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Doing more with less - Brian Hales, Waterproofing the south


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A presentation from the Water Industy Alliance, Market Solution Forum - doing more with less. This forum discussed poor water quality, groundwater depletion, ASR and water allocation.

Brian Hales is the Group Manager Economic Development City of Onkaparinga

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Doing more with less - Brian Hales, Waterproofing the south

  1. 1. Brian Hales Economic Development Group Manager City of Onkaparinga
  2. 2. Water Proofing the South Presented by Brian Hales Group Manager Economic Development City of Onkaparinga
  3. 3. City of Onkaparinga •  160,000 population now, 200,000 by 2028 •  largest SA council, 10% population •  $106m operating budget, $54m project and capital works •  $1.5 billion asset base •  Mayor and 20 councillors •  590 staff
  4. 4. Goal: The sustainable management of water resources and security of supply Water futures Objectives: •  conserve water •  protect water quality •  reduce reliance on River Murray •  protect water dependent ecosystems •  promote economic development
  5. 5. Key milestones in water
  6. 6. Water Proofing the South Water Proofing the South is a localised integrated water resource management strategy based in the City of Onkaparinga. It seeks to provide ‘fit-for-purpose’ alternative water sources such as recycled water and stormwater for traditional sources such as mains water and groundwater so that overall water use in the region is sustainable; economically, environmentally and socially Stage 1 •  1800ML of viticultural reuse •  1100ML of urban reuse •  923ML of water saved from unsustainable disposal •  1154ML of storage created Stage 2 •  2800ML of stormwater harvested •  2200ML of stormwater reused •  Environmental, social and economic outcomes
  7. 7. Funding partner Stage 1 Stage 2 Federal Government $34.5M $15M SA Water $139M Willunga Basin Water $6.8M NRM Board $1.2M Flinders University Research City of Onkaparinga $3.9M $7.5M Dept. for Water $7.5M TOTAL $185M $30M Reuse 3.8GL 2.8GL Water Proofing the South partnerships and funding
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