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EyeforTravel - Sales & Marketing in Travel Asia-Pacific 2008


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In-depth analysis, thought-provoking case
studies and essential networking at the
industry’s premier sales and marketing event.

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EyeforTravel - Sales & Marketing in Travel Asia-Pacific 2008

  1. 1. International Scope, unrivalled Quality SAVE $100s by booking sales and Marketing today! in Travel Asia-Pacific 2008 29-30th July 2008, shangri-la Hotel, sydney SELL MORE, for less… Robust marketing strategies to reinforce your brand, foster loyalty and increase sales in-depth analysis, thought-provoking case You can earn more - let these studies and essential networking at the expert speakers show you how industry’s premier sales and marketing event. Can you really afford to miss out on these vital issues? Jamie Perry, Director of Distribution Darren Wright, General & Commercial Systems, Jetstar Manager Australia, airasia X • OnLinE bEST-PRaCTiCE - the tried and tested route to web success - take advantage of a market set to treble in 5 years Andy Conroy, Global Online Phil Squires, Manager Sales and • STand OuT FROM ThE CROwd - marketing that Director, Lonely Planet Distribution, v australia offers real bang for your buck • COnquER SEaRCh with the latest developments that will keep you on top Russel Isaacson, Online Marketing James Johnson, eCommerce Manager, Expedia australia Analysis Manager, virginBlue • Begin the conversation - hOw Can SOCiaL MEdia & uSER gEnERaTEd COnTEnT MakE yOu MOnEy • CaPiTaLiSE On RECORd gROwTh - grow your brand Tim Hughes, Martin Warner, COO, and your profits in lucrative new markets VP Commercial, hotelClub Carlson Wagonlit Travel • STREaMLinE yOuR MuLTi-ChannEL MaRkETing STRaTEgy - harness the most effective channels and cut the dead wood Sandra Calabretta, Group General Manager, Constellation hotel Group Darrell Wade, CEO, intrepid Travel seize this vital opportunity to ensure you are maximising your marketing dollar. Adeline Ee, CR Management, Chris Dodd, CEO, Banyan Tree hotels and Resorts Media Partners Basil Hyman, Marketing and Internet Services, STa Travel Richard Noon, CEO, Webjet REGISTER nOw at
  2. 2. check out the exclusive social network – The essential event to increase profitability, maximise sales and sharpen your competitive edge In an increasingly competitive travel A flying start... search two-point-zero marketplace it has never been so vital to secure a robust sales and marketing The roadmap to online success brings if you thought search was a donkey strategy. The customer is becoming together best practices from the around flogged to death – think again! Web increasingly fickle and without the right the world and applies it to the Asia-Pacific 2.0 has thrown up a whole new set of sales and marketing strategy you will region. Looking into how you can get the obstacles for your search success and lose them. best ROI from your online strategy, it really to make matters worse research done is the no nonsense approach to cementing by Google indicates the role of search Every interaction you have with your your online reputation and increase sales in eCommerce has never been so customer is important. Whether it’s online, in a market set to treble in 5 years. important. Share the problems, discuss offline, blogs, email, mobile, user generated the challenges and hear the solutions. Top content…at all of these points you touch new channels, new touch the search rankings by hearing about the your customer. How your company latest developments in search – make sure engages the customer at each of these points that your marketing spend isn’t wasted by touch-points influences your brand. Get For those of us not living in cave it’s being difficult to find. it right and you will take advantage of obvious that the industry landscape is record growth in the region, maximise getting more competitive – what might sell to a captive audience sales and expand your brand. Getting not be obvious is what you can do about it wrong will cost you dear. Sales and it. defending your market share and Social Media and User Generated Content Marketing in Travel Asia-Pacific 2008 is growing your brand is essential for your is where your buyers are. But with so many the conference which will give you the survival. Look into new touch-points questions of how to reach them it often essential information that will revolutionise where your customers are not just willing, seems overwhelming. We don’t just show your sales and marketing strategy – it’s the but waiting to buy. Get the first-mover’s you ways to penetrate social media and business equivalent of taking steroids! advantage in lucrative, untapped channels. ugC; we have recruited the specialists who can offer effective strategies to It is within your reach, and with Sales monetize them. Boost conversions, and Marketing in Travel asia-Pacific increase loyalty, nurture trust…the 2008 it couldn’t easier. On the 29-30th opportunities are there, get the information July at the Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney we to seize them! bring together the leading experts of the industry to show you – step-by-step – how to improve your sales and marketing Give customers the service strategy. No nonsense, no time-wasting they demand – the two days will transform the way you Every interaction you have with your do business with concise information, customer is important and how you innovative case studies and essential networking opportunities. Cut costs, increase sales deal with them can make or break your brand. With so many competitors looking Your customers are bored with your EyeforTravel’s calibre and respected to lure your customers away having a traditional marketing. Be on their mind international reputation means that we robust CRM strategy has never been so all the time with new innovative new can offer a global perspective that will important. Not only will loyal customers marketing media that will engage allow your aspirations to become realities. decrease acquisition cost, but having a customers in your brand like never before. No where else can you draw upon the legion of happy customers will give you Your competitors are finding the minimal expertise of international executives and word-of-mouth marketing that money just investment, maximum returns of new meet the people who are shaping the can’t buy. marketing channels - it’s about time you industry. stopped treading water with your tired old advertising. Workshop: break into new markets boost profits with Remember the best rule of defence is ancillary revenue attack – especially in lucrative emerging markets. To show you where your sales and marketing spend will get maximum Ancillary revenue can New for returns it takes experience. That’s why add up to 18% to your 2008! we have the people that have been there, annual turn over. The done that and reaped the rewards. Only message from those in the This is the essential event for people that with their experienced advice can you know is simple: if you are in want to get ahead – and stay ahead – in minimise risk and maximise results. You the business of selling travel, the travel industry. Really ask yourself are part of the fastest growing region on you can earn more! whether you can afford to miss out on the planet – isn’t it about time your sales these essential issues: - reflected this? Register nOw at
  3. 3. Don’t miss out – the earlier you book Day One – 29th July Defend your market share by optimising Upgrade to a rich web environment, and make marketing channels and looking at new sure your canny sophisticated searchers don’t touch points get left behind… • Your future customers are fickle – make sure that you stand • Understand – exactly - the role that search plays in your out from the crowd. Examine the marketing strategies that will customer’s booking cycle. Ensure you have the knowledge reinforce your position to adapt to the changes • Revolutionise your sales by implementing the right marketing • Your customer is bored with your marketing – look into new technologies that will make customers come to you, not the rich media that will capture their attention and their wallets other way round • Boost yourself in the search rankings – discover how user • Go green – a robust environmental strategy will not only generated content will play a vital role in search success of increase loyalty but also capture new customers in a way that the future conventional marketing just cannot do. • How can you leverage the most out of your commercial • It’s always on, it’s always there…it’s mobile. Look into new, search spend – examine how search can become your latest innovative ways you can market to your customer sales channel • Social media widgets such as Tripadvisor’s Cities I’ve Visited • Don’t waste it! Make sure that your wonderful new content and STA Travel’s Trip Countdown have given them unique get cached with best practices for a rich web environment penetration that money just can’t buy – hear how to get • Maximise search in a multi-lingual world – with so many similar success different languages to consider what strategies offer the Andy Conroy, Global Online Director, Lonely Planet best ROI? Basil Hyman, Marketing and Internet Services, STa Travel Joe Nguyen, Global eCommerce Director, Millenium & Copthorne hotels James Johnson, eCommerce Analysis Manager, virginBlue “Well organized and professionally run event that brings together the top brains social Media and User Generated Content – in the online travel space” how can it make you money? Steve Sherlock, • Effective strategies to penetrate social media – hear from the first-movers about the successes and failures they have experienced The Roadmap to Online success • User generated content has made your brand more fragile than • You can’t dismiss online: translate your successful offline ever – 90% of hotels think its important to monitor, yet few brand identity into the online world without cannibalising what actually do – examine strategies to monitor and manage your you have worked so hard to build brand in this difficult realm • Retain integrity for maximum sales: offer shop front service to • How can you use social media to your advantage: social the online consumer and become their one-stop travel shop networks, user generated content, blogs…we show you how • Web 2.0 a year on: cut through the hype – what worked, what to squeeze out the best ROI didn’t…Hear the best ways to invest for the future • Boost conversions by integrating elements of social media that • Review cutting edge technologies which can boost will really add value to your brand website conversions without breaking the bank • Social media has already changed the way your customers • Establish basic strategies to drive customers to your website interact with the web – listen to the experts on how you need – understand where your customers are and how to effectively to adapt your sales and marketing strategy to stay competitive reach them Richard Noon, CEO, Webjet • Deal with the fickle online consumer by making sure your Peter Daams, Co-Founder, Travellerspoint brand sits at the forefront of your customer’s mind – be one Niall White, Group Strategy Director, house of Travel of the sites they trust, use and return to! Andy Conroy, Global Online Director, Lonely Planet (panel) Tim Hughes, VP Commercial, hotelClub Chris Dodd, CEO, Sandra Calabretta, Group General Manager, Unwind and cement Constellation hotel Group the new business relationships you “The best conference I have been have made at our to in years” relaxing cocktail Jackie Douglass, voyages Hotels & Resorts party call +44 (0)207 375 7228 to secure you place
  4. 4. the more you save – so book today! Day Two – 30th July intermediary issues new Markets – with great challenge, comes • How is the online travel agency landscape changing? great reward With big international OTA names setting their sites on the • Meet the new partners that will ease your transition into market, how will the home-grown brands react? a new and lucrative market • How are the travel switches, such as GDSs, coping with the • It’s all about ROI! Learn how to reposition your brand for new travel industry reality? What adjustments are they making more sales, less costs and greater profits to better suit your sales and marketing needs? • Penetrate the fertile emerging markets with expert advice • Widen your marketing reach with an effective multi-channel from the people who have been there, done that and reaped strategy – meet and select the right partners for you the rewards • Don’t neglect your most profitable channel – evaluate the • How do you increase awareness of your product proposition benefits of direct sales and ensure that you own across multiple channels in new markets to ensure maximum your customer sales and retention? • Meta-search has recently received heavy investment, is the • Participate in the essential forum to identify potential new big funding a big deal? Get the information you need to be markets that will grow your business – and your profits! ready to react Darren Wright, General Manager, airasia X Martin Warner, COO Asia Pacific, Carlson Wagonlit Travel Phil Squires, Manager Sales and Distribution, v australia Jamie Perry, General Manager Distribution and Commercial Systems, Jetstar Russel Isaacson, Online Marketing Manager, Expedia australia “The range of speakers was fantastic. Their honest and open speeches showing the good and bad of their past efforts were invaluable as a learning curve for our business” Sally Wiseman, Flightcentre Keeping your customers happy… really happy! • Customer experience is key – maximise return business, referrals and recommendations. • Understand what consumers want so that you can offer a product that requires no hard sell, just hassle free profits • Examine CRM technologies that deliver the service your Workshop: Grow profits customer wants and the return of investment you demand with ancillary revenue • Don’t lose brand integrity and valuable sales by marketing to the wrong people - look into how segmenting your customer Ancillary revenue is adding up to 18% of highly base can help target your marketing to the right people profitable revenue to some company’s annual turn • Optimise your sales and marketing strategy for maximum over – why not yours? The message is simple: returns – cut the dead wood and sharpen your if you are in the business of selling travel – your competitive edge revenues could be higher! Darrell Wade, CEO, intrepid Travel To ensure you have the expert knowledge ready Adeline Ee, Customer Relationship Manager, Banyan Tree hotels & Resorts to take your earnings to that next level we have brought together the experts to show you how to source, integrate, market, sell and manage Have your say… ancillary inventory. This workshop is only open to This conference has been conference delegates so make sure you don’t miss specifically designed to out on this fantastic opportunity to grow profits. encourage interactive Charles Johnson, eCommerce Partnerships Manager, participation. Not only will you hear thought provoking virginBlue presentations and stimulating case studies, you’ll have the chance to join the discussion and have your questions “This event is superb” answered. Suchada Borsub, Tourism Authority of Thailand Secure your place today and save $100s
  5. 5. Fax this completed registration page to +44 (0)207 375 7576 SAVE $100s by b sales and Marketing ooking today ! in Travel Asia-Pacific 2008 29-30th July 2008, shangri-la Hotel, sydney 3 EASY STEPS TO REGISTER 1. Please select the package you require: Sign up as a gold delegate and as well as gaining unique insight and fantastic networking opportunities, you will recieve an EyeforTravel industry report. Choose from our latest research Super Early Bird Early Bird Normal reports at Book before: 30th May 2008 27th June 2008 GOlD 3. Payment Includes: Two-day delegate pass, aUS$ 1795 aUS$ 1895 aUS$ 1995 CD of presentations with audio and Please tick the package price box you require above: EyeforTravel’s Research Report Choose one of the following payment options: silvER I enclose a cheque/draft for: AUS$___________________ Includes: Two-day delegate pass, aUS$ 1395 aUS$ 1495 aUS$ 1595 CD of presentations with audio (payable to First Conferences Ltd) Please invoice my company: AUS$___________________ bROnzE aUS$ 1195 aUS$ 1295 aUS$ 1395 Includes: Two-day delegate pass. Purchase Order No.:_____________________________ Please charge my credit card: AUS$__________________ Group Discount: cancELLations: Please contact Paul Lane on +44 (0)207 375 7597 All conference places are fully transferable without any charge. or email him at for more Cancellations received before 5pm (GMT) time on Friday 27th June Amex Visa Mastercard American Express details on group discounts. 2008 will not incur a penalty (credit card registrations are subject to a 5% administration fee). If written confirmation of a cancellation is not HotEL Discount: Credit card number: We have negotiated a preferential room rate at the received by 5pm (GMT) time on Friday 6th June 2008, we will be obliged Shangri-La Hotel, Sydney. Reservation details will to charge the full fee. Please note - you must inform the conference be sent to you when you register. Please note there desk in writing of any cancellations on: customerservices@firstconf. Expiry date: is limited availability. So we recommend you book com Whilst every effort is made to maintain the advertised agenda, the early to take advantage of this offer. organisers reserve the right to make changes without notice. Security Code (3 digits on the back of the card): Name on card: 2. Delegate Details Signature: Please photocopy this form for multiple registrations NB: FULL PayMENT MUST BE RECEivEd BEFORE ThE EvENT Mr / Mrs / Ms / Dr: First Name: Last Name: 5 Easy Ways to Register Company: Position/Title: Email: Telephone: Fax: Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7576 Email: Call: +44 (0)207 375 7228 Online: Address: * Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, State: Postcode/Zip: 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX, UK Country: REGISTER On ThE SEcuRE wEbSITE AT
  6. 6. no nonsense, no timewasting - a roadmap to higher profits SAVE $100s by b sales and Marketing ooking today ! in Travel Asia-Pacific 2008 29-30th July 2008, shangri-la Hotel, sydney Meet the people who will change you business international scope, interact with the best unrivalled quality... sales and marketing speaker line up this year EyeforTravel has built its international reputaion by offering you expert speakers interrogating an extensively researched Andy Conroy, Global Online Director, Lonely Planet agenda. This conference is no exception and will bring together Basil Hyman, Marketing and Internet Services, the innovators, industry leaders and decision makers who will STA Travel enhance your business. Don’t settle for a one day conference Tim Hughes, VP Commercial, HotelClub which brushes over the issues; choose Sales and Marketing in Jamie Perry, General Manager Distribution and Travel Asia-Pacific 2008 for international expertise, compelling Commercial Systems, Jetstar content and superior networking. Darrell Wade, CEO, Intrepid Travel Darren Wright, General Manager Australia, AirAsia X Chris Dodd, CEO, Get networking Today! James Johnson, e-Commerce Analysis Manager, VirginBlue Why keep the networking and discussion in the conference Sandra Calabretta, Group General Manager, room. EyeforTravel’s dedicated sales and marketing social Constellation Hotel Group network will let you see who else is interested, be the first to Joe Nguyen, Global e-Commerce Director, hear about developments and get the discussion going before Millenium & Copthorne Hotels even arriving in Sydney. Richard Noon, CEO, Webjet Access the exclusive sales and marketing social network at: Peter Daams, Co-Founder, Travellerspoint Niall White, Group Strategy Director, House of Travel Martin Warner, COO Asia Pacific, Carston Wagonlit Travel Charles Johnson, eCommerce Partnerships Manager, VirginBlue Adeline Ee, Customer Relationship Management, Banyan Tree Hotels & Resorts Russel Isaacson, Online Marketing Manager, Expedia Australia Phil Squires, Manager Sales and Distribution, 5 Easy Ways to Register V Australia Email: Fax: +44 (0)207 375 7576 Call: +44 (0)207 375 7228 Online: * Mail: Registrations, EyeforTravel, 7-9 Fashion Street, London, E1 6PX Secure you place today at and SAVE $100s!