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A	  Bit	  of	  the	  Amazing Qin	  Empire	                      Francesca	  Chu	                        5th	  Grade	      ...
This	  ancient	  state	  in	  China	      made	  these	  famous	           achievements	  …	  
The	  Great	  Wall	  of	  China	  
The	  Terra-­‐CoCa	  Army	  
A	  MulEplicaEon	  Table	  Circa	  221-­‐206	  BC	  InsEtute	  of	  Archeology,	  Hunan	  China	  	  
A	  County	  –	  where	  the	  King	  can	               rule	  directly	  
A	  Nuclear	  Family	  
An	  Environmental	  Law	  “In	  February,	  it	  is	  unlawful	  to	  log	  in	  the	  forest,	  unlawful	  to	  block	  ...
My	  story	  begins	  a	  long	  long	  Eme	  ago,	  in	   a	  place	  far	  far	  away	  …	  
Qin	  circa	  360	  BC	  Qin	  was	  Small,	  Remote,	  &	  Backward.	  How	  was	  life	  like?	  
This	  painEng	  shows	  the	  King	  si`ng	  on	  a	  mat,	  and	  a	  nobleman	  showing	  him	  a	  map	  on	  a	  tabl...
A	  Chariot	  with	  four	  horses	  
Ox	  Drawn	  Iron	  Plow	  
Everything	   Changesd	   when	  the	  Duke	  Hired	  Lord	  Shang	     Yang	  
Lord	  Shang	  Yang’s	  Reforms	  	  The	  lords	  and	      commoners	  must	      follow	  the	  same	      laws.	  
Lord	  Shang	  Yang’s	  Reforms	  	  The	  laws	  are	      wriCen	  and	      applied	  strictly.	  
Lord	  Shang	  Yang’s	  Reforms	  	  Created	      Prefectures	  and	      CounEes	  for	  the	      Duke	  to	  rule	    ...
Lord	  Shang	  Yang’s	  Reforms	  	  Standardized	      Measurements	  &	      Money	  for	  Tax	  and	      Commerce.	  
Lord	  Shang	  Yang’s	  Reforms	  	  Farms	  are	  standardized.	  Adult	  children	  must	      have	  their	  own	  field...
But	  How	  Do	  We	   Know	  All	  This?	  
Here	  is	  How	                   History	                                 My	  own	  Archeology	                        ...
History	  	  The	  Grand	  Historian	  Sima	  Qian	  was	  born	  in	      145	  BC.	  His	  “Records	  of	  History”	  ha...
History	  	  “Records	  of	      History”	      Volume	  68,	      Chapter	  8	  is	      “History	  of	      Lord	  Shang...
Archeology	  	  Discovered	  in	      1980,	  these	  plates	      are	  dated	  309	  BC.	      They	  record	  Lord	    ...
Archeology	  	  Harvest	  scene	  set	  on	  a	  grid	  of	  irrigaEon	  channels.	      Mulberry	  trees	  were	  planted...
And	  I	  thought	  I	  could	  invesEgate	         this	  a	  bit	  on	  my	  own	  …	  
See,	  in	  this	  arEfact	  Archeologists	  translated:	  -­‐  1	  yard	  =	  6	  foot	  -­‐  1	  acre	  =	  1	  yard	  x...
My	  ReconstrucEon	  of	  a	  Family	  Lot	  
If	  Qin	  Laws	  were	  so	  strictly	  followed,	  would	  you	  expect	  some	  of	  these	  fields	  sEll	  be	  seen	 ...
Here	  is	  How	  I	  Am	  Going	  to	  Find	  Out	  Step	  1:	  Locate	  the	  area	  in	  Google	  Earth	  Step	  2:	  R...
Step	  1:	  Locate	  the	  Area	                                               Yellow	  River	                      Qin	  ...
Step	  2:	  Select	  10	  Regions	  
Step	  3:	  Select	  10	  Lots	  per	  Region	  
Step	  4:	  Calibrate	  the	  Ruler	  
Step	  5,	  6:	  Measuring	  &	  ConverEng	  
Step	  7:	  StaEsEcal	  Analysis	  Mean	  =	  241.18,	  Margin	  of	  Error	  =	  3.89	           Confidence	  level	  =	  ...
Step	  7:	  StaEsEcal	  Analysis	  Mean	  =	  95.6,	  Margin	  of	  Error	  =	  1.49	          Confidence	  level	  =	  95%...
Can	  these	  fields	  2,300	  years	  later	  just	  by	  accident	  match	  so	  well	  with	    the	  archeological	  an...
The	  Rest	  is	  History	  
QuesEon:	  What	  is	  Qin?	  
In	  2010	  AD,	  according	  to	  the	  World	                         Bank,	            1,338,299,512	  people	         ...
QuesEons	  ?	  
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A bit of the Amazing Qin Empire


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Francesca Chu gives a vivid story of ancient China Qin history and her own study of Qin's agriculture laws. Francesca was a 5th grade student in Foothill Elementary, Saratoga CA. And she gave the presentation in 2011 Student to Student Conference in University of California, Santa Cruz.

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A bit of the Amazing Qin Empire

  1. 1. A  Bit  of  the  Amazing Qin  Empire   Francesca  Chu   5th  Grade   Foothill  Elementary,  Saratoga  CA  
  2. 2. This  ancient  state  in  China   made  these  famous   achievements  …  
  3. 3. The  Great  Wall  of  China  
  4. 4. The  Terra-­‐CoCa  Army  
  5. 5. A  MulEplicaEon  Table  Circa  221-­‐206  BC  InsEtute  of  Archeology,  Hunan  China    
  6. 6. A  County  –  where  the  King  can   rule  directly  
  7. 7. A  Nuclear  Family  
  8. 8. An  Environmental  Law  “In  February,  it  is  unlawful  to  log  in  the  forest,  unlawful  to  block  streams.  Before  summer,  it  is  unlawful  to  burn  grass  for  ferElizer,  or  collect  newly  budding  plants,  or  hunEng  young  animals,  or  collecEng  animal  eggs,  or  poisoning  fish  or  turtles…  This  ban  is  in  force  unEl   Qin  Agriculture  Law  July.”     Dated  306  BC   Discovered  in  1975  
  9. 9. My  story  begins  a  long  long  Eme  ago,  in   a  place  far  far  away  …  
  10. 10. Where?  
  11. 11. Qin  circa  360  BC  Qin  was  Small,  Remote,  &  Backward.  How  was  life  like?  
  12. 12. This  painEng  shows  the  King  si`ng  on  a  mat,  and  a  nobleman  showing  him  a  map  on  a  table  
  13. 13. A  Chariot  with  four  horses  
  14. 14. Ox  Drawn  Iron  Plow  
  15. 15. Everything   Changesd   when  the  Duke  Hired  Lord  Shang   Yang  
  16. 16. Lord  Shang  Yang’s  Reforms    The  lords  and   commoners  must   follow  the  same   laws.  
  17. 17. Lord  Shang  Yang’s  Reforms    The  laws  are   wriCen  and   applied  strictly.  
  18. 18. Lord  Shang  Yang’s  Reforms    Created   Prefectures  and   CounEes  for  the   Duke  to  rule   the  state   directly.  
  19. 19. Lord  Shang  Yang’s  Reforms    Standardized   Measurements  &   Money  for  Tax  and   Commerce.  
  20. 20. Lord  Shang  Yang’s  Reforms    Farms  are  standardized.  Adult  children  must   have  their  own  fields  and  pay  their  own  taxes.  
  21. 21. But  How  Do  We   Know  All  This?  
  22. 22. Here  is  How   History   My  own  Archeology   study  
  23. 23. History    The  Grand  Historian  Sima  Qian  was  born  in   145  BC.  His  “Records  of  History”  has  130   volumes,  and  was  wriCen  from  109  –  91  BC.  
  24. 24. History    “Records  of   History”   Volume  68,   Chapter  8  is   “History  of   Lord  Shang   Yang”  
  25. 25. Archeology    Discovered  in   1980,  these  plates   are  dated  309  BC.   They  record  Lord   Shang  Yang’s  Law   of  Agriculture.  
  26. 26. Archeology    Harvest  scene  set  on  a  grid  of  irrigaEon  channels.   Mulberry  trees  were  planted  on  the  field’s  edge.  
  27. 27. And  I  thought  I  could  invesEgate   this  a  bit  on  my  own  …  
  28. 28. See,  in  this  arEfact  Archeologists  translated:  -­‐  1  yard  =  6  foot  -­‐  1  acre  =  1  yard  x  240  yard  -­‐  1  hectare  =  100  acre  =  1  family  lot  -­‐  North-­‐south  roads  are  called  Qian  -­‐  East-­‐west  roads  are  called  Mo  -­‐  1  foot  =  23.1  cm  =  0.758  English   foot  
  29. 29. My  ReconstrucEon  of  a  Family  Lot  
  30. 30. If  Qin  Laws  were  so  strictly  followed,  would  you  expect  some  of  these  fields  sEll  be  seen  today?  
  31. 31. Here  is  How  I  Am  Going  to  Find  Out  Step  1:  Locate  the  area  in  Google  Earth  Step  2:  Randomly  choose  10  regions  Step  3:  From  each  region  choose  10  lots  Step  4:  Calibrate  Google  Earth  Ruler  Step  5:  Using  the  ruler,  measure  horizontal  and   verEcal  length  of  each  chosen  lot  Step  6:  Convert  to  Qin  measurement  units  Step  7:  StaEsEcal  analysis  
  32. 32. Step  1:  Locate  the  Area   Yellow  River   Qin  Capital   Future  Imperial   Wei  River   Capital  
  33. 33. Step  2:  Select  10  Regions  
  34. 34. Step  3:  Select  10  Lots  per  Region  
  35. 35. Step  4:  Calibrate  the  Ruler  
  36. 36. Step  5,  6:  Measuring  &  ConverEng  
  37. 37. Step  7:  StaEsEcal  Analysis  Mean  =  241.18,  Margin  of  Error  =  3.89   Confidence  level  =  95%  
  38. 38. Step  7:  StaEsEcal  Analysis  Mean  =  95.6,  Margin  of  Error  =  1.49   Confidence  level  =  95%  
  39. 39. Can  these  fields  2,300  years  later  just  by  accident  match  so  well  with   the  archeological  and  historical   records?   NO  WAY!  
  40. 40. The  Rest  is  History  
  41. 41. QuesEon:  What  is  Qin?  
  42. 42. In  2010  AD,  according  to  the  World   Bank,   1,338,299,512  people   call  themselves  Chinese     (Qin-­‐>Chin-­‐>China-­‐>Chinese).  
  43. 43. QuesEons  ?