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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. Anophthalmia William Zamora Mr.Gonzalgo Period:2
  2. 2. What’s the risk factors of being born with Anophthalmia? Anophthalmia: being born with one or both with no eyes It is caused by “genetic mutations and abnormal chromosomes.” Another way of getting anophthalmia is that if you had a family member it could be passed on from generations Humans are not the only ones that could get this disease, animals too could get this.
  3. 3. Photos of anophthalmia
  4. 4. Animals with anophthalmia
  5. 5. There Is no treatment of anophthlmia that could restore vision
  6. 6. Even though if there’s notreatment for this disease that does not stop people from doing stuff that others could do.
  7. 7. Also if there’s no treatment for this disease and the peopledon’t like how they look there is something called glasseyes.Glass eye is a artificial that does not give you vision
  8. 8. Standards 4c Students know how mutations in the DNA sequence of a gene may or may not affect theexpression of the gene, or the sequence of amino acids in an encoded protein. 4d Students know how specialization of cells in multicellular organisms is usually due to different patterns of gene expression rather than to differences in the genes themselves.
  9. 9. I chose the standard 4c because it said how mutations inthe DNA the gene could or may not express properly.I chose the standard 4d because it also talks about howthe organisms uses different patterns of gene expression.
  10. 10. Different types of anophthalmia There is different types of anophthalmia: there is primary anophthalmia which means is a completeabsence of eye tissue due to a failure of the part of the brainthat forms the eye. there is secondary anophthalmia occurs when the eyestarts to develop and for some reason stops, leaving theinfant with only residual eye tissue or extremely tiny eyeswhich can only be seen under close examination.
  11. 11. Different types of anophthalmia part 2 Degenerative anophthalmia: the eye started to form and, for some reason, degenerated. One reason for this occurring could be a lack of blood supply to the eye.
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  13. 13. Citations
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