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The village voice allie

  1. 1. The Village VoiceThursday, February 28, 1848 Allie, LA7Tucket’s Gold Comancheros TroubleBy Gary Paulsen By Allie I. What a long journey! Francis, ayoung man, is searching for his parents. The Comancheros were aHe was adopted, but his adoptive dad violent group of bandits thatdied of cholera, a terrible disease from terrorized the settlers heading west.drinking contaminated water. After their While Francis, Lottie, and Billy are ondad caught this disease, the entire wagon their quest, they are trying to avoidcaravan left Francis and his family the Comancheros the whole time.behind. Now, Francis not only has to take They do a very good job at avoidingcare of himself, but he also has to take them, but instead get a surprise fromcare of his siblings, Lottie, 9, and Billy, 6, Courtweiler and Dubs, two menwhile on this journey. During their Francis had previously run into beforejourney to find Francis’ biological he met Lottie and Billy, and they tookparents who are somewhere on the everything Francis had. This time, heOregon Trail, many good and bad things had Francis tied up while talking tohappen to the bunch. One of which being him and Lottie. During this time BillyFrancis is bitten by a snake, but then was on a hike, looking for some food,saved by the townspeople of a nearby and could be back at any time. Whenpeople. They find six horses in the desert Billy came back no one saw him untiland they even find silver and gold bars! he hit Courtweiler and Dubs withThe story ends with Francis and his arrows. They both died and then Billysiblings a couple miles away from the started crying because he felt so bad.Oregon Trail, which is where they hope tofind Francis’ parents.Today’s Weather: Sunny and dry5% chance of rainHigh: 105°F Low: 90°F
  2. 2. Francis the Fabulous Allie’s Book NookBy Allie I. By Allie I. Francis, a fifteen-year-old boy, is Tucket’s Gold by Gary Paulsen- I lovedin search of his biological parents. After this adventurous book. I liked how ithis adoptive father dies of Cholera, he explained, in detail, their differentmust take very good care of his younger adventures through out their quest forsiblings, Lottie and Billy during their Francis’ parents.adventure. He protects Lottie and Billyvery well. He makes them shoes, he digsin the dirt for water, and he goes hunting Allie’s Advicefor food so that they can eat every night.He also finds six horse tied to a post, and Dear Allie,they ride them the rest of the journey so You probably don’t know metheir feet don’t hurt! He is an amazing because I don’t live in the village, but myolder brother! name is Lottie. I am nine years old. My brother’s name is Billy and he is six. We also have another brother named Francis who is fifteen and he also takes care of us.Obituaries He was bitten by a snake and has been asleep for about a week and a half. I’mJohnny Tucket- He was the beloved getting really worried. What if he’s dead?father of Francis, Lottie, and Billy. What am I going to do about Billy? WhatJohnny sadly died of a terribly disease am I going to do for myself? I don’t knowcalled Cholera. He was loving father who how to take care of us. Please help!will be sadly missed. From,Courtweiler- died at the hands of seven- Lottieyear-old Billy, who shot him with a bowand arrow, while defending his older Dear Lottie,brother, Francis, who was about to be Don’t be worried. Our village ismurdered. known for what great caretakers we have. They will keep him safe. You should go out and play with the other little girls inWalt’s Wagon our village just to get your mind off of“Is your wagon broken, don’t worry any longer.” things until he wakes up. I hope to see youCome see us on Main Street around the village.We’ll fix your wagon in a flash! From,HELP WANTED AllieSarah’s Sewing ShopLooking for ladies who will help withmaking hats, socks, and general sewingneeds. Come visit our shop, next to theSaloon.
  3. 3. Word Jumble Adopt a PetDirections: Unscramble the letters in eachline to uncover words.Lalgvie _______Ravnaac _ _ _ _ _ _ _Lasono ______ Bright Star “Starry”- Starry is aTblaess _______ five-month-old, light brown horse. She loves children andAnswers are at the bottom of the page. loves jumping over three-foot hoops. She is healthy and u-to- date on all of her shots. She must be groomed every day. If you would like to adopt Bright Star,Comic Strip- please visit our store next to the saloon.“I Love You, Chippers!”   caravan, Lasono - saloon, Tblaess - stables Answers: Lalgvie - village, Ravnaac –