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Economy of pakistan is falling down because of wastage of water by common man.


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Economy of pakistan is falling down because of wastage of water by common man.

  1. 1. BY M. Nadeem AshrafSoil & Environmental sciences
  2. 2. 1. Introduction2. Resources of water in Pakistan3. Wastage of water by common man4. Important of water5. How economy of Pakistan is effected by wastage of water6. Recommendations7. Survey8. Conclusion
  3. 3. Water "Water can be without the company of humans but we as humans can only be without water for a few days."
  4. 4. Wastage of water Wastewater is any water that has been adversely affected in quality by any influence.
  5. 5. Resources of water Water resources are useful to humans. And all human uses require fresh water.
  6. 6.  Rivers Dams Ground Water Tube Well
  7. 7. Top six ways of water wastage by common man Leave the water running Car Washing Shower Cleaning the Outdoor Area Laundry Dish washing
  8. 8.  What if there is no water?
  9. 9. How economy is effected by waterwastage It generates Water pollution It effects the electricity generated by water It decreases the outcome of 2 main economic sectors  Agriculture  Industrialization It creates domestic level problems
  10. 10.  Water pollution causes  mixing of drain and drinking water  Water on streets causes Waterborne disease  Open lakes, drains and water lines become over flow
  11. 11.  Shortage of water reduced the water in dams that is reducing the total power output from all major hydro electric dams, that cause shortage in electric supply. 120000 101478 100000 80000 72169MW 60000 44903 35413 40000 22353 20000 17328 0 2007 2010 2013 2016 2019 2022 2025 2028
  12. 12. Water shortage decrease the outcomes of2 main economic sectors Agriculture Industrialization
  13. 13.  Agriculture is the largest consumer of water.Water shortage in agriculture creates  Food shortage  Increases the price of food items  Effects on exports  Unemployment
  14. 14.  Some of the industries use it as a raw material like leather, auto mobile and chemical industries.  It increases there expense  Effects their work
  15. 15.  It’s a basic need of common man It creates  Additional expense  Misbalance the daily life  Illegal Water supplies
  16. 16.  Pakistan can store only 30 days water. India can store 120-220 days water South Africa can store 500 days water Egypt Aswan dam can store up to 700 days water In USA Colorado dam can store up to 900 days water
  17. 17. General water saving tipsRecommendation by national water strategy Recommendation by world bank
  18. 18.  Checks the leakage Use minimum water Use a pot Store the rain water Save up to 25 gallon water Save up to 100 gallon water Awareness programs Setup geezer
  19. 19.  The national water strategy must be based upon  Water developments plans  Water management plans
  20. 20. Chasha dam and Kalabagh dam Chasha dam Kalabagh dam Thal reservoir Gomalzam dam
  21. 21.  People should be aware Government should make laws The modern irrigation techniques Irrigation distribution system needs privatized Farmer’s organizations, water user association, and private sector be involved in construction, operation, and maintenance of the irrigation system
  22. 22.  Irrigation and water infrastructure Pakistan need to invest According to the world bank data Pakistan only 20% generated by hydroelectric power plants. Pakistan has the potential to generate 50,000 mw The report say that
  23. 23. Survey
  24. 24. Please save water
  25. 25. Poetry
  26. 26. The more we wastethe more we need