EyeforTravel - Travel Distribution Summit N.America 2009


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How to Cut Costs and Grow
Profits in the Changing World
of Online Travel


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EyeforTravel - Travel Distribution Summit N.America 2009

  1. 1. SAVE $3 Travel Distribution 0 on your 0 Summit N. America 2009 Confere nce Pas s! September 16-17, The Westin, Michigan Avenue, Chicago Re gister before July 3 How to Cut Costs and Grow Profits in the Changing World of Online Travel ORGANIZED seize opportunities, Create innovative BY: Campaigns and steal Market share north America’s key networking event for online senior speakers from the travel suppliers and distributors. Meet and do world’s biggest travel brands business with 700+ of your potential customers and partners in just 2 days! • Latest Distribution Trends: What’s new when it comes to managing your channels, evaluating ROI and achieving significant Matthew Crummack, SVP Lodging, Scott Hyden, President, cost reduction? expedia sTA Travel • Customer Behavior: What can you do differently to engage potential customers? • Consolidation & Convergence: As major players attack one another’s space, who will win? And how do you profit? Virginia Suliman, VP Web Design & Cory Garner, Director of Merchandising • Airline Focus: How are the GDSs adapting to the new fare structures Development, Hilton Hotels corporation Strategy, American Airlines – and how are the airlines looking to boost their ancillary revenues? • Direct vs Indirect Distribution: Who’s got more leverage now, suppliers or OTAs? • Search Engine Marketing: What simple changes can you make to Chris Amenichi, Sr. Director International Glenn Fogel, EVP Corporate eCommerce and Distribution Planning, Development, Priceline.com increase conversion rates? continental Airlines • Social Media & Trip Planning Tools: Can you demonstrate the ROI and tangible benefits to key stakeholders? • Holistic Distribution: What are the practicalities of broadcasting a consistent message across all channels to Tammy Peter, VP Channel Management, Noreen Courtney-Wilds, VP Sales, maximize sales and minimize costs? Wyndham Hotel group Jetblue Airlines • Vacation Rentals: Can you cash in on a booming sector? SPONSORS Ted Souder, Head of Travel – Central Jeff Davidoff, CMO, Region, google orbitz Worldwide OnE PASS GIVES YOu unLIMITED ACCESS TO 3 COnFEREnCES TRAvel DisTRibuTioN summiT ReveNue mANAgemeNT AND PRiciNg mobile sTRATegies foR TRAvel
  2. 2. Reinventing your Revenue Management Strategies: How can US travel businesses profit from the worst recession since The Great Depression? Reserve your place at the Conference On the contrary. Effective RM processes Beyond discounts: What are the smartest that shows you how to help your business can still make all the difference to your Revenue Managers doing – and should you survive – and thrive – during the economic organization’s bottom line – and perhaps now, be concerned? crisis… and prepare for the green shoots of a bigger difference ever. When you come to check out the Conference recovery Agenda you’ll see that as well as evaluating the The fact is, you need to give direction not 2009 will go down as the year that Revenue take direction. To positively impact revenue, value of opaque pricing you’ll also be able to Managers in travel industry firms across you need to know how to convince senior fully investigate alternatives to discounting. America realized their forecasts based on management to adopt new, and perhaps In particular, we’ll focus on stealing market historical data were no longer worth the paper even initially unpopular strategies. And this share. After all, since demand has plummeted, they were printed on. Conference will give you the ammunition you one of the few ways left to grow your business So what now? The name of the game is need to do just that. is to capture business from your rivals. Solely reinvention. Quietly yet confidently, a small by discounting? That’s great for customers, but For example, the issue of whether or not to percentage of travel Revenue Managers are what about your brand? discount is becoming increasingly contentious switching strategies. By thinking differently Find out how to communicate the true value as the weeks go past. Should you continue – and acting differently – they are turning of your products and services. And how to to cut your rates? What are the alternatives? economic challenge into brilliant opportunity. improve customer relationships… boost How much is at risk if you make the wrong It makes the timing of this year’s Revenue choice? And is it fair to say that today’s short- loyalty initiatives… improve direct marketing Management and Pricing in Travel USA term decision will affect your organization’s revenues… and not even think about cutting Conference better than ever before. Because profitability for years to come? back on service. this year, our mission is to show you how to: None of the above can be achieved effectively This is the one proven event in America where • Adapt fast to today’s enormously tough without optimizing cost centers and profits – you’re guaranteed expert answers to these and business climate making RM an operational imperative. other equally pertinent questions. • Get ready for the economic upturn – and It’s all knowledge and market intelligence you have your own RM Recovery Plan waiting in We’ll demonstrate what the travel leaders are cannot afford to ignore. Otherwise, it’s YOUR the wings doing to quickly change strategies and policies market share that Revenue Managers will be to reflect current conditions. Come and find chasing. Make sure you understand why Revenue out which channels and demand segments Managers can be more valuable now than This event will sell out. Immediate booking are performing better than average… what ever before is strongly recommended. We look that implies about current sales targets and Quite simply, the value of Revenue Managers pricing… and how to zone in on specific forward to seeing you in does not need to plummet during hard times. marketing programs that deliver top results. Chicago, 16 – 17 September 2009. One Pass Gives You Access to Three Co-Located Conferences Choose from over twenty in-depth sessions and network with a wide variety of senior travel executives across three tracks: Distribution, Revenue Management and Mobile Technology DAY 1 DAY 2 Networking Cocktail Party 5-7pm at the close of day one TRAvEl REvEnuE MobilE TRAvEl REvEnuE MobilE disTRibuTion MAnAgEMEnT sTRATEgiEs disTRibuTion MAnAgEMEnT sTRATEgiEs suMMiT & pRiCing foR TRAvEl suMMiT & pRiCing foR TRAvEl supplier & Ota adapting rm in mobile in travel: keynote: mobile relations the Current What’s the Hype meta-search transaction payments all about? the Evolution of rm Economy MORNING keeping Your MORNING industry analysis Case studies: innovations in Customers through market share vs Experiments in mobile search mobile profitbility ancillary revenue monetizing Online integrating rm and initial trials and integrate mobile Future Developments Customer-Centric into Your systems programs Distribution rm & loyalty LU N C H B R E A K LU N C H B R E A K social media mobile for search, a Holistic approach to Where does mobile Fit marketing and independant Hotels marketing and into Distribution pricing Distribution AFTERNOON AFTERNOON analysis trip planning tools merchandising alternative lodging Find, train and retain through mobile Content Options Forecasting that sells revenue managers the mobile Channel airlines: GDss and ancillary revenue travel products that new technology for sell via mobile travel Distribution This is a visual representation and is not a timed agenda Register now Online at: www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa
  3. 3. “An unparalleled and forward-looking educational experience; extraor Chair: Susan Black, President, Susan Black • What opportunities does the downturn present session Four: presentations & panel Consulting – and how do you capitalize? Diane Clarkson, Travel Industry Analyst, what Role and value do Trip planning day one: Forrester Research Tools provide in the Customer Travel september 16, 9am – 7pm Mark Mahaney, Director, Internet Research, Cycle? Citigroup Investment Research • What type of online trip planning tools exist? session 1: presentations & panel And how can you utilize them? presentation The distribution landscape: who’s • Discover how trip planning tools support Running the show now – suppliers Maximizing and Monetizing your online sharing, collaboration and the use of social or oTAs? programs media • Given the recession and changes in customer • Maximize the performance of your paid search • How do these tools work with travel suppliers, behavior, who’s got more leverage now - and SEO programs by conquering seasonality agencies and websites? intermediaries or suppliers? Who will win? and restructuring campaigns • How can offline distribution take advantage of And why? • Monetize your online elements – from photo and consumers using online trip planning and trip • How can suppliers lessen their dependence on video assets to mash-up applications inspiration services? OTAs by optimizing their websites and building • Eliminate budget waste by successfully John Peters, CEO, Tripology a robust direct online distribution strategy? geo- and re-targeting your ideal customer Gregg Brockway, CEO, TripIt • Why do customers frequently prefer a supplier’s • Learn which onsite elements are worthwhile, direct website over an OTA? What are the pre and which will not recoup your investment Networking Coffee Break and post-booking customer benefits? • Determine how to stretch your budget to session Five: presentations & panel • Why are opaque channels, such as Priceline secure and build your brand strength and Hotwire, thriving? What is their unique value Ashwini Karandikar, VP Client Services, Range Airlines, gdss & Ancillary Revenue proposition for suppliers and consumers? Online Media • How are the OTAs and GDSs accommodating • How come Expedia’s earnings have fallen from airlines as they continue to drive ancillary $51 million to $39 million? Why does one OTA Roundtable Lunch Break succeed over another? How will the balance of revenues? Are the GDSs actually capable power shift over the next 12 months? And how of unbundling? session three: presentations & panel long will the Big Four last? • Is GDS technology flexible enough for complex • What new tools and services are the OTAs how Can you deploy social Media to fare structures like those of Air Canada? And about to launch to capture market share? improve distribution? are fare-families here to stay? • When Priceline dropped their air fees, their airline • How do travel suppliers harness the breadth of • How can your ancillary revenue program benefit business soared, prompting Expedia, Travelocity social networks? Is it about brand building? Or your direct distribution strategy? and Orbitz to follow suit. How do the OTAs are measurable transactions more important? • Merchandising and upselling via a GDS: What rationalize this decision? And what impact is this • Do people really use social networks to improve new opportunities are in the pipeline? strategy having on suppliers’ direct channels? their travel planning? How can travel players • What new technology developments are poised • Will the major OTAs’ decision to cut fees and insert themselves into conversations without to facilitate ancillary revenue in the leisure and refund promotions pay off? Or are they risking turning off potential customers? corporate environment? profitability in a futile attempt to steal market • What are the benefits of Twitter over Facebook? • Now the OTAs have cut their fees, how else can share? What’s the most powerful way to use Twitter to they generate revenues? Jeff Davidoff, CMO, Orbitz promote marketing messages and build brand • How can you track and measure your ancillary Matthew Crummack, SVP Lodging, Expedia identity? revenue strategy? Julie Atkinson, Sr. Director Global Online Sales • Is 2009 the Year of Twitter? What are the rules • Settlement of ancillary revenues: How can the and Distribution, Starwood Hotels & Resorts of engagement? How do you attract followers? fee collection process be simplified? Worldwide How do you identify the right topics to cover and create a two-way dialogue? Cory Garner, Director of Merchandising Strategy, Networking Coffee Break American Airlines • How can you use differences in behavioral patterns to customize social media campaigns, Kyle Moore, VP Air and Ground Content and session two: presentations & panel and reach specific segments at optimal times? Shopping, Sabre Travel network • How can you manage TripAdvisor to your Chris Amenichi, Sr. Director International Expert industry Analysis: how to eCommerce and Distribution Planning, advantage? And what new tools are available, survive the Recession and position Continental Airlines especially for independent hotels? yourself for future success • How can you demonstrate the ROI and tangible • Hear the latest news on key economic trends benefits of social media marketing to key • Survive or thrive: Understanding value in this stakeholders? OPEnTRAVEL PRE-COnfEREnCE new economy • TripAdvisor, Kayak, Travelpost… Who’s best WORkShOP • How is the economy affecting travelers’ attitudes positioned to win big in exploiting social media? and behaviors? How can you benefit? September 15, The Westin, Chicago And will the advertising model supersede the • Where does travelers’ brand loyalty fit into this transactional model? Followed by The Pre-Conference Drinks new economy? Scott Hyden, President, STA Travel Reception in the exhibition hall, sponsored by • How well is the online channel delivering on the Roseanne Landay, Director of Strategy and OpenTravel www.opentravel.org customer experience? Business Development, Pleasant Holidays More information about this workshop will be • Are the OTA fee cuts likely to prove a short-term Anil Aggarwal, CEO, MileStone Internet announced shortly strategy or a permanent fixture? Marketing • Consolidation: Why is it now a time for *There will be an additional charge for this event Virginia Suliman, VP Web Design and consolidation in the travel industry? Development, Hilton Hotels Corporation “The event was current, insightful and very informative, plus it w
  4. 4. rdinary networking and a great use of my time” Chris Shaver, BookingWiz.com day Two: • How do consumers benefit from vertical then translate this uniqueness into all your search rather than general search? marketing messages? september 17, 9am – 4pm Noreen Courtney-Wilds, VP Sales, JetBlue • How can travel content converge to provide a Airlines better service to consumers? keynote presentation: Sam Shank, CEO, Dealbase • The demographic of online travellers is Expert insight on Crucial distribution Tammy Peter, VP Channel Management, becoming increasingly diverse. How can Trends Wyndham Hotel Group you ensure your web marketing engages all potential customers? • Will the traditional online travel transaction Networking Coffee Break revenue model wither away? With self- • Get a complete view into self-service imposed transaction fee cuts on the one hand, functionality and enhanced customer service session seven: presentations & panel and suppliers wanting to cut commissions delivery across all self-service channels: on the other, can the OTA transaction model innovations in search: how is online Mobile, Kiosk & Web survive long-term? And does this shift provide Travel Evolving to Meet the demands • How can individual technologies come opportunities for smaller firms to better of increasingly sophisticated web together to improve your business? compete against the giants? users? • Is online advertising failing? Does today’s • How should online travel companies • How can you build a keyword list that’s based customer respond to advertising or will social position themselves to take maximum on consumer behaviour and purchasing habits media replace traditional marketing? advantage of rocketing social media – and accurately measure ROI? • Standardization: Which tools will help you usage? Traditional travel agencies used to overcome obstacles currently inhibiting the • EyeforTravel research shows the number of be the information gate-keepers. Then OTAs aggregation of content, and streamline the keywords used in the travel search phrase displaced them. And now, social networks are transaction process? is increasing – sometimes to five words or bypassing OTAs to deliver travel information Paula Twidale, EVP, Collette Vacations more. How can you embrace this opportunity peer-to-peer. How do you provide value in a and provide more relevant ads for long tail Doug Miller, VP Global Media, Expedia way that can actually be monetized? keywords? Jan Wood, Travel Industry Consultant Business • Travel information overload is becoming • What really impacts how Google sees your Consultant, Teradata Corporation the norm – potentially making it harder for customers to plan and purchase travel. site; Maps, videos, mash-up applications, Sharon McAuliffe, Sr. Director E-Commerce, How do you ensure authentic reviews? keyword-rich content, inbound links, Aston Hotels & Resorts Who will be the winners in sorting, filtering, UGC, long-tail content…? Which of these components will make your SEO strategy Networking Coffee Break and ranking the information to guide customers through data overload? more successful? And how do you monetize these various online elements? session nine: presentations & panel • Radical changes: Is this the right moment? In the travel business, is it better for a • How do you engage customers on your vacation Rental Market: Can you Cash company to pull back during recessionary websites for the best conversion rates? in on a booming sector? times or to boldly move forward? Is now • What do travel companies need to do now to • What key factors are driving – and inhibiting the time to take risks? If not now, when? prepare for the Semantic Web? How does your growth – in the vacation rental market? Glenn Fogel, EVP Corporate Development, website need to change to ensure optimized • How are stay restrictions responding to Priceline.com results in semantic search? economic factors and changes in customer • Mobile search: How is search evolving for the booking patterns? session six: presentations & panel mobile channel? How does mobile search • How can OTAs and airlines partner with how to Take Advantage of Travel differ from internet search? vacation rental distributors? Comparison sites: optimizing Meta- • Search and the Geospacial Web: How many • Tips on aggregating content across owners search in your distribution strategy people now search by maps as opposed and appealing to an online audience to text? Which travel products are right for • Even with 40 million searches a month, can • Who has ownership of the booking and geosearch? Kayak continue to dominate? Does their payment processes? How can you make this business model need to change? Ted Souder, Head of Travel – Central Region, more efficient? Google • What are the benefits for suppliers of meta- • How can the vacation rental industry use Anne Payne, CEO, BeDynamic search? How can you maintain control over your social media to grow their business? inventory and lower your distribution costs? Yen Lee, President, uptake • Who rents properties? Who’s looking for a • How much business is actually generated by Roundtable Lunch Break rental? And how do you profit from a better sites like Kayak? What’s the potential share understanding of the marketplace? for this type of traffic given the low level of session Eight: presentations & panel Kate Burda, VP Sales, Extended Stay Hotels consumer awareness? The holistic Approach: how do you Jessica Kornacki, VP Marketing, endless • What’s the real cost of meta-search Vacation Rentals transactions for suppliers? And what about deliver a Consistent Message Across all your Channels, Maximize sales and Bob Barnes, CEO, Zonder the risk that they deliver a distorted picture? Cut Costs? Carl Shepherd, Co Founder and Chief Strategy • TripAdvisor versus Kayak in terms of brand, traffic, search and technology: What are • Practical advice on measuring your and Development Officer, HomeAway the strengths and vulnerabilities of the two performance across all distribution channels companies? How are they encroaching on one and ensuring all parts of your marketing another’s space? Who’s most likely to win? campaign are delivering a return on investment • Are suppliers correct to be worried about • How do you avoid commoditization, commoditization? Can the meta-search sites differentiate your products and brands, identify overcome this with rich media and UGC? your strengths and selling points – and was very well organized and executed” Stuart Cerullo, Wyndham Worldwide
  5. 5. Register on the Secure Website at www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa Travel Distribution Summit N. America 2009 september 16-17, The westin, Michigan Avenue, Chicago SAVE $3 on your 0 0 Confere 3 Conferences - 80 Senior Speakers - 700+ Attendees nce Pas Re s! gister before July 3 see what your peers said REGISTER NOW! about our 2008 event: how To REgisTER GrOup DisCOunts: For more details on group discounts please call Sinead Mallon at “It is great to see group genius Email: helen@eyefortravel.com with your full +44 (0) 207 375 7228 or email sinead@eyefortravel.com at work- a collaboration of travel contact details and we will process your HOtEl DisCOunts: registration professionals to benefit the We have arranged a special discounted room rate at The Westin. future of our industry” OnlinE: Go to www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa and Reservation details will be sent to you when you register. submit your details for instant confirmation. nO risk rEGistratiOns: Jacki marks, Director of Pricing and Inventory, You can pay directly on the secure site or If your diary changes DON’T WORRY! We accept cancellations Funjet Vacations request an invoice. up until Friday 14th August and a full refund will be given prior to this date. (With the exception of non-refundable bronze passes) Fax: +44 (0) 207 375 7576 – UK Credit card registrations are subject to a 10% cancellation fee and “It was the perfect opportunity Call: Sinead on +44 (0) 207 375 7228 – UK cancellations must be received in writing. to keep abreast of current trends. It also provides the chance supEr ValuE! One PASS GiVeS yOu ACCeSS TO ALL 3 COnferenCeS to network with fellow Please tick the package price box you require below: Register before July 3 Register before Aug 7 Normal Price SAVE $300 SAVE $100 RM professionals across a GOLD PASS variety of hospitality industries” • North American Online Travel Market Report Dan skodol, Director of Revenue Management, (worth $995 if purchased separately) $2365 $2565 $2665 Trump Entertainment Resorts • 2 Day Conference Pass • CD-Rom of the conference (audio and presentations) “Once again EFT has put SiLVer PASS together a diverse list of topics • 2 Day Conference Pass $1495 $1695 $1795 that are relevant to the travel • CD-Rom of the conference (with presentations and an audio stream) industry which provided value to all participants” BrOnze PASS (fLexiBLe) Ben Druce, Director of Revenue & Pricing, WestJet $1295 $1495 $1595 • 2 Day Conference Pass “It was great to hear and see the BrOnze PASS (nOn-refunDABLe) • 2 Day Conference Pass $1195 $1395 $1495 vision of Revenue Management from industry experts” One DAy PASS $895 sarah Bergeron, Regional Director of Revenue • Valid for either day Management, Intrawest Corp Block letters please Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First name: Last name: Buy a GOlD pass to get the north Company: Position/Title: american Online travel report 2009 Telephone: Fax: This report is perfect for those who value stats, and want Email: to understand how North American travel consumers are Address: currently behaving and what changes are expected in the next few years. It’s packed full of in-depth original data Zipcode: and detailed analysis, identifying trends within the airline, Country: hotel, car rental, cruise, rail, bus, package and online intermediary sectors. Plus, it includes very clear insights Payment: into travel distribution trends within the domestic and I enclose a check/draft for: $_________________ (payable to First Conferences Ltd) outbound travel segments. Please invoice my company: $_________________ Purchase Order No.:____________________ NB: Full paymeNt must Be received BeFore the eveNt Please charge my credit card: $________________ AMEX Visa Mastercard © Copyright 2009 First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel reserves the right to make changes to the programme prior to the event. All rights reserved. Credit card number: Security code: Expiry Date: www.firstconf.com/firstconf/legal_notice.html This document contains original material which is protected by copyright. No unauthorised use of the material herein Name on card: Signature: may be made without the prior consent of First Conferences Ltd. EyeforTravel is a proprietary creation and trademark of First Conferences Ltd. Register Soon to Benefit from Early-Bird Discounts!
  6. 6. Travel Distribution Summit N. America 2009 SAVE $3 september 16-17, The westin, Michigan Avenue, Chicago 0 on your 0 Confere nce Pas Re s! AMPLE OPPORTUNITY WHO YOU WILL MEET gister before July 3 TO NETWORK WITH THE 39% Hotel / Resort/ Accommodation Provider 25% Online Travel Agencies BEST IN THE INDUSTRY Below is a detailed breakdown16% Technology/ Marketing Solution Providers of last year’s attendees 17% Other suppliers (Cruise, Car, Airlines) Travel distribution is based on partnerships and at this event deals are initiated, refreshed and 2008 ATTEndEEs by sEnioRiTy3% Press, Academics, Consultants most importantly sealed. We know how important your time is, which is why we have specifically designed this event to allow you to meet your 39% Hotel / Resort/ Accommodation Provider fellow delegates and start talking. These include: 25% Online Travel Agencies 16% Technology/ Marketing Solution Providers ONLINE NETWORKING CENTER - For two 17% Other suppliers (Cruise, Car, Airlines) weeks leading up to the event, you can network 39% Hotel / Resort/ Accommodation Provider 3% Press, Academics, Consultants online with fellow delegates with our purpose built 25% Online Travel Agencies 16% Technology/ Marketing Solution Providers messaging service. Arrange meetings and avoid 17% Other suppliers (Cruise, Car, Airlines) missing those crucial contacts 39% Hotel /Academics, Consultants Provider 3% Press, Resort/ Accommodation 25% Online Travel Agencies PRE-CONFERENCE RECEPTION – Pick 16% Technology/ Marketing Solution Providers up your badge, catch up with old friends and 2008Other suppliers (Cruise, Car, Airlines)CoMpAny TypE 17% ATTEndEEs by avoid the morning rush before heading out for 3% Press, Academics, Consultants the evening 40% Director NETWORKING DRINKS PARTY - At the end 24% VP of an information-packed first day this informal 17% Manager reception is the perfect opportunity for you to 14% CEO/MD/President meet your fellow attendees, see the products on 5% EVP/SVP offer and discuss the issues that have been raised 40% Director 24% VP 40% Director 17% Manager 24% VP OVER 80 EXPERT SPEAKERS INCLUDING: 14% CEO/MD/President 5% EVP/SVP 40% Director 17% Manager 24% VP 14% CEO/MD/President Travel Distribution Summit Glenn Fogel, EVP Corporate Sharon Duffy, VP Revenue Andrew Goldstone, Sr. Director, Sameer Poonja, VP Online Distribution Development, Priceline.com 17% Manager Management, Hilton Hotels 5% EVP/SVP & E-Commerce, Kiwi Collection Inc. Revenue Management, Isle of Capri Matthew Crummack, SVP Lodging, Sam Shank, CEO, Dealbase Corporation CEO/MD/President 14% Casinos Expedia 5% EVP/SVP Jared Miller, Sr. Director, Customer Jeff Roy, Director – Air Revenue Mark Moliari, Executive Director Self-Service, Continental Airlines Julie Atkinson, Sr. Director Global Tammy Peter, VP Channel Management, Collette Vacations of Revenue Management, Strategic Online Sales and Distribution, Management, Wyndham Hotel Group Kristen Manion, Director, Direct Starwood Hotels & Resorts Jim Rozell, Revenue Optimization Marketing, The Venetian Resort Hotel Noreen Courtney-Wilds, VP Sales, Leader, Carlson Hotels Worldwide Marketing and CRM, Delta Airlines Worldwide Casino JetBlue Airlines Greg Brockway, CEO, TripIt Scott Hyden, President, STA Travel Melissa Skluzacek, Director of Revenue Juston Parker, CEO, Parker Hospitality Ted Souder, Head of Travel – Central Management, Midwest Airlines Virginia Suliman, VP Web Design and Tammy Farley, Principal, The Michael Perhaes, Assistant VP Region, Google Development, Hilton Hotels Corp. Julie Szudarek, VP Revenue Marketing, MGM Grand Hotel Yen Lee, President, Uptake Rainmaker Group Management, Orbitz Worldwide Anil Aggarwal, CEO, MileStone John Enright, Executive Director, Ken Bostock, MD Airport Strategy Internet Marketing Jeff Davidoff, CMO, Orbitz Chinmai Sharma, VP Revenue and Continuous Improvement, United Management, Wyndham Worldwide Revenue Account Management, Roseanne Landay, Director of Strategy Anne Payne, CEO, Be Dynamic Preferred Hotel Group Airlines Chris Anderson, Assistant Professor, and Business Development, Pleasant Sharon McAuliffe, Sr. Director Kurien Jacob, SVP Revenue Chris La Rose, Director Web Product Cornell University, School of Hotel Holidays E-Commerce, Aston Hotels & Resorts Management and Distribution, Strategy, Hilton Hotels Corporation Administration John Peters, CEO, Tripology Doug Miller, VP Global Media, Expedia Matt Busch, Director of Pricing Highgate Hotels Tom O’Neil, Account Executive, Google Gregg Brockway, CEO, TripIt Paula Twidale, EVP, Collette Vacations Strategy, InterContinental Hotels Greg Cross, Revenue Management Jeff Plaisted, National Sales Manager, Cory Garner, Director of Merchandising Jan Wood, Travel Industry Consultant Group Consultant & former SVP Revenue Microsoft Mobile Advertising, Strategy, American Airlines Business Consultant, Teradata Kristi White, Director, Revenue Management, Hilton Hotels Corp. Microsoft Corporation Kyle Moore, VP Air and Ground Content Corporation Optimization, TravelCLICK Mobile Strategies for Travel Michael Dalesandro, CEO, Where I’ve and Shopping, Sabre Travel Network Kate Burda, VP Sales, Extended Stay Charles Vuono, VP Revenue Been Diane Clarkson, Travel Industry Hotels Management, United Airlines Gareth Morgan, Director of Product Analyst, Forrester Research Greg Weiss, VP Revenue Management, Management, InterContinental Hotels Mike Daly, VP Travel Services, Jessica Kornacki, VP Marketing, Group Rearden Commerce Mark Mahaney, Director, Internet Endless Vacation Rentals Joie de Virve Hospitality Research, Citigroup Investment Kim Nugent, Corporate Director Chris La Rose, Director Website Fraser Campbell, CEO, Wcities Research Bob Barnes, CEO, Zonder Revenue Management, Benchmark Strategy & Testing, Hilton Hotels Koen Bavinck, Sales Manager, Sound Ashwini Karandikar, VP Client Revenue Management and Hospitality International Corporation of Data Services, Range Online Media Pricing Scott Nason, VP Revenue Management, Josh Steinitz, CEO, NileGuide April Bridgeman, Senior Vice President, Chris Amenichi, Sr. Director Dr. Peter Belobaba, Principal Research American Airlines (retired) Deanne Dale, VP Sales and Account BCD Travel International eCommerce and Scientist, Massachusetts Institute of Dr. Bill Brunger, Internal Consultant, Management, Travelocity Business Distribution Planning, Continental Technology Continental Airlines (SVP Network, Bill Bernahl, VP eCommerce, Hyatt Airlines retired) Register now at: www.eyefortravel.com/tdsusa