2013 Retreat: Water Committee


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  • Ohio has more than 199,000 miles of rivers and streams
  • Every child deserve a stream to play in.
  • Fellowship program offers undergraduate and graduate students real world experience working on water issues, with the goal of building the environmental leaders of tomorrow Program initiated in 2010 Currently, we have 7 fellows working with 5 local groups The fellows work on projects of importance to the local groups and serve as link between local members, Sierra staff, and the state chapter Last year, our fellows worked more than 2,300 hours, and our goal this year is 3,000 hours
  • Started in 2010, over 100 water sentinels, active fellowship program, dozens of local conservation victories.
  • 2013 Retreat: Water Committee

    1. 1. Sierra Club Ohio Chapter Clean Water Campaign To educate, engage, and empower Ohioans to restore, improve, And protect Ohio’s waterways.Jeff Cox, Water Committee ChairMatt Trokan, Conservation ManagerBen Wickizer, Conservation CoordinatorAmanda Keith, Conservation Coordinator
    2. 2. Ohio has ample freshwaterresources with more than199,000 miles of rivers andstreams. Ohio River
    3. 3. We use our water ways for recreation; swimming,fishing, boating, and other activities
    4. 4. We all need Clean Water!We use it everyday for drinking, cooking, and bathing.
    5. 5. However… many of our streams, rivers, and lakes areStream neglected, invaded, and trashed. The lack of water monitoring, general inaccessibility, and disconnection from nature conceals the true state of our water!
    6. 6. The majority of fish in Ohio are unsafe for consumption due to high levels of mercury.Miami Fort power plant, Cincinnati Ohio
    7. 7. 66% of Ohio’s waterways are not safe for recreation!Paddle Fest 2012, Cincinnati Ohio
    8. 8. Algae Blooms from nutrient pollution are literally choking the life out of Ohio’s Lakes.
    9. 9. Ohio leads the nation withover 1,000 combinedsewer overflow points.
    10. 10. Natural Resource extraction of dirty fossil fuels like coal andnatural gas threaten Ohio’s clean water, and so much more!
    11. 11. Together we will continue to improve, restore, and protect Ohio’s waterways.2013 will be a banner year for thecampaign as we have developed theinternal structure and external programs(Water Sentinels/Clean WaterFellowship) that will ensure success.
    12. 12. Ohio Water Sentinels 2012 Raised over $200,000 for Clean Water Expanded water sentinel & fellowship program Created 3 regions (north, south, central) Set 3 measurable goals
    13. 13. Water Sentinel Funding 2012 Since 2010, we have raised $400,000 for clean water in Ohio, half of which we raised last year! Fiscal Stability & Fundraising Plan1st quarter Beyond Coal Grant2nd quarter Aveda Earth Month3rd quarter Greater Cincinnati Foundation & Freshwater Futures Foundation4th quarter Burning River Brewery Fresh ideas for Freshwater
    14. 14. Ohio Water Sentinel ProgramUrban/City Pollution Lake Erie- Stormwater Runoff- CSO, SSO, HSTS pollution- Illegal dumping- Industrial runoffRural/Agricultural Pollution- CAFO farms- Phosphorous-basedfertilizers and pesticidesMineral Extractionand Disposal- Mining- Shale gas/Fracking- Injection Wells Ohio River
    15. 15. 2013 -250 total participants 2012 -1000+ data entries-Over 150 participants -New Website-400+ data entries -More Organized-New Forms, -More Outreach-New Projects, &-New Partners
    16. 16. Clean Water Fellowship Program Building the environmental leaders of tomorrow, since 2010. • 2,500 hrs. in 2012 • Goal of 3,000 hrs. in 2013 • 8 Fellows spring semester • Engaging 5 local groups
    17. 17. StewardshipGoal of 3,000 service hours in 2013 Matt-stewardship…service hour goal
    18. 18. Central Ohio Updates• Franklin County Lawsuit• 5th ave dam removed• Water Sentinel program• Service program – over 1,300 hours for 2012• Protecting the Sawmill Wetlands Hocking Hills
    19. 19. Northern, OH UpdatesWater SentinelProjects in NEO:- Summit,- Carroll,- Portage,- Cuyahoga, &- Mahoning 2012 Conservation Outcomes: Carroll County & Summit County
    20. 20. Brian Combined Sewer OverflowIn southern Ohio Sewage is a huge issue • Wesselman Creek • Mill Creek • Little Miami River
    21. 21. Ohio Water Sentinels Join us on a Water Committee Call 4th Wednesday of month 6:00-7:00 p.m. “Not blind opposition to progress, but opposition to blind progress”-John Muir