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Documentary research #3


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Documentary research #3

  1. 1. Documentary ResearchWill Knight
  2. 2. The Queen recentlyunveiled a memorial tohonour the 55,573men of BomberCommand who losttheir lives in theSecond World War.John Sergeant narratesthis documentarywhich marks thehistoric moment andrecounts the movingstories of the last ofBomber Commandssurvivors
  3. 3. ModeITV’s documentary, Bomber Command, wasproduced in a reflexive mode. The narrator JohnSergeant provides a voiceover throughout theduration of the documentary which tells thestory of Bomber Squadrons during the war. Thereflexive mode was the correct choice for thisdocumentary, in my opinion, because it allowedthe narrator to emphasise the emotion of thetopic without effecting it with his on screenpresence.
  4. 4. InterviewsThe documentary includes various deep interviews inwhich ex-R.A.F soldiers describe their experiences inBomber Command. The interviewer is never seen onscreen and the audience never hear the question beingasked to the interviewee. This technique was also used inthe documentary 7/7 bombings and is very effective fordocumentaries of this emotive nature.This style of interviewing would be ineffective in mydocumentary as the topic is not something as strong andpowerful as Bomber Command.
  5. 5. DocumentariesDescribed as in-depth news bulletins, ITVdocumentaries find popularity by covering currentaffairs to their audiences. Documentary topics suchas ‘The Other Side of Jimmy Saville’ allow viewersto get more in depth information on the topic.My documentary will be alike to an ITVdocumentary as it will reveal current issues withuniversities.