the Klansmen came. The plan was that Leon’s dad and sometimes grandpa would sit on the roof of their house and if they saw the Klansmen coming, then they would pound on the roof 3 times and everyone would go to their hiding spots. This is courageous because Leon was doing something that the Klansmen wouldn’t expect.
  4. 4. Timeline cont. 8. When Leon’s father died, Leon was very sad. He was the first one to be at his father’s side in the middle of the street where he got run over. This is courageous because Leon is very sad but he is still doing the right thing. 9. Once Leon worked for a white man, unloading trucks. Leon was waiting in the truck while the white man was in a beer tavern. Leon’s boss and other white men came out of the tavern with dogs so Leon locked the door of the truck. Leon did this because he was scared that the dogs were going to hurt him. This is courageous because Leon could have gotten in trouble.
  5. 5. Timeline cont. 10. Leon walked in a march for black rights and got hit by eggs and other gross stuff, beaten, chased, attacked by dogs, and hosed, but kept on going. He wanted to have rights, but his friends and relatives would always say that he would never be able to do anything in life such as walk in the front door of a drugstore and live in a beautiful house next to a white man. This is courageous because he is trying to prove his relatives and friends wrong. 11. Leon took any job that he could get even if it was only for a little period of time to support himself. This is courageous because he was not embarrassed by the fact that he had to work for that. He did this because he needed money and that was the way to get it. (The book did not have examples of jobs.)
  6. 6. Respectful- Green <ul><li>Leon Walter Tillage is respectful. I know this because in Leon’s Story whoever Leon would talk to, he would say “Yes, sir” or “Yes, ma’am.” Another way Leon is respectful is that if somebody tells him to do something, he does it and does not talk back. An example of that is when he was waiting for the bus to pass once, Mr. Clark told him not to run when the bus passes, but to stay and Leon stayed. Being respectful is a very important character trait because being respectful is nice and when you are nice to other people then usually other people are nice to you. </li></ul>
  7. 7. Determined- Red <ul><li>Leon Walter Tillage is determined. I know this because when he was a kid, he worked odd jobs such as at the tobacco market or at a restaurant in the kitchen or the rear. He did this to make extra money. This shows determination because Leon is determined to make money even if he has to work at crazy jobs. </li></ul>
  8. 8. Courageous- Red <ul><li>Leon Walter Tillage is courageous. I know this because he walked in marches for black rights. During those marches people who were against black rights threw disgusting stuff at him, beat him, let dogs out at him, and hosed him but he still kept on walking and fighting through it. </li></ul>
  9. 9. Room Design Whites and blacks are allowed in and are treated equally! The room that Leon would like the best would be a movie theater where black people and white people would be treated equally. I chose a movie theater because he always went to the movies as a kid and he loved it but he would always have to sit in the balconies and have food thrown at him all because he was black. If there was a movie theater where blacks and whites were treated equally then Leon would enjoy it even more.
  10. 10. The Dog Survivor Award If I had to choose an award that I would give to Leon Walter Tillage, I would give him The Dog Survivor Award. I chose that award because twice in the book, Leon’s Story , Leon mentioned times when he survived dogs. One time when Leon survived dogs is when he was near the pick-up truck on his job, working for a white man and he got attacked by dogs. Another time that Leon survived dogs is when he marched in marches for black rights and policemen who had dogs with them would be standing shoulder to shoulder across the street, blocking the black people from passing. That is why I would choose to give Leon Walter Tillage The Dog Survivor Award.
  11. 11. Tillage Lane I chose this as the restaurant name because instead of taking you on a trip down memory lane it will take you on a trip down Tillage lane. Appetizers Bread - Made from the wheat that Leon’s family grew when they were sharecropping for the Johnsons. Collard Greens - Collard greens that represent the ones that Leon’s Mom made for the Johnsons. Cornbread - The cornbread that Leon’s Mom made for their family. Entrées Pasta - Made from the wheat that Leon’s family grew when they were sharecropping. Pot Likker Soup- Soup made from the juice of the collard greens that Leon’s mom would make. Dumplings - The dumplings that Leon’s Mom made for their family. Desserts Alfalfa Cake - a vanilla cake with green frosting, three leaves, and clusters of small purple flowers. It represents the alfalfa that Leon and his family grew while they were sharecropping. Sugarcane Sweets - a bowl of a variety of candies made from the stems of sugarcane. Beverages Soda - The same kind of soda that Leon would get at Five-and-Dime. Beer - Beer from the tavern that Leon’s boss was in. When he came out, Leon got attacked by dogs.
  12. 12. Musical Introduction *Only listen to the first two minutes of the song. To listen to the song, click the link that is highlighted in red.* If I had to choose a song that would represent Leon Walter Tillage’s life, I would choose the song, It’s Because I’m Black by Syl Johnson. I would choose this song because in the song it is saying how Syl Johnson is black and how something is holding him back and he thinks that it is because he’s black. Even though he’s in this situation he tries to do his best to fix it. Leon is similar to Syl Johnson because Leon is black and Leon also knows that something was holding him back in life, but he still tries to do anything he can to fix it. YouTube - Syl Johnson - Is it because i'm black?