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Let you brand become a storyteller on, a love-mark among Romanian parents.
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Native Advertising on

  1. 1. Native Advertising on
  2. 2. Native Advertising • your brand as a storyteller • initiate conversations with established parents community • project is immune to banner blindness • authentic presence, perfectly integrated with content • it’s like one virtual brand store on
  3. 3. Reserved header box • ALL SITE • permanent display • click tracking • responsive - automatic resize on desktop/tablet/ mobile • just a mockup
  4. 4. Dedicated article section • your section, your header • customised header (section + all articles) • vanity URL • just a mockup
  5. 5. Your section sidebar • your section, your sidebar • integrate anything - lead generation forms, Facebook like box, banners • just a mockup
  6. 6. Your author box • all articles signed by you • author box allows description, latest posts, social media links • just a mockup
  7. 7. Why? • talk actively with smartest parents community for at least 2 months - longer partnerships encouraged • publish as many articles as you like - written by you or let us write them for you • spice them up with games or sweepstakes, generate leads and testimonials • get your products & services tested and reviews by YOUR audience • we make sure all articles are sticky on homepage for 2 days after publication • we promote each article on our Facebook page with several posts to maximise engagement
  8. 8. Examples • • • Trusted by
  9. 9. About Project idea born in September 2009. Go-live date: 15th December 2009 Main concept: Collective positive parenting blog. Motto: “It’s fun to be a parent” Mission: Learn about the positive stuff you can try out with your little ones, on time and not after they are too old. Be a conscious/aware and awake parent, consider the uniqueness of your child and take informed decisions. Integrate the time spent with your kid in your social life by finding cool child friendly places and activities. Premium content: cool-hunting for parents, education, fun, play. recommendations on what to do with your child in the city, at home, during holidays => reviews: child friendly places, parks, activities, games, toys Webstock Awards 1st prize 2011 & 2012, RoBlogFest - 2nd prize Parents Blogs has kids: – press releases for parents – empowers children's creative writing skills – adopted – curated video content for kids (age filtering) and parents. as an umbrella blog platform for conscious parents:,,,,
  10. 10. Audience
  11. 11. Demographics Monthly family net income: 600 € - 1200 € (32%) Over 1200 € (25%) Online shopping – children product/ services – Yes (66%) Children: One child (60%) Two or more (19%) Children age group: 0-3 years (52%) 4-6 years (28%) Gender: female (87%) Age group: 30-34 years (52%) 26-29 years (21%) Marital status: married (71%) Location: Bucharest (71%) Education: University degree (58%) Master degree/PhD (25%) Ocupation: Stay at home mother (33%) Specialist / Manager (18%) Self – conducted market research via: Cine esti?
  12. 12. Social Media Facebook Pinterest Newsletter 2287 subscribers 44% open rate 19% click rate 17 boards 302 pins 1030 followers 18,173 likes 11,000 daily organic reach Twitter 11,6k tweets 51 following 902 followers Foursquare 250 followers on our child friendly places tips
  13. 13. A true love-mark, has the mission to help early parents become better parents, be more conscious about the uniqueness of their child and keep them informed by taking advantage of everything that has been researched and up to date as opposed of being hung up in old pesky parenting habits that damage children growth and education. If one could improve the way we understand our children and raise them into the adults they should become, that could change the world. That simple.
  14. 14. Let’s talk! 0723 68 78 58