A2 media studies powerpoint for evaluation


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A2 media studies powerpoint for evaluation

  1. 1. A2 Media StudiesG324 Advanced Portfolio:Evaluation
  2. 2. Question 1:In what ways does your media productuse, develop or challenge forms andconventions of real media products?V05 Advert-http://youtu.be/nCRrthkIJxc
  3. 3. This V05 advert is similar to my sponsorship advert in the waythat both used young females ages around 18 to 20 that facedthe camera to talk, making it seem as though they arereaching out to the audience. Different products were usedthroughout both adverts, but the Hairspray was used at theend as a ‘finishing touch’ for the style that you cannot livewithout. I felt as though the informal, simple style of ouradvert would suit our target audience of teenage girls toyoung women, who are after a product that will do exactlywhat it says- and want to see it in action. Although there ishardly any dialogue in our advert, at the end when our actresstalks she does so in a friendly manner, speaking right to thecamera- which is similar to the V05 advert. The actress talksthroughout the professional advert, developing aconversational tone that allows the advert to flow; however Ibelieve that by only putting dialogue at the end of our advert;this allowed the hair to be the centre of attention.
  4. 4. L’Oreal Adverthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UB_UafEV1bQ
  5. 5. This L’Oreal advert featuring Cheryl Cole is a complete contrast to ouradverts. This high-budget, glossy, fast paced advert puts forth theidea that to buy this hairspray, you have to be beautiful and use itwhen your hair is in an intricate style already. Although the use of apopular star was an informed decision on behalf of the advertisers, Idon’t think the content was very interesting or informative about theproduct. I personally saw this advert and looked at it as a look Iwould not be able to achieve with just the hairspray and one or twoother products alone. I think that this advert is very conventional of ahairspray product- everything runs smoothly and is glamorous. Myfirst advert depicts a girl running around her house, trying to findsomething to tame her hair. I think that this is very realistic and willallow people watching to think ‘I do that!’- Boo Hairspray isportrayed as the saviour for a bad hair day. I believe we havechallenged the conventions of the form, as L’Oreal has created aglossy advert, whereas nothing goes right in ours until the product isfound by the actress.
  6. 6. Tresemme Adverthttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9N7hxIwiLDI
  7. 7. This advert for Tresemme Hairspray is short, sharp and tothe point. Using a male voiceover, but also a‘professional’ hairdresser- I believe this is very similar tomy second advert. Although again I strayed away fromthe conventions by at first having our actress, whohappened to be me, having a bad hair day at school/workand calling her hairdresser; I allowed the hairdresser tobe shown doing the hair. I think that was conventionalbecause as aforementioned, the Tresemme advertdepicts a hairdresser styling his clients hair- resulting in aflawless finish, similar to the L’Oreal advert. However, theconventions were challenged as my second advert hadthe overall feel of a less polished hairspray advert, butagain one that could easily resonate with my targetaudience- something I feel is the most important thing.
  8. 8. Question 3:What have you learned from your audiencefeedback?My first advert idea, Russian Roulette- Hairspray for men-did not receive a good reception when I pitched it to theclass. Everyone agreed that the idea of Hairspray for menis very modern, maybe too inventive, and would not be avery successful product to market. Also, the gun shape ofthe bottle was deemed too controversial- which my groupagreed on, if something is too different then it will notsell well. As a group of girls, we decided to create aproduct and selection of adverts that felt more along thelines of something we would use. So, Boo Hairspray wascreated and my audience feedback told us that this was alot more suitable than the Hairspray for men-due to therange of successful hair care products marketed towardsfemales already on the market.
  9. 9. My PowerPoint for Russian Roulette Hairspray,my original idea-
  10. 10. To make our hairspray seem different from all the others, wetook aspects of the V05 advert and L’Oreal- forging themtogether to create a product that was profession, but didn’talienate normal teenage girls and young women. Our audiencefeedback told us that advert 2 was the least popular out of allof them; mainly due to the fact they didn’t think it was realisticenough to have a hairdresser randomly appear. I agree withthis, and if I was to do these adverts again, I would spend moretime planning advert 2, despite all the adverts flowing wellwith one another.I asked another group if they would buy our product afterwatching our adverts, and they said they would; this was dueto the bright colours, female actresses used, description of theproduct and the fact that our advert felt realistic. Theseteenage girls, aged 17-18 (therefore in our target audience) feltthat unlike the polished feel of the L’Oreal Elnette advert, theyfelt like Boo could be the hairspray for the majority of girls andwoman across the Country- who don’t look like Cheryl Cole.
  11. 11. I personally think my product would be very successful, ouradverts ran in smooth succession with each other and allportrayed a female with a busy life who just wants good hair.This is a very simple idea but one that would appeal to my targetaudience, unlike the previous idea of Hairspray for men.
  12. 12. In regards to my radio advert, I think that this could have been longerand more organised with the planning process, but I do believe thatthe product details and conversational, girly tone used for this advertwas fitting with our other adverts. Our research showed that this styleof radio advert appeals most to females, as they feel like the advertsare tailored towards them, rather than just being generic. We used ourown voices in the advert, which I think would make our targetaudience of young females listen and realise that this is a product thatis especially for them, subsequently including them and thereforemaking them want to buy the product. The only negative feedback wereceived was that one of the girls voices used had a strongWolverhampton accent that could come across as humorous ratherthan girly, and could also distract people from what the advert isabout.We amended this by recording it again, and using the girl with thestrong accent to say the less noticeable ‘Boo’s’ which were said atdifferent points within the advert. It is imperative to have goodpronunciation and the right voice for your specific radio advert, as thevoice and what the person is saying will be the main selling point ofthe product.
  13. 13. Question 4: How did you use new media technologiesin the construction and research, planning andevaluation stages?Watching television adverts in class, and also athome, helped greatly in the planning of my own adverts. Ilooked at adverts for research, and counted how manyshots were used, the different types of shots- themajority of which were medium and close up shots, andwhat genre conventions were used in each advert. Thefast paced editing of all the adverts was imperative andvery important, not for a second could my adverts bestatic and boring. I think I could have improved oursponsorship with this in mind; however I took the idea ofour sponsorship mainly from the very successful V05adverts.
  14. 14. Still image of V05 AdvertThe main shots that are used in this advert are close ups- whichis similar to our sponsorship advert. It’s evident that the bestway to show off a hair product is by putting the actress at theforefront.
  15. 15. The Macs weren’t always very co-operative, however editing my adverts usingiMovie was very eye opening, as there is a plethora of effects that can beused- the transition effects were useful when moving from one shot toanother without it looking too abrupt. Storyboarding allowed me to see myadverts on paper- therefore laying out my ideas in a more clear format, so Icould see what would work and wouldn’t.Although the tripods weren’t easy to transport, the handheld DV cameraswere extremely useful when shooting. The fact that they are so small wasonly a nuisance when shooting in dark locations- however, this made merealise that we shouldn’t be shooting in dark locations anyway! The fact thatthe DV camera could easily be transported made it easier to get to ourlocations, which ultimately made for a more wide variety of shots and angles;hopefully resulting in a more professional advert.As aforementioned, iMovie did not always work effectively whilst in theediting process; I was unable to speed up my sponsorship sequence to thespeed I wanted, and the effects that I wanted did not originally go on. Withpersistence this was sorted out, furthermore, the clips were very easy tomanoeuvre and delete if they weren’t necessary, which allowed us to speedilyarrange our clips into the correct sequence.