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Documentary types


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Documentary types

  1. 1. Documentary Types/Forms
  2. 2. ReflexiveIn which the film-maker acknowledges theirpresence – they are in front of the camera andgive narrative guidance
  3. 3. PoeticIn which an artistic narrative is constructed –sometimes the topic is more human interestrather than current affairs led.
  4. 4. ObservationalBeing there as events unfold – thesedocumentaries tend to follow a person or eventand document their every day journey. Thecamera remains unobtrusive as possible.
  5. 5. ExpositoryAn analysis of a person or topic, attempting toreveal a culture/lifestyle to the audience.
  6. 6. ParticipatoryPromotes direct engagement between film-maker and subject – the film-maker becomespart of the events being recorded.