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Content is king


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Slides from Rachel McCollin's talk at WordCamp Birmingham

Published in: Internet
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Content is king

  1. 1. Content is King Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin
  2. 2. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Content is King? Recent trends Designing for content
  3. 3. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin When you design a website, are you aiming for…
  4. 4. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin this?
  5. 5. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin this?
  6. 6. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin maybe this?
  7. 7. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Or are you aiming for…
  8. 8. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin this?
  9. 9. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin this?
  10. 10. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin or this?
  11. 11. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Which are the most successful?
  12. 12. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin How has Content vs Design evolved? Change in browsing habits Devices
  13. 13. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Ask yourself: What do people come to my site to do? What do I want them to do? What content will help the site meet these objectives? How can the User Interface (UI) support the content? How will the design support the content and UI? How will I ensure accessibility and cross-device compatibility? What purpose will my visuals serve?
  14. 14. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Objectives Come First Know what your site needs to achieve: for you for your client for the user
  15. 15. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Plan Content Before Design Elements: text visuals (including video, sliders etc as well as still images) interactions Now and for the future
  16. 16. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Readability Without CSS
  17. 17. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin The UI to Make Your Content Work Interactions Readability Clickability Accessibility Text Speed
  18. 18. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Screen Size (don’t rely on it)
  19. 19. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Accessibility and SEO Screen readers Google's spiders Happy readers = good SEO
  20. 20. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin Visuals Should Do A Job "Users pay close attention to photos and other images that contain relevant information but ignore fluffy pictures used to "jazz up" Web pages." Jakob Nielsen hotos-as-web-content/
  21. 21. Rachel McCollin @rachelmccollin To Summarise: Chuck out the chintz! Think Objectives -> Content -> UI -> Design