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Documentary ideas


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Technology
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Documentary ideas

  1. 1. Documentary Ideas Research By Will Knight
  2. 2. Teenagers and Alcohol University Documentary Topic Ideas New Drivers
  3. 3. Teenagers and AlcoholDocumentary Type –ExpositoryPoints Interest –Are parents aware?How do teenagers obtain alcohol? InterviewsHow much is consumed a week? ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Realistically achievable Will interviewees answer truthfully to a camera Topic bandwidth is large Locations and interviewees available
  4. 4. New DriversDocumentary Type –Expository/ObservationalPoints Interest –Are new drivers more of a threat on the road?Accident statistics, male-female comparison? ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Film locations and Topic bandwidth is limited interviewees are easy to access Relatable to our age group
  5. 5. UniversityDocumentary Type –ExpositoryPoints Interest –Is University worth the money?Are young people pressured into university?Prospects comparison between going and notgoing? ADVANTAGES DISADVANTAGES Topic bandwidth is large Data would be hard to quantify Current issues that interest a large variety of age groups