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Kyrgyzstan pharmaceutical market 2010


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Kyrgyzstan pharmaceutical market 2010

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Kyrgyzstan pharmaceutical market 2010

  1. 1. 2010KYRGYZSTAN:in prospect
  2. 2. Kyrgyzstan Pharmaceutical MarketThe access to the pharmaceutical marketplace of any region is always paired with risks,challenges and political, financial and economical factors specific to each region.The Government of Kyrgyzstan aims to improve population health, reduce there is a shortage of personnel in remote areas.the financial burden of seeking care, and improve the quality of health care Maternal mortality rate has increased soon after independence and remainsservices. The reforms were initiated in 1996 with the “Manas National at high level. Poverty is an important health determinant; infant mortalityHealth Care Reform Program” which outlined the vision of change for 10 rates are 1.8 times higher in the 20% poorest households than in theyears. In 2005, evaluations of the reforms identified substantial progress as wealthiest 20%. A long tradition of childhood immunization with goodwell as continuing challenges and remaining tasks. The activities of the coverage of the Expanded Programme on Immunizations (EPI) vaccines hasoriginal Manas reforms are now being carried forward under the “Manas been maintained.Taalimi National Health Reform Program” for 2006-2010. The new Program Leading morbidity causes are respiratory (23.8% in 2007) and urogenitalhas been approved at the highest government level, and supported by the system diseases (12.8% in 2007).international community through a Sector-Wide Approach (SWAp). Boththe first Manas reform plan and its successor focus on a set of Main causes of mortality are cardiovascular diseases (48.3% in 2007), injuriescomprehensive changes in the organization, financing and content of the and poisoning (9.8% in 2007) respiratory diseases (9.4% in 2007), and cancershealth system. (7.9% in 2007).Health financing reforms eliminated fragmentation which was inherent in Tuberculosis remains an important disease, particularly in prisonsthe previously decentralized financing system. This was accomplished (incidence rate over 40 times greater than in general population) wherethrough the creation of regional purchasing pools (and from 2006, a single multidrug-resistant tuberculosis is a major problem. Syphilis and gonorrheanational pool) under the Mandatory Health Insurance Fund for allocation of increased until 1997 and decreased since 2000. HIV/AIDS incidence hasresources using output-based strategic purchasing methods, a radical increased, particularly in the southern part of the country along thechange from the previous input-based budgeting process based on opium/heroin trade routes. According to the United Nations Office forallocations decided centrally. Simultaneously, and in part due to the change Drug Control and Crime Prevention 2001 survey, drug addicts totaled 2% ofof incentives and the Law on Health Care which gave greater autonomy to the total population, mainly males. Waterborne diseases are common due toproviders, hospital downsizing occurred and led to savings on utilities and widespread contamination of water sources.other fixed costs.Primary care services have been reorganized in Family Group Practices(FGPs), which by 2004 had enrolled approximately 98.5% of the population. Kyrgyzstan:in prospect is availableAn outpatient drug benefit has been introduced to improve access tomedicines for primary care management of conditions such as hypertension at Euros 145.00and to reduce unnecessary hospitalizations. Despite continuous increases in To know more about our report or to discuss this topic furtherfunding for primary health care, salaries for healthcare staff remain low and please do not hesitate to contact us Tel/Fax: +38 044 206 17 17/18 e-mail:
  3. 3. Kyrgyzstan:in prospect EECCA: Region Features Economic Development Pharmaceutical Market: Executive Summary Pharmaceutical Market: Main Features Pharmaceutical Market: Structure Per capita expenses Kyrgyzstan Country profile Economy Healthcare system features Healthcare system funding Financial flows within the national health system Trends in healthcare expenditure, 2003-2007 Structure of total healthcare expenditure 2001-2009 Kyrgyzstan: Pharma Market Main features Weighted average cost of a pack by segments ATC 1 share. Total market, USD ATC 1 share. Total market, Units ATC 1 share. Rx segment, USD ATC 1 share. Rx segment, UnitsDISCLAIMER ATC 1 share. OTC segment, USDAll information contained in this publicationhas been researched and compiled from sources ATC 1 share. OTC segment, Unitsbelieved to be accurate and reliable at the time Leading corporations. Total market, USDof publishing. However, SMD accepts noliability whatsoever for any loss or damage Leading corporations. Total market, Unitsresulting from errors, inaccuracies or omissions Leading corporations. Rx segment, USDaffecting any part of the publication. Allinformation is provided without warranty, and Leading corporations. Rx segment, UnitsSMD makes no representation of warranty of Leading corporations. OTC segment, USDany kind as to the accuracy or completeness ofany information hereto contained. Leading corporations. OTC segment, Units Kyrgyzstan: Forecast for 2011-2013Kyrgyzstan:in prospect Pharma market, USD© 2011 SMDAll information contained in this publication is copyrighted in the name of SMD (Support in Market Development), and as such no part ofthis publication may be reproduced, repackaged, redistributed, resold in whole or in any part, or used in any form or by any meansgraphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by information storage or retrieval, or by any other means,without the express written consent of the publisher.
  4. 4. SMD (Support in Market Development) - is a leading provider of market research,sales management and forecasting services to the pharmaceutical industry.Researches of:· Pharmaceutics establishments purchase and sale audit· Hospital establishments purchase audit· Second distribution audit Ukraine, 03680· Import medicine analyses Bojenko str., 86i, Kiev· Doctor prescription analyses Tel/Fax: +38 044 206 17 17/18· Ad Hoc research e-mail:· Analytical services Kyrgyzstan:in prospect April 2011