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Customers and-the-web


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Slides from Paul Cherry's talk at WordCamp Birmingham

Published in: Business
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Customers and-the-web

  1. 1. Customers and the WebCustomers and the Web Paul Cherry, Place Over EarsPaul Cherry, Place Over Ears WordCamp, Birmingham 2015WordCamp, Birmingham 2015 @PlaceOverEars@PlaceOverEars
  2. 2. Who is this guy? • In marketing since childhood • Entrepreneur awards • Co-created The Turds in 2002 • Launched Place Over Ears in 2015 • Once got trapped in a bathroom* *for up to 4 hours
  3. 3. Lets go. • Why all the fuss about experiences? • What makes for customer-centric UX? • Failure is OK… but • Customers are people like us
  4. 4. Why allWhy all the fuss?the fuss?
  5. 5. UK razor brands Market share The best a man can get. Reveal the goddess in you. Free your skin. ?
  6. 6. Trust goes a long way Source: Social Media and Networking, Mintel, 2012
  7. 7. People are people ExperiencePre-experience Post-experience Imagining Researching Fantasising Functioning Sensing Interacting Enjoyment Enchantment Trusting
  8. 8. The customer journey to online purchase Source: Think With Google > Tools
  9. 9. What makes for great UX?Thinking aboutThinking about anything thatanything that dazzles withdazzles with UX?UX?
  10. 10. Sometimes it’s OK to fall down Sometimes it’s not SometimeSometime s it’s OK tos it’s OK to fail…fail… ..sometimes..sometimes it’s notit’s not
  11. 11. Audience insight is a declaration of love Source: The New Multi-screen world, Google
  12. 12. Audience insight is a declaration of love Source: The New Multi-screen world, Google
  13. 13. Place Over Ear’s Golden 6
  14. 14. Getting with the ABC CustomersCustomers are peopleare people like uslike us
  15. 15. How I feelHow I feel How I am acting How I am acting What I am thinking What I am thinking Customers Usability and task type Warmth, admiration, distrust Symbolism and interpretation
  16. 16. Analytics and usability FeelFeel ActAct ThinkThink Browse, learn, return Positive and human New but trustworthy
  17. 17. Some things to think about 1. What do you really, really want customers to do? 2. How do these actions attach to their marketing plans? 3. Will customers need to learn or practice new flows? 4. Ask the client: where is usability in the schedule? 5. Know your strengths, invite other brilliance to help – Structural / design / content / insight
  18. 18. Paul Lester: Was there a serious atmosphere in the studio, then, during the making of Off the Wall and Thriller? Quincy Jones: Hell, no, man – it was as loose as you can get! We’d be joking and having fun. Are you kidding? You gotta know how to party [laughs]. If you get uptight, the music’s going to sound like nothin’. I used to say, “Always leave a little room for God to walk in the room.”