3D Printing: All the facts


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Daniel Strawson gives you everything you need to know about 3D printing technology

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3D Printing: All the facts

  1. 1. Personal 3D Printing
  2. 2. Types• Stereolithography (SLA)• Scintering & Jet• Fused Filament– Professional– PersonalUnits : 1 micron = 1/1000000th m or 1/1000th mm
  3. 3. • Founded by Dr Adrian Bowyer, University of Bathproject to make an affordable 3d printer that canprint most of its own components, in about 2005.• Drove the low end personal 3D printing industry.• As much as possible of the printer can be madeby itself. Practically this is just the plastic parts• Named after Evolutionary Biologists Darwin,Huxley, Mendel, Prusa etc.• Non printable elements are known as ‘Vitamins’.
  4. 4. Rostock KosselDarwinMendelHuxleyPrusa
  5. 5. MakerbotCupcakeThing-o-MaticReplicatorReplicator-2
  6. 6. Explosion of StartupsForm 1GigabotPrintrbotSolidoodle UltimakerUp! PlusBfB 3D Touch(Bought by Cubify)
  7. 7. The big boys are getting involvedCube (3D Systems)$1500Sinterstation ProFrom the makers of$1M
  8. 8. What can I print?Toys Jewelry Architects ModelsMath Art Artifacts Functional
  9. 9. But can you make anything useful?Burr coffee grinder Phone CoversClocksPurseMouse trapVases
  10. 10. Printable MaterialsABSNylonWoodPolycarbonatePVA (water soluble)PLA
  11. 11. ExperimentalFoods such as Sugar,chocolate & pasta.ConcreteBlood vesselsElectronics
  12. 12. Where do I get content from?• Create new stuff:– CAD tool– Scanning– Photo stitching– Generative Math Art– Customisation• Download / Buy– Thingiverse– Shapeways– Cubify (3D Systems)
  13. 13. CAD ToolsAutodesk 123D Design (Free)Open SCAD (Free)Solidworks (£10k)- also, AutoCAD, Maya, Rhino, etc etcBlender (Free)Autodesk 123DCreature(iPad)
  14. 14. ScanningMakerbot Digitizer (TBA) Handheld Laser Scanners
  15. 15. Photo stitching
  16. 16. Generative Math Art
  17. 17. Customisation & PersonalisationShapewaysThingiverseFreshfiber name melt
  18. 18. Bureau Services
  19. 19. Downloading
  20. 20. Finishing & ProcessingCasting with Sugru Acetone vapor bath polished ABSSoluble support material
  21. 21. How to get started• Are you interested in the process or the result?:– Process (I want to tinker)• Build your own rep rap or get an Ultimaker etc– Result (I just want it to work)• Budget > 10k + ongoing costs – pro FF or similar.• Budget < 10k - Makerbot Rep2• Outsource.• Out source– Shapeways / iMaterialize– Replicator Warehouse (Ele & castle)• Best of both worlds– Prototype on a Makerbot– Out source for final version