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Armenia pharmaceutical market 2010


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Armenia pharmaceutical market 2010

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Armenia pharmaceutical market 2010

  1. 1. 2010ARMENIA:in prospect
  2. 2. Armenian Pharmaceutical MarketThe access to the pharmaceutical marketplace of any region is always paired with risks,challenges and political, financial and economical factors specific to each region.The Republic of Armenia is one of the Caucasus countries. With a surface area of Alcohol is not a big problem in Armenia so far; however, it is becoming more29 800 km2, it is administratively divided into eleven provinces (marz), one of popular among those in the youngest age group (16–24)which is the capital – Yerevan. The Republic of Armenia declared independence Unhealthy diet, obesity and low physical activity are common. Tuberculosis (TB)in 1991 and entered a period of radical and fundamental political, social and has become an important public health problem with an estimated totaleconomic reforms. Despite some progress in setting up basic democratic and incidence of 77 new TB cases and 35 new pulmonary smear-positive TB cases permarket institutions, Armenia remains classified as a lower middle income 100 000. The prevalence of multi-drug-resistant TB is estimated to be 12% andcountry, according to the World Bank index of "governance atmosphere", which 57% in new and previously-treated patients respectively. The DOTS (Directlycovers the effectiveness and quality of governance, rule of law, level of Observed Treatment, short course) is currently being implemented nationwide,corruption, political stability, and civil liberties. The percentage of the including the penitentiary system. However, not all TB patients are properlypopulation living below the poverty line is 42.9 (UNDP Human Development registered and the case detection and treatment success rates are lowReport, 2004). Officially, services account for 40% of the GDP, industry for 25%, The prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the adult population was about 0.1% in 2005.the agricultural sector for 20% and construction for 15%. Sixty-one percent of health funding is paid out of pocket at the point of service.Demographic situation: The general mortality rate per 1000 increased from 5.7 in This imposes a large barrier to health care access and a financial risk for many1986 to 8.2 in 2005, and the natural growth rate of the population declined from Armenians. Apart from foreign sources, the general tax revenue is the only pre-18.3 to 3.5 per 1000. paid source of health funding. However, the large share of unofficial out-of-Main causes of mortality. Eighty-three per cent of deaths in Armenia are pocket payments (OOPs) and the low priority given to health by theattributed to noncommunicable diseases followed by external causes (3%), Government limit the available public resources (1.64% of GDP, 2006)communicable diseases (1%), and ill-defined conditions (4%). The leading causes The Ministry of Health manages the health budget and the State Health Agencyof premature death (under 65) in Armenia are, in order of magnitude, diseases of is responsible for purchasing a defined Basic Benefits Package (BBP) for thethe circulatory system, cancer, external injuries and poisoning. population. In 2006, there was a 21% increase in the Government budget for theMaternal and child health has improved in recent years. Although there is a health sector, most of which was spent on primary health care.discrepancy between the nationally-reported data, WHO estimated data, anddata from various surveys, all sources testify to the declining trend in infant,child, and maternal mortality Armenia:in prospect is available at In spite of positive immunization .results (e.g. achievement of the status of apolio-free region), the coverage rate of fully-immunized children, valid by Euros 145.00recommended age, dropped to 42.3% in 2006 despite adequate vaccine supplies. To know more about our report or to discuss this topic furtherLifestyle-associated health problems. Tobacco consumption is rising rapidly,varying between 64.2% and 69.4% among men in the 24–65 years age group. please do not hesitate to contact usThe prevalence of smoking among women is also on the rise, comprising 2.2%. Tel/Fax: +38 044 206 17 17/18 e-mail:
  3. 3. Armenia:in prospect EECCA: Region Features Economic Development Pharmaceutical Market: Executive Summary Pharmaceutical Market: Main Features Pharmaceutical Market: Structure Per capita expenses Armenia Country profile Economy Healthcare system features Healthcare system funding The overall healthcare system structure Healthcare system financial flowchart Major local manufacturers Armenia: Pharma Market Main features ATC 1 share. Total market, USD ATC 1 share. Total market, Units ATC 1 share. Rx segment, USD ATC 1 share. Rx segment, UnitsDISCLAIMER ATC 1 share. OTC segment, USDAll information contained in this publication ATC 1 share. OTC segment, Unitshas been researched and compiled from sourcesbelieved to be accurate and reliable at the time Leading corporations. Total market, USDof publishing. However, SMD accepts no Leading corporations. Total market, Unitsliability whatsoever for any loss or damageresulting from errors, inaccuracies or omissions Leading corporations. Rx segment, USDaffecting any part of the publication. Allinformation is provided without warranty, and Leading corporations. Rx segment, UnitsSMD makes no representation of warranty of Leading corporations. OTC segment, USDany kind as to the accuracy or completeness ofany information hereto contained. Leading corporations. OTC segment, Units Armenia: Forecast for 2011-2013Armenia:in prospect Pharmaceutical market, USD© 2011 SMDAll information contained in this publication is copyrighted in the name of SMD (Support in Market Development), and as such no part ofthis publication may be reproduced, repackaged, redistributed, resold in whole or in any part, or used in any form or by any meansgraphic, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, taping, or by information storage or retrieval, or by any other means,without the express written consent of the publisher.
  4. 4. SMD (Support in Market Development) - is a leading provider of market research,sales management and forecasting services to the pharmaceutical industry.Researches of:· Pharmaceutics establishments purchase and sale audit· Hospital establishments purchase audit· Second distribution audit Ukraine, 03680· Import medicine analyses Bojenko str., 86i, Kiev· Doctor prescription analyses Tel/Fax: +38 044 206 17 17/18· Ad Hoc research e-mail:· Analytical services Armenia:in prospect April 2011